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  1. Yup, I forgot SSS was also built so teams could control their costs. If the stadiums are owned by the city/province/state though, I think some of the cities that MLS teams are based in do get decent deals from the city/province/state. For example, the Columbus Crew pay something like 70K per year to rent their stadium which is dirt cheap. But if my memory is correct, the owners of MLS also considered that SSS would provide a better environment for crowds because the stadium would be a better fit for the crowd size (so less empty stands), and because the stadium was a better fit for the crowd size with less empty stands, the cheering and sound would enhance the experience for spectators. And of course, not having grid iron football lines was also a benefit of SSS. Anyways, I just hope CPL does this right. As a soccer fan, I am extremely turned off by grid iron football lines. I don't mind if the CPL has to use grid iron football lines at the beginning just to kickstart the league, but I hope they realize that in the long run, it's not an attractive product. I just hope the CPL analyzes what the MLS did because MLS made all the mistakes already (and MLS almost folded) and there is no need for CPL to repeat the same mistakes.
  2. Yeah, in the long run, they need to build SSS for the best soccer experience. Building the SSS was the smartest thing that MLS did. It was a big expenditure at the time, but in hindsight, it has worked very well for the league. When MLS picks an expansion team now, they want the stadium the expansion team to play in to have an effective way to make it look like the stadium is full. When MLS picked Vancouver to expand to, they were quite picky that the new BC place renovations would be able to conceal the upper stands, as it does now. I just want to see CPL approach this the right way. The last thing we need is for CPL to make the same mistakes that MLS did and then for CPL to go bankrupt down the road. We can't afford another setback. NASL folding back in the eighties hurt Canadian soccer for several decades. I want CPL to flourish so I hope they get it right the first time.
  3. Hi. Does anybody know how the CPL plans to address grid iron football lines and oversized stadiums? The grid iron football lines are extremely annoying and distracting as a fan. It just looks bad. MLS was forced to play on grid iron football lines in its early days. But the owners of MLS knew they needed to fix this and they eventually did it with Soccer Specific Stadiums. Regarding Soccer Specific Stadiums, oversized stadiums where there are huge empty sections looks bad too. MLS also addressed this by forcing most teams to build Soccer Specific Stadiums that were smaller and fit a smaller crowd size, usually between 17K to 25K. In situations where the stadium is still too big like in Vancouver, they will drape the upper half of the stadium so that it doesn't look as empty. How does the CPL plan to address these two issues?
  4. Yes, yes, yes! The World Cup is coming to Canada! Yeeahhhhhhhhhh!
  5. Thanks for the great analysis -Hammer-! We already have the MLS. Next year, we will have the CPL. But for the next 8 years, we will have the 2026 World Cup baby! Canadian soccer hasn't had such a good outlook for the longest time. We have thriving MLS clubs with lots of Canadian fans and these MLS clubs are gradually generating Canadian talent. We have young kids and teens that are fans of these MLS clubs and some of them are deciding to pursue soccer as a career over other sports. We have the CPL starting next year, which will help to spread the popularity of soccer in the other smaller Canadian cities, and the CPL will provide a steady pay cheque to Canadian professional players. And last but not least, we have the 2026 World Cup coming to Canada which will further raise the popularity of soccer in Canada! I'm so happy for Canadian soccer today! Feels like the stars are finally starting to align for us!
  6. Agree with this. We should lobby FIFA to host at least one or two playoff matches, even in the Round of 16. That would be fair.
  7. Yes. This is a stepping stone. Like I said, it's unlikely that FIFA would vote for Canada to host the World Cup by itself, because we don't have the national team, and we don't have the requisite professional leagues setup yet. Canada probably became a viable co-host for this bid because we successfully hosted the U-20 World Cup in 2007, and then the 2015 Women's World Cup. Everything is a stepping stone. And when we successfully host the World Cup group stage matches this time, FIFA will be more likely to grant us our own World Cup down the road. To think that other FIFA members will just grant Canada an entire World Cup is naive, IMO. Not going to happen. Host the 2026 World Cup successfully, and then take that time to build up our national team and our professional teams. And then perhaps 25 years from 2026, Canada will get a shot to host it by ourselves.
  8. The problem with soccer in Canada isn't the issue of money, IMO. There are poorer countries around the world that generate better soccer players than us. The problem with soccer in Canada is the image of it. Prior to the MLS, soccer just wasn't "cool" with the younger generation. The younger generation needs to see soccer as "the sport" and then when they are between the age of 14 and 18, decide that they like soccer so much that they will pursue it as a professional career. MLS is definitely helping in the cities that have it. It has lead to a resurgence in interest in soccer in Canada. And the CPL will help Canadian soccer more. The last thing we need is the World Cup to be held on Canadian soil. We got that too. IMO, the image of soccer will improve gradually over the next 10 to 20 years. And I think we will start to get more Canadian teens that choose soccer as a professional career. Just look at the Raptors. Thank to the Raptors, we have top basketball talent coming out of the Toronto metro area. There is no way that Canada generates so much basketball talent without the Raptors in Toronto.
  9. Yeah, I haven't been following this thread. That's such a narrow view that some Canadian soccer fans don't want the World Cup in Canada at all because the US will get more games. The 2026 World Cup will do wonders for Canadian soccer. It will jolt interest from the younger generation into considering soccer as a real career. What we need is for the younger generation to choose soccer as a career over hockey, grid iron football, baseball, and basketball. Look at how the 1994 World Cup created two generations of US players that could consistently qualify for the World Cup (the US had more than enough talent to qualify for this year's World Cup, it was just bad coaching, IMO). Yes, it would be nice if Canada got more games out of the 2026 World Cup than the US did. But look at the long term picture. Besides MLS, and the CPL, this is the third pillar that can really advance soccer in Canada.
  10. Don't think so. Mexico hasn't had a World Cup in the longest time. And the US is really hungry for a World Cup because MLS is expanding. It's unlikely that FIFA would vote for Canada alone. But with Mexico, and especially the US, it brings more clout and more political power to the bargaining table. Not to mention the Canadian national team still can't qualify for the World Cup. And professional soccer in Canada still has a ways to go. Maybe in another 25 years after 2026, Canada will get a chance to host its own World Cup. I would rather have some World Cup games in Canada in my lifetime, than no World Cup in Canada at all in my lifetime.
  11. Why would any Canadian soccer fun be against the World Cup being held in Canada? I mean, can't we use some of our football stadiums to save money? Isn't it the dream of every Canadian soccer fan to see the World Cup on Canadian soil? WTF? Why would a Canadian soccer fan not want the World Cup on Canadian home soil?
  12. Congratz Canada! Woohoo! First World Cup ever in Canada!
  13. So I checked the front page of TSN and the Toronto Star websites today and while I had my doubts, the front page showed Toronto FC's historic Eastern Conference championship win, which was a pleasant surprise. I've never seen a Canadian domestic soccer team receive coverage like this before from the Canadian media. I know that if the CPL takes off, that will definitely help grow Canadian talent too. I also know there is a lot of controversy about the "domestic" rule for Canadian players in the MLS. But what do you think the MLS will have on increasing interest from our younger boys, especially those around age 14 to 17, to choose a career in professional soccer? When Toronto FC makes the front pages of TSN and the Toronto Star, that has to be a big morale and prestige boost for Canadian kids that wonder if pursuing a career in professional soccer is worth it. Do you think the MLS will have the same impact as the NBA in Canada? Without a doubt, the Toronto Raptors have been a huge boost in developing and encouraging Canadians to pursue a professional basketball career. And now, Canada has entered a new "golden age" of up and coming NBA players. I'm hoping the MLS does the same as the NBA - encourage and inspire our youngsters to seriously consider soccer as a professional career. Only then can Canada make the World Cup again. Do you think the MLS can help get Canada back into the World Cup?
  14. The MLS salary cap is set for renegotiations next year. With higher attendance and a new TV deal (US $90 million per year for the new deal vs US $18 million per year for the old deal), it's expected the salary cap will go up in the MLS next year. Once the salary cap goes up next year, there will be a further gap between the MLS and NASL.
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