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  1. Until Canada solves its biggest problem the quality of the U17/U20 coach is secondary. He biggest area of concern is the identification of talent at 12-14. This is where Canada continues to fail. Too often the provincial programs are looking for athletes who they think they can develop into soccer players. We try to compete with American soccer, big fast and athletic. Instead of identifying kids with ability on the ball and off and those with soccer sense. Until Canadian clubs can start developing those kids, it doesn’t matter who we hire as a coach at the national level.
  2. I'd heard he would eventually come back to play for Canada.
  3. Yes. Meant we should be able to get all our top kids into MLS youth programs. In theory...
  4. The amount of academies doesn't determine what you can develop in your academy. In fact with a less programs, they should be stronger. They should be able to get every top kid in the country into their program, with all the highest level coaching in Canada. My point is the academies we do have are regressing not moving forward. Fury got rid of their program. And Edmonton is just a feeder for VWC. They are figuring it out; they've figured out they don't run a good program.
  5. Vancouver has a split age group for the 00/01's. They have essentially given up on the group as there is no real talent amongst the group. They run a Mikey Mouse operation and have chased kids away. And the kids in their program view it not as a stepping stone to a pro career but a way to get a scholarship to the USA. Montreal holds an open tryout where they charge $90 or $70 depending on age. Impact then evaluate 500 kids over a 3 day period. This a professional academy; what will you be able to determine about a 13 or 14 year olds potential over 3 days playing against a bunch of stiffs? And why aren't you out identifying the talent you'd like to have in your program? TFC have done the best job ( when they aren't pushing kids to the USA youth programs ) in terms of development but let's be honest. They have an incredibly large area to pull from. And now they they essentially just take kids from the provincial program they don't need tryouts or scouting. Heard they scraped their younger age teams and will go with U14 and older. Which means they aren't really that concerned with development. And if you need further proof, just look at where our youth programs are in relation to other national youth programs in CONCACAF.
  6. I wouldn't say our pro academies are getting better. In fact I'd say the opposite. They aren't doing anywhere near the type of job needed to develop top talent.
  7. Should I have said both locally developed? And Ed did play in the Fury youth program for 4/5 years.
  8. Good for him. Both he and Ed Edward are proud to have been homegrown talents who are playing in their hometown.
  9. Just what I heard. He might have access to another passport so the thinking might be to get him involved before he can commit somewhere else. I think with his skill set, understanding of the game and ability he has the potential to be better than Davies, who I think has a very bright future. Let's see how they develop.
  10. I wonder if the rumour of the national squad trying to cap both Davies and David is true.
  11. Heard he will get it soon and that he may play for Canada in he very near future.
  12. Wouldn't say any of them would make it but I do find it odd that outside of one player in the squad ( a few years back ), none of them have ever really had a sniff with the nats. As a team they are on the level with TFC. Hope Johnny has a long career.
  13. If you can convert 25% of your chances you will be an absolute stud.
  14. I was the one who said David has better potential than Davies. Both very good players but to me having seen both I believe David will be the better player. Of course there is lots of development left for the 2000 kids and it isn't an exact science. To me David has better skills and understanding of the game. And can play up top or through the middle. Not bestowing anything.
  15. Until the CSA is prepared to run tris type of audit the system, Canadian soccer as a whole, will never succeed. https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/inside-double-pass-the-best-kept-secret-in-youth-development-is-coming-to-america
  16. It's a system that isn't set up to succeed. The way things are done, it's like people in positions of power ( coaches/administrators ) are going thru the motions to maintain their positions, to not rock the boat OPDL was set up to help identify the kids. Yet the provincial coaches spend very little time evaluating players throughout the summer. How can you properly ascertain if a player would succeed at the next level? Based on a few small sized scrimmages and training sessions? The CSA won't take a look at players unless they are part of the provincial stream/academies. They don't want to disrupt the relationships with these other entities. As an example, Ottawa has two top flight teams at the 2000 age level. Last year 2 players for the Fury youth squad were brought into a national ID camp. Neither kid would have started for those two local clubs. How is that possible? Did the CSA not scout them? Or if they did, what does that say about the coaches who decided to invite them? There are many problems that need to be addressed. But getting someone from the CSA or a former player, Jason De Vos, is a waste of time. They will look to keep their "friends" happy.
  17. TFC moves kids in and out of their program all the time. I wonder how many of the current group of 2000 kids have been with their program more than two years. TFC doesn't really go out and beat the bushes to see kids. Just cherry pick them out of the OSA provincial program. Impact hold an open try out over three days for 500 kids at $70 a pop. How serious do you take evaluation if you don't really know the kids coming? What can you see from 500 kids over a 3 day period? Sounds more like a straight cash grab. Vancouver at least makes the effort to get out there and look at kids. But they are very cautious in their selections for the residency. Davies had to go for 3 evaluations before they selected him.
  18. David has higher upside. Much better on the ball skills and a better understanding of the game. Can play east west. Davies is more north south. Lots of time left in their development.
  19. Canada doesn't have a good grasp on how to identify and develop talent in the 14-16 age bracket. There are enough kids out there and places to play to be able to have more success. Yet Canada continues to fail in this area.
  20. Benson is on the Internationals and is also on the U17 national squad. There is a third young man who has been invited to ID camps but I don't believe he is on the team in Costa Rica. Just find it odd that a team playing lower level soccer can be "scouted" but an Ottawa team playing at the highest levels can't get any attention from the national program.
  21. He has avoided them with an eye towards a European contract. He used to be on Gloucester who won OYSL a few years ago but club politics forced the coach out so some club glory hound could take it over. So the coach moved over to Internationals and his kids followed. Benson spent some time at Vancouver but for whatever reason came home. They have 3 kids part of the national program. Oddly enough OSU who just showed well at the Dallas Cup ( as well as winning Ontario Cup/OYSL ) and is as good as any MLS academy or club in Canada can't get anyone a sniff with the nats. Oh well...
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