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  1. it would be very surprising to see players from Europe involved if they are with their own clubs first team such as Zanatta is right now.
  2. It is too bad that it was not Hearts first team, would have been nice to see Zanatta and Liam on the same pitch
  3. FYI it was not Hearts first team bunch of fringe and players that are going out on loan bit of a joke saying that it was the first team
  4. Surprised that Marcus G starts has not played a game in over two months with Hearts before the season ended
  5. would not be surprised if Dario does not end up in Dundee if Hearts do not keep him with the first team, Dundee United has Robbie N as manager who signed him at Hearts and Dundee Fc have Jim G who was at Alloa with him
  6. Highlights of Dario's year, should be in the gold cup group of 40
  7. camp has been postponed,
  8. Players have their invites I been told
  9. 23 players and from April 30 to May 9th
  10. Chatting with a parent of a player who received a letter from the CSA
  11. Camp set for April 30th in Vancouver, bad time of the year for a camp, Europe based players will not be released, and CPL just started
  12. Zanatta goes 90 in Alloa's win Zanatta and Aird both in team of the week in Scotland
  13. Zanatta with the assist for alloa's winner
  14. Glad we can put the talk to Victoria to bed
  15. More Congratulations to @AlloaAthleticFC's @dario_zanatta, who has been named @Ladbrokes Championship Player of the Month for December!
  16. A player in the Whitecaps back yard that they never had in?
  17. If you believe 750.00 per month is a contract that a player should sign to stay ?? that is below min wage
  18. the fact that the caps let zanatta go and kept Hurtado is all you have to say about the footballing decisions at the caps, one is a footballer the other not
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