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  1. I’ve been saying for a while now that the Ottawa Fury have become toxic to Canadian soccer. I don’t want them in the CPL. I’d love for Ottawa to be in the CPL, but I want it to be a club that’s all in, not one that’s a reluctant date. I think that the league should find another date to the proverbial dance, and let Concacaf / the CSA deal with the Fury. I suspect that if a CPL club formed in Ottawa, the Fury would fold very shortly.
  2. Any idea why Brennan didn’t travel with the club? Hopefully he’s okay.
  3. CPL website says that York 9 should be ‘at full health’ for the match.
  4. A win tomorrow vs Blainville should help!
  5. What do you mean by “ugly patriot”?
  6. Ouch! Forge is going to suffer without him I think. It’s impossible to deny that he deserves the suspension though.
  7. If I were the CPL, I wouldn’t even charge EA for licensing for the first few years; being in FIFA would be a massive boost to the league’s credibility amongst the kids, great advert for the league.
  8. It probably doesn’t mean much, but it will be another data point for EA sports to add to the scales. It could contribute to a positive or negative normative valuation by EA of the need to include the CPL in FIFA 20.
  9. Didn’t really stand out either way in my opinion.
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