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  1. Cool. It sounds like we’re set for #9s then. That’ll be a refreshing change from last season.
  2. Not sure where Vasconcelos slots in. I hear he’s not a pure #9, but who knows!?
  3. I’m pretty excited about this new Spaniard... I know his stats don’t say much of anything, but he was a RM product (which definitely counts for something) and is still relatively young. He could be interesting for sure, we’ll see in PEI in a few weeks!
  4. I’m flattered that I have a ‘card’. Assume whatever you’d like about my politics, but you’ll notice that I never bring it up first. This time, I responded to a string of partisan childish (and alarmingly immoral - wishing physical harm ‘Karma’ on someone) attacks on another poster. There were a million other ways to critically respond to sportsflu’s post, but I took issue with the reflexive personal attack. I don’t actually agree with him (completely anyways) but I’m against the silly and ad hominem nature of some of the comments against him. Criticize his statement. There’s no need to **** on Americans, insult a politician who had nothing to do with the present comment being rebutted, and wish him ‘karma’.
  5. How do you know if I disagree or agree with him? You insinuated 1) that Americans are stupid, 2) that you hoped he received ‘karma’ which I take to mean that you hope he gets ill, and 3) you started blathering about orange man bad. Now you’re making assumptions about what I believe. If you’re at all interested in being honest, challenge your own assumptions sometime. Otherwise, carry on being predictable, infantile, and unoriginal.
  6. That’s clever enough, I’ll give you a ‘lol’ on that one.
  7. Hey, grow up. This isn’t some SJW reddit group or Twitter. I don’t give a **** about your politics. You didn’t ‘hurt my feelings’, I’m just sick of petulant sanctimonious hypocrites like you shoving their stupid, unoriginal, politics in everyone’s face; I don’t want to read what your professors or your favourite cable news host said to you. Especially not on a soccer forum. If you’re too immature to understand that there’s a time and place, then you’re the problem.
  8. What a stupid comment. Keep your politics and your anti American bigotry to yourself.
  9. You know... it’s not tacky just because you sanctimoniously pronounce it to be. Who gets to decide what’s worthwhile? You? Please, let me know when it’s okay to break the rules, you seem to get to decide. I’m not going to get into the politics of the protests/riots here, but even if you think that the protests are the greatest thing since sliced bread, that’s your opinion. I guess the rules only apply when you think they should. Everyone else who wants to disobey them must be a tacky *******, how can they possibly know what’s right like you do?
  10. To be fair, the virus doesn’t care about how noble or worthwhile one’s social (or mass) gathering may be. The horse is out of the barn. There’s no sense in pretending that we can do much more than take individual responsibility for healthy practices at this point. Weeks on end of protests, as well as riots (in the US at least) have ended lockdown and quarantine as a viable solution imo.
  11. I’m no ‘expert’ but it all seems a bit like putting a condom on after you’ve already gotten the girl pregnant. Seriously though, if people are uncomfortable, they don’t have to attend.
  12. I personally don’t want the logo, name, or identity to change. I like it.
  13. I like academies. I don’t like ‘mandatory’ things in general though. My view is that the league could incentivize academies by allowing all academy products to never count against the cap of a club that produced them. This would then leave each club to determine whether they’d like to take advantage of that policy or not. I also suspect, as some here have said, that existing local youth clubs could essentially become defacto ‘academies’, which wouldn’t be the worst idea.
  14. Thank you for laying out UT’s intellectually cheap and arrogant attitude so succinctly.
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