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  1. I can’t see two pro clubs working out in the area.
  2. His ability around the net is something Canada has a hard time finding. No real need to put him out wide unless they are just trying to get all their best players on the field at once.
  3. An operating budget will be around the same amount if not more than salaries.
  4. CONCACAF on behalf of the CPL tried to force the Fury in. The two are tied together on this issue.
  5. I can’t believe I have to explain to you how it works. Obviously if I could say who passed this info along I would have. But soccer is a small community and putting that out there isn’t in the best interests of said individuals. Congrats on being a longtime fan of the Fury. As have I. And as I’ve stated numerous times I think the CPL is a great idea and necessary for the development of the game. I’ve also stated the Fury should be in the league, but not forced into it. Bullying them was the wrong tactic. And it is apparent that the league is going to have some growing pains in their first few seasons. Fury shouldn’t be forced into a gong show, which according to some sources, is what’s happening. Let’s see how it plays out. The success of the league will come from eyeballs on tv and butts in the seats. If organizations don’t field quality teams with quality players all the money in the world won’t change those facts.
  6. It’s your opinion that I’m talking ****. All I’m doing is passing on what I’ve heard from those who are reliable and close to the situation. Sorry it doesn’t jive with your roses and rainbow view of this new league or your blind hatred for one of the few soccer clubs that has shown a willingness to play Canadian soccer players.
  7. See there’s that butthurtedness that keeps ringing thru from many so called Canadian soccer fans.
  8. Let’s wait and see how it all plays out. Again I wouldn’t count on CONCACAF stepping in again.
  9. USL isn’t booting them out and CONCACAF won’t try and force them again in the future. So if the CPL is crapping the bed, what’s their incentive?
  10. I’ll take that bet. Don’t think OSEG wants anything to do with them.
  11. It’s funny how worked up some Canadian soccer fans get when someone voices a different view.
  12. My opinions are based on what I’ve heard. There are other entities involved.
  13. No but the Canadian game could use more soccer people who generally care about the development of soccer in this country.
  14. My opinions on the matter didn’t come from any of them tbh.
  15. I’ve followed them just as long, in fact going back before that when Stu was coaching the women who eventually made up the W-league with South Nepean. Watched them play Pica’s boys team when they were national champs because they had nobody to play... hence they became the Fury. And I don’t think they screwed this up. CONCACAF and it’s leader created this mess.
  16. I am. Let’s see how the business model pans out.
  17. I hope it does become a strong league. But at this point I’ve heard it’s in complete disarray. The league should have waited another year. Doubt the Fury would be eager to jump into the CPL if it flounders.
  18. It shouldn’t be a Fury vs the CPL. Everyone should want the league to succeed. It’s what is needed and best for soccer in this country. But it has to happen naturally and the league needs to be run properly. At this point it doesn’t look like that it is viable. Really hope it doesn’t completely flop.
  19. Keep hearing the CPL is going to have a really difficult season. The whole thing was rushed, sponsors are not happy and they can’t attract enough decent players to build rosters. At this point glad the Fury didn’t get involved in this amateur hour operation.
  20. David does have high level athleticism. He’s always played an attacking role, either up front, behind the forwards or coming through the mid. At an early age he never seemed to rely just on his athleticism to get by. His soccer sense continued to develop and was always known for his late runs or moving into the right spot. When you see a kid at 12 or 13 doing that you know he’s special.
  21. David will become the better player.
  22. https://ottawasun.com/2016/01/29/ottawa-senators-boast-three-homegrown-defencemen/wcm/384a6b7a-ed48-4c87-a48d-1d71bc6d824e Sens didn’t develop Boro, Ceci or Methot. I wouldn’t read too much into the term.
  23. Article says he grew up in Ottawa playing for Cap U and Gloucester. Doesn’t say the Fury developed him. Some folks here really try too hard to rip on a club willing to give a Canadian kid a chance at a pro career.
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