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  1. You claim une to be one when it also means a. Was it your intention to mislead or just be disengenuous?
  2. The rest of the tweet shows the reporter saying how JDG never runs down the CPL. Noticed you left that out.
  3. Then I’ll do it for you. A car is une voiture correct? Where did I say one car?
  4. Do you have a car? Translate that into French.
  5. It can also be translated to we have a season to prove... but definitely don’t see only in there.
  6. Getting a free education out of soccer is a noble pursuit. How many Canadian kids get a full or even half scholarship? Most are a small percentage of a ride. Which still means tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. But scholarship isn’t the goal of Canadian soccer; high level academies are. Problem tho is these academies will lose kids to the NCAA route which really pisses them off and rightly so.
  7. The current Fury under OSEG had no idea about the relationship between clubs and the Fury. It wasn’t their mess; that was created by others. What they should have done is change their name. The mentality of kids and parents is successful teams and the potential to earn a scholarship. Ya right. Most high level kids will never get close to sniffing a scholarship of any sort. Fury wasn’t getting good players so their teams sucked and they weren’t getting a kid a scholarship.
  8. Wait a minute. There a big difference between offering a couple levels at a reduced cost or free and running all age levels to be able to compete with bigger local clubs.
  9. I stand corrected. I remember having a convo with the GM of Edmonton and he told me that the youth system did have charges. How many age levels are they running?
  10. You can’t take any kid of a second team and turn them into an first team player. Doesn’t work that way. It’s less about what the Fury can offer or do and more about the mindset of parents/kids coming out of local clubs. They didn’t see the Fury academy as a better option than a few of the local clubs.
  11. Of course they can move players from a lower team up to a higher team. There will always be enough kids to play. But if we are talking about players who will be able to play at a high level then ya losing 2-4 players is crippling. But again it’s not about that; it’s about finding kids who can train and develop at a high level to get them ready for the top level. Canada doesn’t have enough high level kids. And we don’t have enough high level coaching to grow.
  12. Zero chance a CPL club will be able to set up a youth system at more than one age level and not charge for it. And it isn’t just about providing free or low cost academies; what level of coaching are you offering?
  13. Can’t speak for other markets. Just basing it off my experiences in Ottawa and Toronto.
  14. Fury youth started out as the old EODSA system where they would take the u13’s from the region to to the provincial ID camps. The district assured the clubs they had no interest in creating their own teams. But that was the goal. When they found out they couldn’t enter teams in the local league they created their own league, the ERSL. Then they found out they had to go through promotions, starting 3 levels below the ERSL. So they went SYL. Fury coaches would then show up to games in the area to poach top talent. At that point there was no real top team. When the men’s team came about they wanted to start up a youth system. New ownership and new coaches who ( outside of Pugh ) had no link to the past. Problem was a few local clubs had upped their level and were miles ahead of what the Fury could offer. As such parents and kids had zero interest in moving over. The Fury needed the local clubs more than they needed them. Add in what the EODSA and the old Fury youth teams pulled and you see why the clubs wanted nothing to do with them. Any new CPL squad will face the same sentiment; local clubs are more interested in protecting their turf than doing what’s best for the game in Canada.
  15. It was my understanding the Fury had no restrictions placed in them from Impact about playing time. Best man gets the spot.
  16. Why the anger? Relax, it’s a message board for Canadian soccer fans. All I’m saying is take the best players you can. But if you want to rip the Fury for taking better players from a higher league, then don’t ignore it when it happens in the CPL.
  17. They dropped their academy because they were getting at best the 20-25th best player in the city. And then the drop off was significant from there.
  18. Floodgates are open, no turning back now.
  19. I’m curious how you reconcile this loan from TFC to the CPL.
  20. Ask those on the grassroots level, they’ll tell you a different story.
  21. In my experience it doesn’t. And I agree the onus seems to be on the provincial association to scout; they are severely lacking in this area. Going to see a kid once or twice for a few minutes isn’t going to produce the desired results. That said, the OSA and the CSA shouldn’t be in the day to day development process. That’s on clubs, who aren’t providing a good enough product. But that’s a discussion for another day.
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