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  1. 10 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:

    So owners are locked in, without any chance of recouping their fee if they want to sell and they face a financial penalty if they don't keep going regardless of what they want? 

    Yeah, that sounds way better than CPL...


    Fury know where they stand financially in the USL. Nobody knows how the CPL will do at this point. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Initial B said:

    That's the thing - I'm getting the feeling that the Fury's decision to stay in USL this year was a business decision, but the CPL has taken it personally, which has led to nonconstructive things being said. I just hope we're not going to see Canadian Soccer politics rear its ugly head again. I thought we were over that crap.

    Which is what I was alluding to. Nobody has a crystal ball and can predict how the CPL will shake out in the next year or two. Nothing wrong with a business looking after its business interests. 

  3. 5 hours ago, LAK said:

    OSEG would have had dealings with Bob Young and Winnipeg Blue Bombers before, so I'm surprised they didn't convince them of the benefits to switching. As the division one league in Canada it's already had so much more to offer. With every day that goes by and the deals that announced, OSEG must see already that USL would never be able to compete with that.

    Also, as a side note. Bob Young money involved in Halifax as well. Had OSEG joined in year one...that's half of the teams with CFL money. Those early reports were correct despite what BBTB says. 

    I’m not so sure Young would be a selling feature. 

  4. 5 hours ago, JamboAl said:

    Yeah, he wanted to put an MLS team in Kanata.  A CPL team out there would die in 2-3 years

    Eugene doesn’t have the cash to buy them. Nor does he have the money to operate them. He could take money out of the Sens to do it but they are his sole source of income. He can barely make his debt/interest payments.

    Plus his good will is long gone. Nobody at the city would give him anything more than a free lunch, so money for a stadium/field is out of the question. And fans can’t stand him. 

  5. 1 hour ago, dyslexic nam said:

    And despite this being complete BS, and despite Melnyk having huge issues with the Sens, it would still be preferable to the status quo. 

    The marriage between Fury and CPL will happen, it’s just a matter of time. Whatever your thoughts on OSEG JDG or the Fury and their decision, they will not compare to the nightmare Eugene would bring to the team, the city and the league. Absolutely doomed to fail on every angle of that were to happen. 

    We don’t have to worry about an AFJ. 

  6. 55 minutes ago, Snowcrash said:

    I think people who have only seen David play for Canada or highlights of his goals don't appreciate how good a distributor he is.  He's a very positive player and  decisive when he receives the ball, unlike some players who've never met a back pass they didn't like.

    I think David is best with the ball when he has attackers in front of him so an ideal formation would be Cav as  sole target man and supported by wingers when Canada is attacking, something like a 3-5-1-1 formation.

    I agree he’s best when he’s able to get as many touches on the ball. Putting him right in front of the top attacker allows him to create and push forward. I feel one of his greatest strengths is to be able to make a play with the ball, release it and then make an off the ball run into a new spot. 

    I think in time, as he gains more experience he will be the type of player that will be given the ability to roam. Allow him to be able to essentially move around where he sees fit. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, BringBackTheBlizzard said:

    That post got you pigeonholed as a heretic basically, because any expression of concern over what's happening is interpreted as opposition to the league and wanting the league to fail. You only need to look at the rosters to see that with the arguable exception of the Forge things haven't gone all that smoothly on attracting players. There are still at least 24 Canadians playing for American USL Championship and USL1 teams in addition to the 25-30 that will be on the Fury and TFC II and another 35 on MLS rosters, so you are still looking at somewhere in the 80-90 range playing professionally in North America outside of CanPL before you start adding in Canadian players who are playing at a genuinely pro level overseas. Getting into a bidding war to get more of those guys into CanPL would have been a recipe for huge financial losses, so we are going to find out very soon now if there really has been a sizable previously untapped pool of domestic players that can provide watchable pro level soccer. Fingers crossed there has been.

    I see that. Internet group think at its finest. Guess we will see this summer how things are working out. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Ansem said:

    You and your sources (Fury sources?) Are full of crap

    Didn’t come from the Fury. And you’re right, they may be off the mark. But they may also be right and I trust where the info is coming from so I have no reason to doubt it. 

  9. 1 hour ago, admin said:

    That isn't an Ottawa problem, it is far too common. 

    Something needs to be done to understand and mitigate the horrible lack of cooperation in soccer across all levels. 

    The stories you hear over and over are really disheartening and frankly mind boggling. Something about the last year, even in the face of so many amazing announcements has really gotten to me.  Really pissed me off (hence the somewhat overreaction above).



    The same mentality that encompasses the bigger local clubs is seemingly the same mentality that’s pervasive on this board. The I want soccer to succeed but only on my terms and my way. You ask how you get cooperation but you just ripped the Fury for not doing things the way you see fit. 

  10. 11 minutes ago, Protega said:

    It's a very toxic atmosphere in Ottawa as far as the local clubs go. The two biggest clubs have effectively hijacked the district and are trying to cause problems for any program they see as a threat.  In an effort to get the clubs on board and help support the Fury, they had to scrap their academy - there was no actual poaching going on, but certain people at the local clubs saw that as taking food from their children's mouths.  One club still refuses to help promote the Fury out of spite for when they used to operate teams in the Super Y League.

    Something like what Edmonton is doing might work better.  But there are a couple of really disgusting people involved in the local youth scene.

    Running two age groups at no cost ( 16/18 ) is a lot different than running 10. When those two clubs have a footprint of 200,000 to draw from, it will be difficult to get kids into a pro club program at an early age. Unless they have better coaching and a path to another level, being the top team. 

  11. 6 hours ago, admin said:

    **** that mealy mouthed ****.  They increased the risk of the biggest investment in soccer in this country in our lifetime. 

    Our capital does not have a team in our new league because they  were not willing to step up when others were, and in a much better position than almost everyone else in the country.

    Take your diplomacy elsewhere, they do not deserve our respect. 

    Ok then. 

  12. 4 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

    You act as if people critical of the Fury are somehow hoping Ottawa turns into a footy wasteland. That blatantly ignores the fact that every single person that is highly critical of the Fury and their decision wants to see a larger, more successful Ottawa-based club in CPL. It isn't about salting the earth - it is about cultivating a situation in Ottawa  that is most conducive to the long term growth of soccer in that area, and in the rest of the country. 

    Clannachan has recently said that he doesn't envision a situation where Ottawa is not represented in CPL. That is what people here want to see. And if that requires the sacrifice of a team seeking to stay in a US lower league in the long term, most people think it is worth it. But most have the Fury joining CPL as their top priority. But either way, having another strong team in CPL is (rightly, IMO) the top priority because it is better for Canadian soccer over the long term. The continued fragmentation of our club landscape - at a time when solidarity would help build a stronger league - is not something many people support. That inconvenient fact doesn't align with your clubs decision and narrative which is unfortunate - but it doesn't change the situation. 

    And I’ve stated I want to see the CPL succeed and I think the rightful home for the Fury is in the CPL. But their wait and see approach is partly about experience with those involved with the league and a financial one. They are doing their due diligence and rightfully so. As a business are they not entitled to look out for their interests as well?  

  13. 1 minute ago, admin said:

    I won't rag on them, but I will sure as **** not let it go. 

    They chose to **** the league starting in this country and for reasons that I find totally egregious.

    People should be pissed off at them, and it isn't going to go away anytime soon. 


    Fine. That’s your interpretation. From the Fury side they have a different perspective; at this point nobody can which is right and which is wrong. To say they ****** the league isn’t accurate. They’ve stated they are open to joining it but want to wait and see if it gets off the ground. They’ve invested time and money where they are and could potentially lose it all if they go CPL and it flops. Again without a crystal ball there’s no way of knowing. If they decide to wait 5 years and the CPL is growing then ya it’s a mistake. If the league folds or is a continuous money pit then it’s the prudent thing to do. 

  14. 18 minutes ago, BringBackTheBlizzard said:

    Think it's important to bear in mind that participation on this subforum is self-selecting and that the consensus opinion here doesn't necessarily reflect mainstream opinion across Canadian soccer in general.

    I get that. But my guess is if you are posting on this site you are genially invested in the development of the game in Canada, more so than the average fan or soccer parent. Instead of a rising tide line of thinking there’s more of a F them let’s crap on them any chance we get mentality. It’s counterproductive and serves no purpose other than internet trolling. Why can’t you wish both the CPL and the Fury are successful because that’s what’s going to further Canadian soccer players?

  15. 2 hours ago, BringBackTheBlizzard said:

    For those that don't know how to access it:

    In general I think there's a huge problem caused by people not understanding that expressing concerns over whether something will work is not the same as wanting it to fail.

    But it doesn’t fit with the narrative being pushed by some here about the Fury. They made a choice to wait and see. I don’t understand the constant Fredo complex, taking every opportunity to rag on them and put them down. We get it they chose not to play in the CPL this year. Let it go. They are one of the few professional soccer teams in this country and they are giving Canadian kids a chance to play

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