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  1. Bye everybody! I’m signing off. The politicization of this league has become unbearable. I’m going to cancel my season tickets and find something else to spend my money and time on. I genuinely wish you all nothing but the best.
  2. He really is a workhorse. I think he’s under appreciated by a lot of people, probably because he’s not a flashy player, but his contribution on the field is substantial.
  3. Wow... that’s fantastic news! Any idea how many viewers the match got?
  4. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego... I mean Gabriel Vasconcelos! I get that he wasn’t stellar in game one, but to have not seen him since is a bit odd.
  5. I think that there are lots of good Canadians in the CPL, but it’s not so much about who is the best Canadian in the CPL... it’s more about who is the best Canadian in the CPL at a position that the CMNT needs filled. I really like Gasparotto, Abzi, and Aparicio, but I’m a Y9 fan, so... of those three? Abzi has the best chance of making the national team because of the fact that he’s a left back. I’d also say that any good GK in the league has a shot.
  6. The problem for Babouli is that the CMNT is absolutely stacked up front right now! I can’t see him making the 23 man squad.
  7. Aparicio is a lucky boy with that tackle... he’s already on a yellow.
  8. Is it just me, or does Aird kind of resemble a young Steven Caldwell?
  9. Is Vasconcelos injured? Why wouldn’t he come in for Petrasso?
  10. Does this mean that they are getting rid of that stupid running track?
  11. I’m on the same page with you there. I think it should be a 4-2-3-1, maybe something like this: Ingham Doner - Thompson - Gasparotto - Abzi Murofushi - Aparicio Vasconcelos - Ferrari - Telfer Rivero I’m not sure about the CAM spot, but I like what I’ve seen from Ferrari so far.
  12. This one really is a must win for York 9 now. They’ve looked solid enough, but they’ve lacked that incisive attacking play in the final third. In a way, it’s pretty similar to what they were doing last season. I’m hoping that once the new guys settle in (hopefully in time to make a dent this season) that will turn around. I haven’t seen enough of Vasconcelos to really have an opinion on him, but Rivero looks good. That finish last game was top level stuff. He’s also got a great work rate, so I have high hopes for him.
  13. Oh Zoolander! I love that movie.
  14. Ha ha... I like that. Cheers.
  15. Here’s another one. Wow... you guys seem like a fun lot. I’m afraid you’ve got the order of things wrong though: A poster made a comment about how BLM tokenism was ‘class’, to which I replied that I disagreed. Simple. Except it’s 2020, and society is inundated by hyper sensitive activists. I then received 3 pages of comments misconstruing my words and impugning my motives. I responded. Not complicated.
  16. Don’t take yourself so seriously buddy. I’m doing something called “joking” with you. I know, it’s a bit of a lost art in 2020... and for what it’s worth, they obviously DID NOT listen to me; there was still tons of BLM tokenism all over the digital stadium and on the jerseys. It was much less in your face though, so win-win as they say. Cheer up, don’t take things so bloody seriously. You’ll live longer.
  17. You mean ‘someone’s complaints about politics’ right? Ha ha...
  18. I feel your pain! I watch the games on my smart TV by using the internet browser to login to OneSoccer. For the most part it works better than what you’ve experienced, but my feed has dropped at least twice in each match so far. For me, it’s as simple as hitting refresh and pressing play again, but still, it really shouldn’t happen.
  19. I’m not saying I’m a huge Brennan fan, but Y9 had a good first season. They started this one OK so far, but ultimately the proof will be in the pudding. If they don’t advance from the group, he should definitely be sacked, but I think it’s premature at this point.
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