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  1. I can only speak for Ontario. Kids are nominated by their clubs to be on a short list to be viewed by the provincial coaches. From there they are supposed to monitor the boys ( can’t speak for the female side ). Ya right. They watch some of the GTA squads, usually the top teams. That’s what the OPDL was supposed to fix, allowing the provincial coaches to monitor all the kids. From there TFC will scout those provincial kids and from the academies the CSA will pull kids. Really the onus is on the provincial coaches to determine the kids as the CSA doesn’t get out to non academy cities to rate the boys. And they won’t take anyone who isn’t in the “program”. Generqlly this is what happens. Not always as there are exceptions to the rule.
  2. I certainly hope so. The proof will be when these kids show up for the Fury training how many will be from WOS, OSU or the new TFC affiliated east end club. If you aren’t pulling the best kids out of them then it’s a waste of time.
  3. There’s plenty of talent out there. Not every kid or family can choose the path of an MLS academy. Really wish the CSA and more importantly the OSA would realize this and get out to beat the bushes. It ain’t exactly splitting atoms.
  4. Exactly. It was my understanding David was considered top 2 at the 2000 age level but has the better long term potential. From what I’ve seen in the last few years that seems spot on. I find David to be more intellectual player who relies on more than just his physical talent to succeed. Not saying Davies can’t be the better player but it seems David is further ahead in his understanding of the game.
  5. By loaning out a player? Not buying it. It’s similar to the CHL implementing a rule to block non NA goalies thru the import draft. That was designed to protect Canadian goalies; they’ve since reversed that decision. The best way to develop talent is to allow talent to go up against the best.
  6. This is partly what’s wrong with soccer in this country. Protecting your turf, even if it’s a detriment of the game as a whole. Canadian soccer fans should be interested in developing an environment that allows players to further their skills and abilities. Those that look to put up barriers out of spite are a dime a dozen in this country.
  7. It’s mind blowing. Clubs are part of the pyramid of play. Pro clubs are higher on the food chain so you should be doing everything to promote your players to the higher level. Now those pro clubs need to offer a higher level of coaching/be free or extremely affordable. When TFC showed up and put together an academy OYSL and the provincial teams told their players if you leave and try out with TFC you aren’t welcome back to either teams. Parents and kids were scared. Then it flipped; TFC offered something that locals wanted. OYSL and province realized they were cut out of the loop. So they got on board and changed to OPDL and that structure. Now they do the bidding for TFC.
  8. One problem for the Ottawa Fury is the locals clubs don’t support it. That’s mostly on the local clubs and their miopic view of their small kingdom which is actually a bigger problem for Canadian soccer. How are local clubs reacting to CPL squads moving in? Are any CPL organizations talking about starting up either youth programs?
  9. Fury don’t have a youth system although there is talk of getting one up and running again. Really wish the CSA would get out and scout kids as opposed to just asking the pro academies to send over a bunch of kids.
  10. I hate the notion that because you have a British accent then you must be a soccer expert so let’s put you on tv.
  11. I’ve heard some of the kids filling in the bottom of a rosters will essentially be making minimum wage.
  12. When Ottawa and Edmonton were in the NASL there were a few players that held part time jobs to help make ends meet. Hope the CPL will be able to pay players enough that they can focus solely on playing soccer.
  13. Is this a shot across the bow of the CONCACAF president?
  14. Guess we will have to see how it plays out.
  15. I think most who voted to join this unknown league didn’t fully understand how shady the CPL and CONCACAF were and voted with their hearts not their minds. As the season progresses I can see more Fury fans realizing the league they are in is stable and of a higher quality. IF the CPL comes begging maybe the Fury should consider allowing the CPL to make some changes to the way they do things; then they may have to make a decision. Maybe. Just like your post Winnipeg Fury. But opposite view.
  16. I have no problems with them remaining in the USL or going to the CPL. In the end neither league will be a high level. But I want a place for Canadian gets to develop through a youth system designed to place kids on the top team. I just don’t want to see a league and a governing body attempting to shoehorn a team into an unknown entity because someone made a promise and drew the line in the sand.
  17. So if the CPL/fans aren’t interested in Ottawa if they have to be forced in, are fans ok with allowing them to remain in the USL?
  18. Pro clubs will have an affiliation with a local club. TFC was with Hotapurs but are now with Cap U. VWC had one with OSU. They come out, run some camps, pocket a bunch of money. Doesn’t really lead to much. While Vancouver was looking at some OSU kids, three kids from the 01 group moved down to TFC. David turned them all down to remain in Ottawa.
  19. He went to one of the pro clubs academies but I honestly don’t remember which. Thinking Montreal but not 100%... but it was only for a run. He did train with the Fury. His intention was to remain with his club coach, someone who wasn’t a highly paid fugaise selling himself as a great coach. The team Johnny came from developed a bunch of players that went on to higher levels.
  20. Lots of supposition on your part there. My only comment on that would be if the CPL and CONCACAF had such an airtight case, why’d they back down? Guess we will see.
  21. He’s always been top two in his age level in Canada. He continues to develop his game.
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