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  1. Close source said he fought with Bustos post match and took things too far and was released.
  2. 60 plus appearances in the Croatian second division. Moderate success in a brief tenure with SFU in NCAA D2
  3. He's also playing on Vancouver Island for Mid Isle Mariners in the VISL. The team is coached by Bill Merriman, father of Pacific FC assistant coach, Jamie.
  4. I think all the aforementioned names are good prospects.... in Atlantic Canada. But to say Oxner is one of the best in Canada is rather bold. Yes, Oxner has shown promise (at the U Sports level) but so has latest 15 others ahead of him in professional and university settings. He played on a poor St. Mary's team where he obviously stood out as the players in front of him were struggling for a playoff spot each season. Also, he had a incredibly brief training stint with TFC. One would think being that being one of the best in the country would have seen that turn into something? McRae was average at Acadia and never made an official start for Ottawa. Last I heard he was playing on a lower team in Northern Ireland's second division. Ur would be the best of the bunch. However, he has been limited to the lower leagues of Israel and one PDL season while in college. From recollection he probably had one of the biggest kicks I've ever seen. I remember him scoring off a free kick from about 60 yards.
  5. I have a feeling there's a good number of players who have signed pre-contracts (Bent, Clark, Campanile)
  6. I mean... without deflating too much wind from his sails if you look at this guys twitter he has a less than ideal soccer physique.
  7. That is freshman rankings. Montgomery is a senior
  8. Serious money on neither of them playing in the league. This is just twitter optimism
  9. I'd say that 18/24 players on the team were given some sort of athletic compensation. No one had a full ride.
  10. Different for each institution so I can't speak for UBC personally. However, given that it is one of the strongest programmes in the country it would be fair to assume that most players are on some sort of award. Having played in the CIS system I know guys who had 3/4 of their tuition taken care of + an additional leadership scholarship to make up the rest. Further to that there is the potential for academic merit awards. I knew quite a few men and women that effectively broke even and got paid to go to school from this. The best supported were by far hockey, especially guys who had significant CHL experience. From what I understand there tuition was completely taken care of by the CHL.
  11. I don't think any of you have a concept of eligibility and U Sports soccer...the rules are fairly strict. Caleb has been a professional for quite some time and was deemed to have used 3 years of eligibility in the process (U Sports charges a year of eligibility for each year played professionally after the age of 20) . That means he only had 2 years left to play on an athletic scholarship in Canada at the highest level. For him this makes total sense. Get half of a 4 year degree finished while paying minimal fees and staying in shape for a potential shot at CPL. Plus UBC is a fairly reputable institution....
  12. Top tier - as in top of the national pyramid in a given country.
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