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  1. That is too funny. I had the same thought as I was reading the post. BBTB finally got on board that the CPL is happening, now he needs to find another way to bash it. Too bad BBTB only listens to people from Ottawa about the wages. Ottawa folks want people to believe their story to make it more credible as to why they are not joining the league. I find it interesting that Fury Fanatic (or somebody) said Ottawa was for sure in the league for 2020-22 area. What will change for them to do that? Anyway, I don't believe the wages will be at $500,000.
  2. That is the best breakdown I have seen that nobody seems to consider. Folks have jumped from it not being $1-1.5 to it being $500. Your breakdown makes total sense.
  3. Exactly what I thought. Another forum guy said it was more than $500,000 (Rob). Maybe they will keep the rosters to 23-24 in order to give a bit more to the players.
  4. I looked it up. Chapman played in Kingston u11-14, then to Pickering and Ajax. So moved to Campbellford at some point around age 10-11. So we are both right. Anyhow, back to Osorio.
  5. Chapman is from Campbellford, ON.
  6. Yes. I too will buy season tickets and merchandise for my team. Hang in there Longlugan, there are teams, they are real. ?
  7. Or how about there have been teams quietly going about their business, getting everything sorted. Sorry a little slow. This was in regard to the conversation between BBTB and Rheo a page back. Enjoy the announcements when they start coming??.
  8. People say they want to know what went down, Sandor, Schaad, Molinaro say a few things, nobody believes them. Maybe the CSA wanted to be respectful and not air the grievances. I trust the CSA on the Oz decision. Herdsman is different, hope he pulls through.
  9. This. If they let out everything, how can they hire a good quality coach in the future. I say let’s trust the CSA a bit more this time. Granted the way it happened is shocking. Also choice of replacement coach. Just holding my breath and hoping this works.
  10. Ok?. This is my opinion, CPL will announce the league will kick off in 2019. Not sure of announcement date, sorry. Let’s hope that announcement comes sooner than later. I hope everybody that takes the time to post on here will consider going to games. I personally will buy 4 season seats to a team even though I live too far to attend games as I live in the boonies. My plan is to donate said tickets to charity/families to attend. Give the CPL, the game in Canada and locally, a boost of confidence. I hope I can encourage a few others for positive support of their closest team. A dream has to s
  11. Thanks. I missed that. Sounds like Brennan is going to the team in the GTA. Makes sense.
  12. Kent, I feel like I missed something. Has a position with CPL been announced for Brennan? I have also noticed people mentioned ten teams lately. Has there been some confirmation or articles on the net that I missed? I have heard of a GTA team probably coming, maybe Brennan going there?
  13. So that is how it works. They had four Canadians on the bench for the game last night too.
  14. http://pressbox.mlssoccer.com/content/roster-rules-and-regulations Read section J. It explains the new method of four day short term contracts for teams to sign USL players to their MLS team. This can be done four times for each player. So I believe we will see several USL players signed to the Whitecaps for their CCL and Canadian Championship games.
  15. Yes, I also figure it is a way to get around the amount of the development fee. Still curious as to kind of salary Hanson can expect. My comment about a foot in the door of Europe was in response to lazlo_80, I was meaning that was why he was there, so not bizarre. This sentiment seems to be agreed by other posters.
  16. Perhaps to get his foot in the door of Europe? I wonder what the pay is like for him in second division Croatia as compared to the contract offered by Edmonton. I hope Hanson does well.
  17. Wow! Fabulous work, pumped up music to get the energy and excitement going! Maybe offer it to the CSA. They can certainly use that ?.
  18. Another USL LB, Jordan Haynes VWFC 2. Obviously not for the men's team. Just to the point of coming through the ranks.
  19. I have been thinking about the GISS money. $6000 is actually what I think I was told by a mother whose son was offered a spot a couple of years ago. She said no way. But a few players from the GTA did go for it. I said a low number first, even though the $6000 came to me first. Then I thought I must be remembering wrong, too high. More I thought about it, it is the higher number. I remember her outrage and my surprise at the figure.
  20. GISS charges players to attend their academy. I am sorry I can't remember the exact amount that I was told a couple of years ago, but at least $3500. Might have been more. That was for a season or year.
  21. Well said Obinna. Addona, I agree. Parents can have an influence. Throw in the your Dad's national pride, Hoilett probably didn't want to challenge that in the beginning. If Hoilett had chosen Jamaica, there would have been a worse uproar. 1996, I agree with your view of the USL being similar in caliber to the second and third division leagues around the world other players play in. I was recently told it was kind of hard to compare, but that USL is similar to second division Scandinavia. Perhaps Hoilett is desiring to come to the MLS now. All players just really want to play. His confi
  22. I remember that Floro spoke about liking JGL as a LB in that game. So maybe that is what they are planning. Strange so few defenders.
  23. Unnamed Trialist and Maccaliam, well said.
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