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  1. His really is a great soccer story. He’s become a dependable and constant force for us.
  2. Might sound harsh, but I think that OSEG killed the Fury. I view them as a disingenuous bad-faith party; their interest in soccer had dried up, they wanted out, and they were just waiting for this opportunity to get out of the soccer business whilst blaming others for their own lack of commitment. We’d all be better off with an ownership group that is actually committed to the CPL and to soccer in Ottawa. We dodged a bullet here. If OSEG had been brought in to the CPL, my view is that they would’ve caused drama and instability.
  3. Yes, I think we all dodged a bullet with OSEG. They’re either amateurs or scumbags, probably the latter. I’d much rather we get an earnest good faith ownership group, really in it for the long haul.
  4. That’s true. Still, we should be trying our hardest to get as many of them as possible. A few might come... a guy like Chapman for example. He’s 25 or 26, he’s not going to break through at this point in mls. On the other hand, he could be the star of a CPL club and maybe still get his career started. Same with Hamilton. He’s younger, but isn’t getting a look anywhere.
  5. I’m not against a mutually respectful and beneficial arrangement between the two leagues, but I’m just not sure what exactly either can stand to gain from the other... especially from a CPL standpoint; the CPL must avoid -at all costs- any appearance of becoming a ‘minor league’ as it were. The goal has to be something more closely resembling becoming the SPL to MLS’ EPL.
  6. Yes please. As a Y9 fan, I want Jordan Hamilton most. We need a striker badly. That said, I’d be thrilled with any or all of the TFC castoffs.
  7. We have a version of Europa, it’s called the Concacaf League, this is different.
  8. The Fury and OSEG aren’t victims here. This is exactly what most of us said would happen when they chose to play the role of stick in the mud. This was very avoidable and foreseeable, and it’s entirely the Fury’s own doing. I feel for the fans, as I said in a previous comment, but I won’t go along with this bs about the Fury being innocent little victims who were blindsided by this monstrosity! I hope we can all move on. I hope that a new CPL club is created in Ottawa now, owner by serious people. It’s what Ottawa fans deserve.
  9. I feel for those of you who are Fury fans. I hope that this is a temporary cessation of operations pending a switch to the CPL. If it is a permanent fold, then I hope that a CPL club is created in Ottawa in the short term. Either way, tough as this news will be for the Fury fans to swallow, it might just be the first step towards an even better Ottawa club - one that plays where it belongs, in our national league.
  10. Yes, but not necessarily good. There’s no countdown clock on CanPL’s website, and I was told in no uncertain terms by my ticket rep that there would be 7 clubs next season. I hate to say it, but this might be the end for the Fury. I hope I’m wrong.
  11. Ugh... I get enough outrage all day every day, everywhere I go. If the woman in question was bothered by the comment, cool, let her and/or her employer deal with it. She doesn’t need us to light to torches and burn the guy’s life down on her behalf.
  12. Lots of good clubs in top leagues loan players both in and out of their clubs. It’s all pretty normal stuff.
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