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  1. You might be recalling an article posted some time ago on the Davies negotiations. Whitecaps refused to follow the usual custom of giving Davies the 10% of their payment from Bayern. Bayern paid Davies directly to keep him happy.
  2. Hey now. Go easy. My mom was born in PEI. I have a fondness for the place.
  3. Agree with the above. But you can't make a silk purse from a pig's ear.
  4. Yeah but Impact had 3 Cdns on the field in 2nd half of the game.
  5. You have to be shitting me? Never much liked TFC, being a long-time Impact fan, but they are approaching Whitecaps with my level of disdain.
  6. He is progressing. This season has been his most consistent, playing in 33 games. He is considered a player with lots of potential by FC Ingolstadt management. And played 90 in both of the most important games of the club's season. So I would not write him off quite yet. Under contract till end of next season. Not bad for a Calgary SWU kid.
  7. And Nurnberg break hearts here with an away goal 6 minutes into extra time.
  8. No stream but kicker.de has live animation of the play in their 'ticker': https://www.kicker.de/4650125/ticker/fc-ingolstadt-04-7659/1-fc-nuernberg-81
  9. Some of the 'sports experts' in this country are outright embarassing. Some asshats from Sportsnet had an interview with a German soccer reporter when the re-start was announced and they asked "How do the players in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 1 feel about the prospect of playing without fans". Having watched the clip, they certainly mangled the ********** back story with that provincial team nonsense.
  10. Being a Flames fan, thanks for the humour. Davies will be the best known Cdn athlete on the planet by end of this year.
  11. Thanks for the laugh in these times.
  12. You've never heard of him and yet you pipe up with an opinion. Sit yourself down fool.
  13. The Whitecaps come off as I expected in that piece. What a waste of a soccer market having these clowns at the top. No evidence of any money from that deal (including the extra 10% they squeezed out) being spent on product on the field.
  14. Recognize a number of folks who are no longer actively posting (maybe viewing at times) - Grizzly, RedHat, Daniel and Canuck in Boston. I've met all but C in B I think.
  15. Sorry never bothered to read the match report, just checked the ratings on the lineups tab as I was curious with all these people saying he had a relatively poor match. I always use the .de version.
  16. kicker.de had his rating at 2.5, tied with Kimmich and Pavard as highest on the team for the Union Berlin vs Bayern Munchen game.
  17. I have a team photo by my desk with his nephew in it. Just to be clear that I am not some super creepy fan of Kevin and his extended family, his nephew was on the last boys' team I coached, along with my son.
  18. Never saw this thread. Oliver played with the Foothills PDL squad a few years ago when he was still quite young. Trained with Thomas Niendorf at his west coast academy before trying to make it in Denmark. Has a Danish passport. Know him and his family quite well as I coached his older brother who is my son's age and Oliver was in Kindergarten thru Grade 9 with my daughter who is also a 2000.
  19. That's a bit harsh. Comments on his playing aside, he did say a lot of the family had moved south so may have not had relatives to visit. Also, his dad and mom went their separate ways when Landon was quite young so visiting him would be hard enough, let alone his Dad Tim's home town, which Tim left when he was a young man. His dad is an alright guy. Spoke to him several times back in the early 2000's. Proud of his son and liked to say that Landon played soccer like a hockey player.
  20. Not the sharpest tool in the shed that Yordy Reyna.
  21. I had a laugh listening to the ass hats on Cdn sports radio, so desperate for sports news they had a phone interview with a German sports journalist and asked him how the players in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 1 were reacting. BTW, confirmed a short time ago that things get going next Friday May 15th.
  22. Hardly worth the reply but that is precisely what Jamie did, moving MOST of the former V's site sub-forums to this CSN site.
  23. Reza was fine and well last time I saw him; busy with family and work like many of the original V's. You hit the nail on the head in saying that the Voyageurs were originally created in an attempt to get people out to cheer for Canada at home games. Everything else came from that. It was always a group thing, a group of like-minded people who wanted our teams to succeed and feel the support from their ardent fans. That is precisely what this thread is about from my point of view. The loss of the voice of the many. The loss of that feeling that all were a part of a bigger thing and could actually make a difference with our collective efforts. The various incarnations of the V's forum were the places where we could spread knowledge of Canadian players and teams, plan to make home games more pro-Canadian, take initiatives to grow support for our teams and players. This forum is not such a place IMHO.
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