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  1. Anyone else find it hilarious Canada STILL has yet to acknowledge this game?
  2. No, I'm ok. Thanks for the advice though.
  3. Oh I didn't even look at it, I read it a long time ago. I asked Rollins about him a while ago on Twitter and he just said Babouli played in one of those ethnic leagues before TFC spotted him. My bad.
  4. Rollins did a piece on him http://www.league1ontario.com/article/player-profile-tfcas-molham-babouli He's one of those guys who played ball in the ethnic leagues around TO.
  5. Looks like he's impressing at S2. That is great to see. edit: He's also another one Canada's scouting has failed to pick up.
  6. I think it is a moot point because I'd rather see him starting for Vancouver than warm the bench for de Jong and possible Ouimette.
  7. I should phrase that better: Living in the Dominican Republic can't be THAT bad.
  8. Playing in the Dominican Republic can't be THAT bad.
  9. Loaned (I think) to FC Montreal. The wording isn't clear. He's either on loan or has been cut from Montreal and then made to sign a USL deal.
  10. I think the league is fully professional. It was formed to heighten the level Trinidadian players were playing at. Although I don't think the pay is much. Either way it is probably the best league in the Carribean. Plus, Gray and Beaumont got a chance they couldn't pass up. Guys like Kenwyne Jones cut their teeth in Trinidad with W Connection befor making moves.
  11. Brad Beaumont seems to be doing his thing in Trinidad with W Connection quietly. Will be following his progress. Nice to see some of our guys get contracts in lesser-known, but good places.
  12. Looks like Tyler Pasher has joined the Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the USL.
  13. No idea, didn't know he had any connections to Canada.
  14. Burnely midfielder, Scottish. Apparently eligible for Canada and rumour in England is Canada is persuading him to play for us becuase Scotland keeps passing him over. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/31958241
  15. A while back Squizzato said a member of Unattched FC was going to a club soon. According to him now apparently it aint happening, and it sounds like the player in question is retiring instead. JDG? De Ro? I wonder who it was. edit: I read the tweet wrong. The player in question isn't retiring, he just isn't going to join a club. Unattached FC will keep him it seems.
  16. Reports out of Salt Lake City are saying Murell has signed with the Real Monarchs in USL. He was on hand for their media day.
  17. I'm wondering if the supporters will have a Banner for Vitoria if he hasn't committed to Canada when Philly rolls to town. They have one for Teal.
  18. RSL released their Real Monarchs roster and Murrell isn't on it. Looks like he didn't make the team. Disappointing considered a lot of college soccer people were saying he was a steal for them after being snubbed from the combine.
  19. Has Victor tried to ge tmore funding for the NT? 3 million is really low.
  20. No, but I don't think he's been cut. He'll probably sign and be loaned to Arizona United. FC Dallas have a lot of wingers, especially if they don't use Tesho up top.
  21. Don't forget Attakora, Oppong, and Porter with the American NASL clubs.
  22. So like are we going to keep updating this kid even though there is no guarantee he'll ever actually get a CDN passport?
  23. Vince Sasso, former TFCA and Woodbridge Strikers plays in the German fifth divison with VfR Mannheim, and also I don't think Tam Nsilwa or Kofi Opare should be on this list. Tam gave up CDN citizenship and Kofi doesn't meet FIFA requirements to play for us, unfortunately.
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