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  1. So it is your contention that he bullied the Fury into then backtracking on his pronouncement that they couldn’t play USL? I have no idea what the future holds. I’m of the opinion that the Fury would be best served from playing in the CPL. One day. Attempting to strong arm them failed.
  2. He attempted to bully the Fury here because he promised Young and Mitchell that he would force the Fury into the league. But he had to backdown and tuck tail because they were about to lose at the CAS. Wonder how much of a role FIFA played. My guess is they didn’t want a global precedent set here.
  3. VM is the one who made the decision not to sanction the Fury. According to the CONCACAF rules it’s suppoed to go thru a council and committee to review. This didn’t happen. As such the Fury would have won the case in front of the CAS. If concacaf has followed their procedures they would have probably had a good case but they had to capitulate. As far as I know the Fury have no deal with CONCACAF going forward in regards to sanctioning. That narrative is false.
  4. Of course he blinked. They were going to lose the case if it went before the CAS. They didn’t follow their own rules and protocols. This was all VM trying to push his weight around when he didn’t have to go down this path.
  5. Need to get Bryant Lazaro back coaching in Canada.
  6. As far as I know the Fury never had any intention of getting on board with the CPL. So the premise that they strung them along is off base.
  7. I really think you have no idea what you are talking about. Let it play out and see.
  8. Listen to the TSN1200 segment discussing this.
  9. Which means they have to follow their own rules/laws. And if they don’t they open themselves up. Again I’ll ask the question, how do you know CONCACAF followed their own rules/laws?
  10. If you get a chance listen to the segment in TSN 1200 that just ran. They spent 15 minutes talking about it. https://mobile.twitter.com/tsn1200/status/1073249315890573313
  11. It amazes me to see how posters here feel like the Fury are to blame here. In the end this will come back hard on CONCACAF and the CSA.
  12. I appreciate you pointing out the FIFA rules. I did read them and I’ll paraphrase 1. May request to change. 2. Shall submit a request and the committee shall decide on the request. Where does it say there is no rule preventing him? Sounds like it isn’t a done deal if you want to switch and that is reviewed on a case by case.
  13. I didn’t know that this was the case until someone with direct knowledge informed me. Look at it this way; why would Tabla make the decision now? His abilities will not diminish to the point Canada wouldn’t want him. So why not wait until your development proceeds a year to see if IC is still an option? If you knew the only option for you for international play was Canada, what’s the point of waiting?
  14. David turned down all the academies in Canada to remain with his coach.
  15. Canada could block his call up to IC. Since he was developed here and played on Canadian national youth teams, the CAS could intervene and stop him from getting capped for them. It’s a little used rule from FIFA but Canada was prepared to use this nuclear option. Good for them.
  16. Ivory Coast and Tabla have known all along that the only option for him to play nationally was with Canada. Glad we finally got him to commit to the program.
  17. Our youth teams are chosen based on a track meet or physical abilities. The notion is the CSA or OSA coaches will coach them up. It’s disheartening.
  18. David just turned 18 this year. For a European club to show the type of confidence they have at such an early stage of his development is impressive. He’s been put into a role that enables the club to get him onto the field. Johnny has the ability to play up front, in an attacking CM position and what we’ve seen so far which is seemingly in between the two positions. As he grows and develops he will get more minutes as he can play north/south but also east/west. Canada’s biggest failure in development is finding a CM that can control a game.
  19. Nice to see the young man have success. He’s worked hard to develop his skills and get to this point. Really hope he gets to represent Canada in the near future. I know the national team has always believed he’d be a player.
  20. Ivory Coast will not move to cap him.
  21. He won’t be playing for Ivory Coast. Just have to be patient.
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