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  1. Tbh I didn’t read any sexual connotations into his comments. Just figured he is still upset that the Fury fought back against the governing body that tried to pull a fast one on them. And won.
  2. There is no justification to keep the Fury out. It would only be a few vindictive and petty alleged soccer fans who would try and make a case for it.
  3. Agree 100%. OSEG and their involvement with the Fury came after the Fury had established their name in the local market. The perception was not a good one amongst the local clubs. The relationship between the bigger clubs and the Fury was non existent as they were directly competing against each other for players. The way the EODSA, ERSL and the Fury went about their business had and will continue to have repercussions on any potential youth program for the club.
  4. Agreed. Let’s move on. Are there any viable groups interested in joining the league here in Ottawa? Where could they play? Could they convert Carleton into a CPL worthy venue?
  5. For someone who doesn’t care about the Fury and claims the CPL holds no interest in them you sure seem to go to great lengths to vilify them and make them look the bad guy.
  6. Is a CPL franchise worth $8M American? I don’t know what a CPL team would be valued at.
  7. I think everyone wants the CPL to succeed. Even Ottawa fans who would rather not have their team forced into it.
  8. CPL doesn’t want the largest market in Canada with a pro team not in MLS. That’s your contention? Incredible spin. Republicans would be impressed If you don’t want them or need them, then just go about your business and don’t worry about the Fury. But you can’t.
  9. There’s a defender from the 88’s that played in England and Spain, Martin John. Ken Caceros and Julian Edwards too played pro. Jamar remained with Gloucester while Johnny turned down all pro academies in Canada. He did train with the Fury over the last year or two. Also like to add had the pleasure of coaching a few of them as well as coaching against the others. David impressed me the most. At U9 he was a north south player who relied on speed. But you could tell each year he worked on his tactical and technical skills and a couple years later was by far and away the best player in the city/province. I’ll alwyays follow his career with pride.
  10. Your attempt and others here to cast the Fury as the ones to blame. The narrative that has been pushed from day one when the Fury didn’t jump at joining the CPL. Instead of taking them at their word that they wanted to see how it developed, the story became they thought they were better than this new league and were at fault. You may not see them as a victim but you have to admit being told by the CSA and the USSF/USL they can play in this league but then have CONCACAF tell them a month before training starts sanctioning won’t happen... is shady.
  11. OSEG killed it because they couldn’t get quality kids. I actually met with Dos Santos one night after a practice and the vision they had they knew was never going to come to fruition. Getting kids at 15/16, especially kids that were at best the 25th to 40th best kids in the city doesn’t give you much to work with. You can find a diamond in the rough but you aren’t turning them into a pro. The top kids at that point are going to be in OSU and WOS. Teams playing OYSL/OPDL with visions of scholarships ( hahaha ) dangling in front of them. Those kids are leaving an established team to go the Fury route. Even tho big picture that should be the preferred path for Canadian soccer. Now the first group of Fury kids, that did have some success. But again the local clubs were getting their act ( relatively ) in order and soon after stopped losing kids to the Fury.
  12. It’s the interpretation of the info to fit one side of the story. Like claiming JDG told players not to sign with CPL teams. Fits the narrative that the Fury are to blame so use it. Then the story comes out that which is opposite, that CPL teams were telling Canadian players not to sign with Fury, but that’s just a rumour. There’s no proof. Then Aaron Jon and Goudie go on air and voice their concerns but they are just spinning and you can’t take them at their word. CONCACAF started this all by saying they won’t sanction them but then backed down and somehow the Fury are to blame for standing up for themselves? Anything CONCACAF did was interpreted to fit a certain belief. Anything the Fury do is disingenuous and can’t be taken at face value. Got it.
  13. The one with OSEG was only around for a short while and was never going to gain any traction.
  14. That’s quite the conspiracy. Completely off base but I guess you are entitled to your opinion.
  15. Well that’s a different story. Are you talking about their original system or the more recent one? Because the first one did produce kids that went on to play pro.
  16. I keep seeing people here trotting this line out about how OSEG have conducted themselves. What exactly is it they have allegedly done?
  17. CPL is 10 years away from housing national team players. Unless they are 17 or 32, any player of quality will come from Europe or MLS.
  18. The USL probably wouldn’t allow it. They would be losing out on the expansion fee of $7M. Charge them a relocation fee? Then the new owner is spending more money when they could have just paid the expansion fee of $7M.
  19. Then let them be. If you don’t want them, and they aren’t interested in the CPL, why are VM and his buddies in his league trying so hard to force them in? Close the door on the Fury and build what you have.
  20. Sorry just saw the kill the Fury conspiracy part. Can’t speak to that. But VM was huge behind getting the CPL up and running and yes, he did try and force the Fury into the league. Had he left it alone the Fury and the CPL would have probably come together at some point in the near future. But he pulled a heavy and the gamble didn’t work.
  21. What conspiracy? Point out where the Fury stated they were going to join the CPL. You can’t. But I can show you where concacaf attempted to force the Fury into a league they didn’t want to be in. If VM was so sure about what he was doing, why did he tuck tail and reverse his stance? Again I feel the Fury should join the league at some point if the league wants them. But his isn’t the way to do it.
  22. When you say they completely mishandled this I assume you mean CONCACAF and the CPL. The Fury were never joining the CPL at this point and the CPL knew this. Except VM was telling the CPL he would make the Fury the 8th team in the league. He tried publicly to force them but had to back down.
  23. An independent appraisal valued the Fury somewhere between $7-$8M. What’s a CPL squad worth? But to answer your question if you a buyer would you pay $7-$8M for an existing club and then a relocation fee to move the team? Expansion in the USL is $7M. Would the USL even entertain the notion considering an expansion fee is the same amount? The USL would lose out on a pile of money. Same as the Winnipeg Jets paid a relocation fee which is about a fifth of what Seattle just went for ( I get that they are years apart ). Expansion money means more to the league and its owners in this case.
  24. Stay in the USL to determine if the CPL will actually survive. The Ottawa Fury are not a charity; they are a business. Why would they as a viable business that is valued at a certain level take a chance on a league that hasn’t even started? From a business perspective that would be foolish. And this isn’t communist China; attempting to strong arm a business isn’t the best way to build a relationship.
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