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  1. Putting Ruffian's musing in jeopardy!!!
  2. Yes pretty good chance as things are! lol.
  3. Pardon me but I am bumping this up. Deadline for team entries for first round is Friday.
  4. Looks like they've gone back to a fluctuating roster value which I like. Last season the salary cap for each team was fixed and as player values went up it was more and more difficult to fit rising value players in your roster. Now you can pick up players at a low value and as their value increases, you can still keep them. Unless of course I am misreading the whole thing lol.
  5. The 2021 MLS Fantasy app is back up. I have created a private league 'The Voyageurs'. Join via the following URL: https://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/#classic/leagues/17090/join/AD7ZK3DF
  6. MLS Fantasy season is upcoming. I will do the usual league creation when I see the app is opened up for 2021.
  7. There's a fanboy or two posting the same stuff again and again. I wouldn't consider it a consensus of praise.
  8. For a minute it felt like that night in Edmonton when we 'hosted' some friendly Mexican supporters.
  9. Absolute hospital pass from Diaz to ZBG despite the tire-pumping of his number 1 fan.
  10. Great to see the boys back and with so many of our European players in great form today. Hardly missed a men's team game available since late 70's and the talent out there just makes me so optimistic. My brother would have been happy. He loved cheering for Bayern (not me) and for Canada. Got a bit of both in today.
  11. There's your men's senior league play there. Please hand the reins to St Clair before we get serious matches.
  12. Boys are fine. A little rusty on Cavallini's part (hasn't played in months), but nothing to worry about. Grab another and then give some caps out!
  13. No problem with the CSA president. I've been around a long time and don't mind someone cheering for Canada soccer.
  14. Bittersweet for me out in Calgary. A year to the day since my younger brother passed away in Ottawa much too soon. We would have been texting back and forth as long time CMNT fans.
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