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    soccerlife reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL General   
    Vast majority of USL contracts are one year with an option.
    Most USL teams are around 500K so CPL will likely be roughly at or a bit above them as far as salaries go (and Ottawa is around that mark as well despite what the fanatic, the Fury PA announcer, or the Fury's FO spin to drive their narrative).
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    soccerlife reacted to LAK in CPL General   
    The PA announcer?
    Even if that was credible, I'm still not convinced that only giving the Fury one transition year is enough for them to bow out. How long are the contracts with the current roster? I also don't believe the $500K reports from Fanatic. I think it's a little higher than that and there are other reasons for them not joining this year. Time will tell I guess.
    FYI I don't think the salary cap is super high, I think it's under $1mil, I just don't think it's as low as $500k. There just isn't enough evidence other than some fan speculation.
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    soccerlife reacted to rob.notenboom in CPL General   
    The worst kept secret in Canadian Soccer is now out.  
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    soccerlife got a reaction from Greatest Cockney Rip Off in CPL General   
    That is too funny.  I had the same thought as I was reading the post.  BBTB finally got on board that the CPL is happening, now he needs to find another way to bash it. Too bad BBTB only listens to people from Ottawa about the wages.  Ottawa folks want people to believe their story to make it more credible as to why they are not joining the league.  I find it interesting that Fury Fanatic (or somebody) said Ottawa was for sure in the league for 2020-22 area.  What will change for  them to do that?  Anyway, I don't believe the wages will be at $500,000. 
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    soccerlife got a reaction from MtlMario in CPL General   
    That is too funny.  I had the same thought as I was reading the post.  BBTB finally got on board that the CPL is happening, now he needs to find another way to bash it. Too bad BBTB only listens to people from Ottawa about the wages.  Ottawa folks want people to believe their story to make it more credible as to why they are not joining the league.  I find it interesting that Fury Fanatic (or somebody) said Ottawa was for sure in the league for 2020-22 area.  What will change for  them to do that?  Anyway, I don't believe the wages will be at $500,000. 
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    soccerlife reacted to Ansem in CPL General   
    Clubs are expected to spend more than $5M a year...
    Another reason why most don't buy the $500k thrown out by Fury Fanatic
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    soccerlife got a reaction from LAK in CPL General   
    That is the best breakdown I have seen that nobody seems to consider.  Folks have jumped from it not being $1-1.5 to it being $500. Your breakdown makes total sense. 
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    soccerlife reacted to KW519 in York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread   
    Are you guys really faulting him for scouting European based players instead of L10 based players?? Do you honestly think a York based club hasn't been made aware of any potential prospects playing throughout the GTA? Without scouting trips like this, how are you guys expecting clubs to bring over foreign talent if they're not out there doing the ground work? 
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    soccerlife reacted to rob.notenboom in CPL General   
    Perhaps it’s just me, but people sure seem to have difficulty sitting back, collecting information, and parsing out what things people have said that end up holding up and which ones don’t. 
    Immediately following Ottawa’s announcement, there were suddenly several pieces of ‘information’ being put out on social media by people in Ottawa. It was remarkable how much in agreement all of these infobytes were. It was hard not to see them as having a single source (Fury FO maybe?). Now only a couple of days later, several of those talking points have either been walked back or have been outright debunked. A quick list:
    CanPL will be L1O quality. 
    This has neither been verified or debunked but of course that’s not really possible when the league has yet to sign a player. 
    Ottawa will have to blow up their roster or their players will have to take a 50% pay cut. 
    Clanachan addressed this directly by saying that Ottawa was offered the accommodation that they could operate in 2019 under their current situation. Of course that doesn’t address what might happen in 2020, so I can see how it still might be a sticking point (although much less so). Most importantly, in subsequent media appearances, Mark Goudie did not dispute the statement by Clanachan. If it was untrue, one would expect that he would have. 
    Players will be billeted and won’t have a housing allowance or arrangement. 
    Clanachan gave no details on this in his statement. But that didn’t stop one of the key sources of this information from walking back and casting doubt on his own earlier assertions. See below.
    The salary cap will be extremely low.
    This was not really clarified in Clanachan’s statement. And while he had some stronger points (Ottawa being offered a year with the same roster rules being the strongest), stating that the budget was ‘north of 7 figures’ is disingenuous when you know that the key point is salary cap. 
    There are no TV, travel, or other sponsorship deals.
    Well it appears like the jersey deal is virtually ready to be announced. And as for others, broadcasting being the most important of the lot, having things in the works is great and all but ultimately, talk is cheap and a broadcasting deal is about delivering. If CanPL delivers that, Ottawa will look pretty foolish (or perhaps more foolish depending on where you stand on this). If they don’t, it will look like a lot of hot air on CanPL’s part.
    Two final things:
    1) People should be asking questions of both the Fury and the league right now. Why suddenly were several people connected to the Fury all saying the exact same or very similar things at the same time and why did some of those things turn out to be quite off-base? (I have a very good idea why, but I’m going to hold my tongue on that one) Why, given the opportunity to do so, did Dave Clanachan not simply say what the salary cap was going to be? And why was CanPL’s information released late in the day with (apparently) no subsequent media availability from CanPL officials? Did anyone see an interview with anyone from CanPL after their ‘State of the League’ was posted? Admittedly I might have missed it, but I didn’t see one. 
    2) If Mark Goudie’s main objection to joining CanPL was the fact that’s it’s new and unproven, how is that any different now as compared to any other time in the previous two years? This can’t possibly be the reason as it then would have been the reason in January or April and not at this late date.
    Anyway ... enough ranting for tonight. Answers to many of these things will come out one way or another eventually. But when those answers come out, will people remember the questions?
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    soccerlife reacted to Alex D in CPL General   
    This is what has been bothering me the most. OSEG has been publicly saying the right things but also appears to have spoon fed their arms length burner twitter accounts with seemlingly disingenuous and malicious information.  Given the Fury's role in the death of the NASL and the USL's history of skulldugery, something stinks. 
    The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but this was handled piss poorly. 
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    soccerlife got a reaction from CDNFootballer in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Exactly what I thought.  Another forum guy said it was more than $500,000 (Rob). Maybe they will keep the rosters to 23-24 in order to give a bit more to the players. 
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    soccerlife reacted to Lord Bob in Ottawa CPL Club   
    I mean, whether Ottawa would rather blow up their team to join CanPL or blow up their team within two years in USL anyway because that's what happens in USL is interesting, but not relevant.
    The CSA can't sanction a direct competitor to CanPL like USL. That would be insane. Why would you want to give owners and potential owners a chance to drive to Rochester rather than fly to Langford, for the benefit of American soccer? And as much as the Fury have done for Canadian men's soccer, it's not ever going to be as much as seven other teams and counting.
    It's nothing personal, but this can't be accepted.

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    soccerlife reacted to jedinathan in Ottawa CPL Club   
    The way I've been viewing this whole Ottawa thing is as follows.

    Ottawa saw a chance to hit the ground running and seeing as how they were the only club playing that had a shot at moving straight over to the league, it would seem that they wanted to get the edge. Who could resist snapping up and grabbing some of the hottest Canadians before the league started, showcasing them for a year in the USL, then going and dominating the CPL?!?!?! No one! So Ottawa gambled. They picked a number they thought would be a salary cap, aimed for it, and assumed they would be able to grandfather in player contracts. 

    Then the CPL starts actually laying down some rules. All of a sudden, some clubs want to spend less, and the cap starts to lower. Then people start talking about how to create a competitive and level playing field from the get go. Ottawa starts getting frustrated and refuses to budge. CPL calls the bluff, and Ottawa is forced to either cut all its players and join the CPL or stick it out in the USL until such a time as when the CPL allows the players to move along over with the club, or the players are out of contract and it just makes sense of the club to move over (also: third option, which I personally don't like but should put it out there... the club just wraps it up and folds). 

    All this in addition to what I'm hearing is a massive salary that Ottawa is carrying. To say they are above the standard USL salary would be a bit of an understatement. There's a lot of players on a lot of money there, and to say (as I've seen on twitter) that they "wouldn't be able to support their families" is just not true (that or living expenses are A LOT more in Ottawa than I would expect). 

    Did Ottawa do the right thing? Sure, for their bottom line for now, and they get to act the hero by providing some very targeted narrative about supporting Canadian players. Did they do the right thing for CanSoc? Not in my opinion. Players who deserved as much as they're getting would have found other clubs that would have paid them the same or comparable. But Ottawa wouldn't have been as stacked on Canadian talent as they currently are, and would have been forced to take on some younger developing players to fill in gaps. 

    TL:DR Ottawa gambled that they could carry their current salary and roster into the CPL. When they couldn't they balked and are creating a narrative for a positive spin. 
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    soccerlife reacted to Viruk42 in Ottawa CPL Club   
    The USL is only in its second season with Div II sanctioning. This season it added 4 teams through expansion, 2 from the NASL, but it also had two go on hiatus and one fold. The year before it added 3 and one folded (not including the Austin Aztek's which also dissolved in 2017 but last played in 2015). That doesn't sound very stable to me? 
    As for high level of play, everything remains rumours at this point. You're right, there's no reason to believe CPL will be at the level of USL. Of course, there's also no reason to believe it won't be higher.
    What we do know, on the other hand, is that it definitely won't be at the level of MLS. Hence why few people are calling for the MLS teams to leave. The three MLS teams are, as far as I know, making money - unlike the Ottawa Fury. The three MLS teams attract an average of over 20k fans each - more than 4x the Fury's average attendance. So it makes sense for MLS teams to stay in those leagues, but for the Fury? How is it better for them to continue losing money and bringing in ~5k fans playing against Bethlehem (who?), Richmond (where?), Penn FC (what?), or the various MLS farm clubs (why?) instead of creating real rivalries with Hamilton, York, Halifax, etc. 
    This *may* be better in the short term for the Fury. It won't be better in the long term, either for them or the CPL. The same cannot be said for the MLS teams, nor for the impact their absence will have on the CPL
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    soccerlife reacted to BuzzAndSting in Ottawa CPL Club   
    Again, you clearly don't understand the current landscape.
    No one does. Despite Stuart's assurances in his tweets, he and the Fury don't either. The Fury took risks to join the NASL which was no sure thing, and yet they're not willing to take a risk on this, that's the sticking point for a lot of this. On top of that the Fury have been attending every meeting with the CPL up until they apparently found out they wouldn't be able to keep their entire roster in tact and they may be required to cut their budget. As others have pointed out they have turned their roster over every off season so that excuse also doesn't sit will with a lot of fans. All of this doesn't sound like a club who was worried about the stability of the league to me.
    You and others seem to believe that the level of the USL is a big draw for the fans in Ottawa, I disagree. The majority of fans in Ottawa that I know and see at games are casual soccer fans, families, kids and those just looking for a fun afternoon. I understand the level of the CPL may be lower in the beginning but at least it's all ours and eventually it will grow. For a lot of the casual fans I know they have already expressed a desire to see games against Hamilton, Halifax and Calgary, now the Fury will lose that. They may not even be allowed into the V Cup which historically has brought a lot of buzz and awareness to the team.
    Because the Fury compete at a level that will be similar to the CPL, maybe not exactly right away but similar. And it's in the best interest of the game in Canada to have them in the CPL, that's why everyone here wants them in the CPL.
    Most of the passionate Fury fans will defend this decision because that's what passionate fans do but don't come here and expect die hard Canadian soccer fans to be okay with this. I'm a huge Fury fan and I respect their decision but I'm disappointed and will no longer support the team. I spend a certain amount of money on games, jerseys, etc... each year and from now on that money will be spent on CPL teams instead of the Fury. 
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    soccerlife reacted to admin in CanPL should announce it is playing 1 league game a year in Spain   
    Make a big ass snotty deal about it too. 
    So that local people in Spain can see their Canadian heroes in person.
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    soccerlife reacted to ironcub14 in York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread   
    I wanted to say quickly that I do care enough about hoping this team finds success to say that, if you do have good feedback and concerns that you want to provide to the club, as many of you are on this thread, that Ben Z, the VP of Ticket Sales for York 9, he is easily and readily reachable and accessible. His phone number is literally on his Twitter name, and his York 9 work email is on his LinkedIn.
    I've already provided some of the concerns that I had before, and got some good feedback from him personally, such as the fact that they at least will be offering the $200 supporter seasons, thank god for that. But there's a lot of other concerns about this team as well, and it's obviously much better that he hears various opinions from as multitude of a number of supporters as possible, and really, the sooner the better, there's really not much to be gained by being patient and playing the waiting game. So yeah, if you have good feedback to provide, I'd definitely suggest passing it on to Ben for sure, it's for sure even more effective than posting it on this forum here when you take it straight to the source.
    Though I did in fact tell him before to check out this very thread to make sure he understands what the fans and supporters out there think about the whole project. I do hope he is doing so, and I do hope you all relay your thoughts and opinions to those who need to hear it, because we can't be letting CPL teams not find success in this social media age of 2018 and beyond.
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    soccerlife reacted to BenFisk'sBiggestFan in CPL General   
    Cavalry makes a little more sense knowing that the stadium will be at spruce meadows...
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    soccerlife reacted to Gopherbashi in CPL General   
    Oh my god guys, we're less than 60-90 hours until an actual announcement!
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    soccerlife reacted to LAK in CPL General   
    Which, considering the ownership and history of the ownership group, I don't mind that name. It kind of has meaning now.
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    soccerlife reacted to shermanator in CPL General   
    Tommy Wheeldon has been involved from the start. He's not an owner, but he's the soccer brains behind the operation. Bringing professional soccer back to Calgary has been his idea for a long time, and I'm glad it's finally happening in public.
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    soccerlife reacted to mlsintoronto in CPL General   
    Hey Blizzard... please take this with the intended spirit.   I have always given you credit.  In the early days of TFC I learned from you and I appreciated your perspective.  I have defended you here and elsewhere when people have tried to shout you down.
    You are a reasonable person, with a very valuable perspective!
    I don't know if I have ever met you in person, and if I have I hope I have thanked you for the education because I do value what I have learned from you.  
    Given all these things...I ask you to consider this:   You can help drive a positive discussion, or you can, well,  do the opposite.  In a normal situation your view, and especially your perspective (which is earned, unlike a lot of people on this board) is a valuable part of the discourse.  
    But right now... this minute... We are at a critical point in our history.  Not just CPL... ALL OF CANADIAN SOCCER.  
    I ask you to ask yourself:   "AM I ADDING TO THE CONVERSATION IN A POSITIVE MANNER?"  If the answer is yes then have at it! Move the conversation forward and educate the people here who are eager for information.  But if the answer isn't "no"...  then maybe... for a few days or weeks.... maybe suppress your opinions.  They are no less valid... but maybe don't type them out on this board.  Let's pretend everything is wine and roses and move the conversation forward.  Everyone here wants it.
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    soccerlife reacted to ted in CPL General   
    Yeah, tears are a bit much, but actually, publicly, finally getting started is an important milestone. 
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    soccerlife reacted to shermanator in CPL General   
    I think the new logo looks tremendous. I look forward to doing my part in building this league where it matters most, which is in the stands, starting with Al Classico on April 29 and May 5.
    I hope everyone reading this is thinking the same.
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    soccerlife reacted to admin in CPL General   
    If the people on this forum can't be happy and excited about what is happening today, this league is fucked.
    Get a grip people.
    We need to STOP being in tear down mode.  Switch to being  builders.  Do it in your fucking head, NOW.
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