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  1. Potentially tickets in NY but would do my own travel arrangements as I have family in NYC.
  2. He never really took that next step to get 1st team minutes and was passed by younger canadians on the USL team. He is considered a domestic from what I have seen so maybe he catches on with another USL or mls team this year similar to how Kaye went to Louisville.
  3. 20/365 = .05479 or 5.479% of the year. Just to be accurate you know
  4. Say the CPL gets to a point where it also needs a lower division for Academy products to play in... would you then be fine with the CPL using USL as a farm system similar to MLS? or would you want a solely Canadian reserve league set up?
  5. TFC absolutely cares about V-cup and Champions league and the caring for those competitions starts at the very top of the organization (Manning).
  6. Would a guy like Borges be in this conversation or Hundal? Hundal looks great for a 17 year old in USL and I haven't seen much of Borges but he is following the same path that created Johnson and Bradley 2.
  7. If this is turning into Gold Cup talk I would like us to at least score a goal at the next one.
  8. You could see Edwards, Uccelo, Hundal, Boakai, Godinho, Doughty, Twardek etc all in the mix in 2022 and i'm sure i'm missing a ton of guys as well.
  9. Believe it is the same ref that did our game at Azteca... Cuban I believe.
  10. Depends on what the player wants obviously but could see guys like: Jakovic, Hainault, Piette, Hoilett, Hutch (DP player), Jackson all get looks domestically. Could also free up a couple Canadians to potentially move to find more minutes (Tiebert, Morgan)
  11. According to KL latest article Johnson has been blacklisted by floro (similar to osorio) for not going to the June friendlies.
  12. Seams like a strong lineup even if i'm not that familiar with some of the European based players.
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