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  1. 14 but the wind was cold yesterday. For the casual fan sitting in a stadium to watch soccer probably wasn’t top of mind. Should be higher after a few games especially if they can win a few in a row.
  2. May I borrow your crystal ball when you are done with it?
  3. Fury know where they stand financially in the USL. Nobody knows how the CPL will do at this point.
  4. Why would a league allow a team to sell to an interested group in another city for less than what they could get for an expansion fee?
  5. Which is what I was alluding to. Nobody has a crystal ball and can predict how the CPL will shake out in the next year or two. Nothing wrong with a business looking after its business interests.
  6. I’m not so sure Young would be a selling feature.
  7. Eugene doesn’t have the cash to buy them. Nor does he have the money to operate them. He could take money out of the Sens to do it but they are his sole source of income. He can barely make his debt/interest payments. Plus his good will is long gone. Nobody at the city would give him anything more than a free lunch, so money for a stadium/field is out of the question. And fans can’t stand him.
  8. The marriage between Fury and CPL will happen, it’s just a matter of time. Whatever your thoughts on OSEG JDG or the Fury and their decision, they will not compare to the nightmare Eugene would bring to the team, the city and the league. Absolutely doomed to fail on every angle of that were to happen. We don’t have to worry about an AFJ.
  9. April 1st, I get that. Now even if it was remotely true, that’s the worst possible solution to any issue.
  10. I agree he’s best when he’s able to get as many touches on the ball. Putting him right in front of the top attacker allows him to create and push forward. I feel one of his greatest strengths is to be able to make a play with the ball, release it and then make an off the ball run into a new spot. I think in time, as he gains more experience he will be the type of player that will be given the ability to roam. Allow him to be able to essentially move around where he sees fit.
  11. I see that. Internet group think at its finest. Guess we will see this summer how things are working out.
  12. Didn’t come from the Fury. And you’re right, they may be off the mark. But they may also be right and I trust where the info is coming from so I have no reason to doubt it.
  13. You understand what passing along information is right? It sounds like there’s a real problem getting it off the ground which is why I said at this point.
  14. The same mentality that encompasses the bigger local clubs is seemingly the same mentality that’s pervasive on this board. The I want soccer to succeed but only on my terms and my way. You ask how you get cooperation but you just ripped the Fury for not doing things the way you see fit.
  15. Running two age groups at no cost ( 16/18 ) is a lot different than running 10. When those two clubs have a footprint of 200,000 to draw from, it will be difficult to get kids into a pro club program at an early age. Unless they have better coaching and a path to another level, being the top team.
  16. And I’ve stated I want to see the CPL succeed and I think the rightful home for the Fury is in the CPL. But their wait and see approach is partly about experience with those involved with the league and a financial one. They are doing their due diligence and rightfully so. As a business are they not entitled to look out for their interests as well?
  17. Fine. That’s your interpretation. From the Fury side they have a different perspective; at this point nobody can which is right and which is wrong. To say they ****** the league isn’t accurate. They’ve stated they are open to joining it but want to wait and see if it gets off the ground. They’ve invested time and money where they are and could potentially lose it all if they go CPL and it flops. Again without a crystal ball there’s no way of knowing. If they decide to wait 5 years and the CPL is growing then ya it’s a mistake. If the league folds or is a continuous money pit then it’s the prudent thing to do.
  18. Maybe, maybe not. Let’s see how it plays out.
  19. I get that. But my guess is if you are posting on this site you are genially invested in the development of the game in Canada, more so than the average fan or soccer parent. Instead of a rising tide line of thinking there’s more of a F them let’s crap on them any chance we get mentality. It’s counterproductive and serves no purpose other than internet trolling. Why can’t you wish both the CPL and the Fury are successful because that’s what’s going to further Canadian soccer players?
  20. But it doesn’t fit with the narrative being pushed by some here about the Fury. They made a choice to wait and see. I don’t understand the constant Fredo complex, taking every opportunity to rag on them and put them down. We get it they chose not to play in the CPL this year. Let it go. They are one of the few professional soccer teams in this country and they are giving Canadian kids a chance to play
  21. If the goal is to continually bag on the Fury then ya I guess it could mean the same thing. Carry on.
  22. Like you said it can be interpreted either way. But it’s dickish to point out the possibility of both so let’s use the meaning that best runs the Fury.
  23. It can you’re right. And it can mean a as well.
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