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  1. I guess you’re referring to Messi? IMO it’s really hard to say who is the best ever. There have been so many great players over the generations, it’s easy to forget about them in favour of the best players today, but I’m not sure whether Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi are better than any of them were. Two once-in-a-generation greats, no doubt. But the best ever? Not sure.
  2. That sounds like too much work 😕 ha ha... I’ll go an easier route just to spark some debate... best ever starting 11! I’ll do it in a 4-4-2: GK - Iker Casillas RB - Cafu, CB - Maldini, CB - Hierro, LB - Roberto Carlos RM - Cristiano Ronaldo, CM - Xavi, CM - Zidane, LM - Ronaldinho FWD - Ronaldo (Brazilian), FWD - Pelé and just because I’m so bloody conflicted, I’m adding a bench: GK - Oliver Khan RB - Dani Alves, CB - Cannavarro, CB - Beckenbaur, LB - Zanetti RM - Paco Gento, CM - Pirlo, CM - Pep Guardiola, LM - Cruyff FWD - Messi, FWD - Di Stefano There are still so many others...
  3. The Centre Circle app keeps crashing as soon as it launches! I deleted it and reinstalled, but it still won’t stay open. Any tips?
  4. I’m hopeful that because of the strong measures being taking across the world, this thing will be under control sooner than later. Maybe by or during May. That’s only if people actually isolate, so I hope that especially the young ‘immortal’ crowd (like those we’ve seen still going to pubs and beaches around the world until recently) start to take this seriously. Anyways, stay healthy!
  5. Porter had a pretty mediocre first year. I was expecting more from him. Let’s hope that Brennan is able to find a position he’ll thrive at.
  6. He is an interesting young player. I think he’s got a lot of potential... I would like us to keep him for another year or two to develop him further before hopefully selling him at a profit.
  7. Do you happen to remember that Scottish flick (or maybe it just takes place there) where a lower division club brings in a ‘bad-boy’ washed up player, but revived his career and gets to the Scottish cup final in the process? I really enjoyed it, but I can’t remember what it was called...
  8. Quebec City would be a great market for a CPL club. I really hope this happens.
  9. Most of us, myself included, lack the scientific knowledge to say which response is best. I do feel however, that it is right to be dubious about just accepting critiques made by the WHO, or any such organization, at face value. I don’t know a lot about medicine, but I do know a lot about international law, and the organisms it creates, and my view is that while many of them do great work, none of them are free from political biases. In many cases these biases do not favour the powerful Western countries. I have no idea whether this is the case with the WHO. I, like everyone else who isn’t a scientist, am forced to make judgment calls based on my confidence in my own government - and I have little confidence in politicians in general, particularly our batch of leaders in Canada. I do however feel that our country’s governmental apparatus does have some very capable people behind the scenes, and I’m hoping that they are the ones who can be relied upon to sort this out.
  10. I have a feeling that the CPL will be impacted by this as well. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s wishful thinking to expect that we’re not going to be just as impacted as everyone else. I just hope that the world can sort out the Coronavirus soon. I’d also like to see our government implement travel bans immediately, should’ve happened already imo. Stay healthy folks.
  11. I’d say it’s a good bet that the mvp will be either of Ugarritza or Vasconcelos, it could see it going either way.
  12. Ingham was amazing last season. He was a real surprise for me.
  13. How DARE you?! ha ha... Doner‘s is a great story, but I agree that Ingham may have been more deserving.
  14. I feel like even though lots of us disagree on the issues, for the most part our interactions are civilized and productive... except UT. This is why I blocked him ages ago. His go to is personal attacks and denigration.
  15. Yay York 9! The season is almost upon us!
  16. On the plus side, the leak in my roof seems to have been sealed...
  17. Cool, thanks. I’ll defend my man Luca to the end though! (Mainly because I bought a New Jersey with his name/number...)
  18. I can’t remember much about Arnone. How do you think he rates compared to our other CBs?
  19. I like this lineup a lot. I’m especially excited to see what Ugarriza and Vasconcelos will add. Some of the Argie additions are more of an unknown commodity in my opinion, but I could see one of them challenging Murofushi at CM. The reason I see Vasconcelos and Ugarriza as more of a known commodity (despite never having seen either play) is that Vasconcelos was a Corinthians product and was then loaned out to regional clubs whilst Ugarriza played in the Peruvian top league fairly regularly. Vasconcelos didn’t play for Corinthians’ senior side (I believe) but the simple fact of having been produced by their famed academy is worth something, and he has played frequently in lower Brazilian tiers. Anyways, I guess we’ll see!
  20. Cheers. I’ll leave it there. re: the u-21 penalty, I think it’s a monetary fine. Not sure how much. In FM (I know... ha ha) it wasn’t huge.
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