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  1. Edmonton's Viewing Party is going down at The Pint Off Whyte. http://facebook.com/events/646506952465035
  2. Per chats with Jay Ball, all the other teams with the exception of C*lgary are waiting on the league to set up an online shop portal for each team's respective sites. Email the teams all you like, they're not in control here.
  3. It's 100% Jeff. Having a bald dude in the silhouette would be all too obvious.
  4. I like the crest, it's very modern with an aggressive look, I like that it calls back on our history and subtly features the rabbit, which will obviously be part of other branding material. I like that it juxtaposes Calgary's "vintage" look, adding another element to the differences between the two cities. The colour scheme is fantastic. Honestly tho, I don't care what most think at the moment. The biggest determination of a crest's success is time. If people in Edmonton can embrace the weak ass crest the Oilers have, then getting people on board should be no problem. I'm still going
  5. The Rabbit will be around the club one way or another.
  6. Roy, Peter, and the rest of the crew were here in January, doing their thing. We're expecting a whole new badge, not sure if that means the name is changing tho. We knew of this announcement for about a week now.
  7. That number of fixtures confirms an 8 team launch. The CCL thing is still being worked on, but would mean a second Canadian CCL spot.
  8. "Oh when the Cavs, go riding in..." *clip clop*
  9. Absolutely, once Calgary is home to 40+ clubs in the Canadian Pyramid, then it should apply. I'm being facetious of course, but the Cavalry won't be separated from that alliterative nightmare for some time.
  10. Sure, they'll call it Cavalry FC, but the awful alliteration will always be there. Before local media become soccer literate, they will endless be called the Calgary Cavalary. Heck, even last year, our stadium announcer called FC Edmonton the "FC Edmonton Eddies."
  11. Sorry mate, but Calgary Cavalry FC is all but confirmed. Now excuse me, I'm going to stock pile all the "dead horse" banter material I can find.
  12. Jeff 100%. For the love of all that is good and holy, please never Colin Miller ever again. Amen.
  13. I already dislike the York 9 so much. The cringey presentation and spotlight on the "Generation IX" was an eye roller. Reading through their website, no player will wear the number 9 because it "will be reserved for, and worn exclusively by the supporters." The "technical philosophy of" play the right way, with the ball on the ground." One of the official colours is "black on black." Good lord.
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