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  1. I personally don’t want the logo, name, or identity to change. I like it.
  2. I like academies. I don’t like ‘mandatory’ things in general though. My view is that the league could incentivize academies by allowing all academy products to never count against the cap of a club that produced them. This would then leave each club to determine whether they’d like to take advantage of that policy or not. I also suspect, as some here have said, that existing local youth clubs could essentially become defacto ‘academies’, which wouldn’t be the worst idea.
  3. Thank you for laying out UT’s intellectually cheap and arrogant attitude so succinctly.
  4. Good luck in your fight.
  5. Ah... if you were being sarcastic, I guess that might be my mistake then. I’m often told that I don’t always get sarcasm. At any rate, cheers to better times. Health to all (no sarcasm here).
  6. Wow... have fun getting outraged and straw-manning things.
  7. You’ll notice how I said ‘towards the government’ not the people. Don’t straw man or pretend that I’m saying something I’m not.
  8. It’s not ‘straight up’ KKK. In your mind maybe. In real life, it’s an accurate if inflammatory statement. My Dad was Spanish, I don’t get all defensive and touchy when people refer to the Spanish flu. I know that certain late night ‘comedy’ hosts and politicians are bleating about how ‘racist’ everything is, but 99% of the time, it’s in their heads. The fact is, I have a deep seeded fury towards the Chinese government over this. I want them to be punished. Accurately calling this virus the ‘Chinese’ virus is fine by me. And no, that doesn’t make me “racist”. Grab a dictionary and look the word up
  9. If in fact he was deleted over the use of the term ‘Chinese virus’ I’m thinking I might bail call it a day as well. It’s a complete overreaction to delete him for the use of that term. It’s incendiary perhaps, but it’s not “racist”. Some people shriek ‘racist!’ at every passing cloud, the knife has become blunted because that word has been rendered meaningless by its abusers. That’s society these days I guess, but I find the often threatening and hyper-political (and radical) tone of UT to be equal parts stupid and aggressive. Offensive? Sure, that’s why I put him on ignore. But I don’t think he should be banned either.
  10. There doesn’t seem to be much agreement about the actual number of cases (not just confirmed cases) because it’s obviously hard to tell how many asymptomatic cases there have been, but the data suggests that there are multiples more actual cases than there are confirmed cases. Logically, this fact means that the mortality rate is lower than first feared. A few of the studies on asymptomatic cases are summarized by NBC below: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1187681
  11. I have to say, at first I was willing to go along with the lockdown because it seemed prudent at the time given what we knew (or at least what we feared might be the case) then. Now though, we’ve seen that yes, this virus is serious, but perhaps not quite as serious as we feared it might be. I say this because the number of presumptive cases vs the number of hospitalization and deaths suggests that the mortality rate is far lower than the 1-6% that was first believed to be the case. We’ve also seen that people’s livelihoods and businesses are being destroyed due to the lockdown. The way I see it, we were right to exercise extreme caution at first. We bought the medical system time to gear up and react. That said, the goal cannot be to lockdown until there is no virus, that is simply irrational and overly destructive to our way of life. I also feel that it is crass and completely insensitive that some people are trivializing the very real and serious economic consequences of this lockdown. Of course human life is priceless, and protecting it matters, but it is right and perfectly valid for people to question the rationale of what we do going forward given all of the above. Sometimes there is no silver bullet, no good choice. I hate to see people sick and dying, and I also hate to see lives being destroyed by the lockdown. There is nothing wrong with considering both.
  12. I’m hearing that some of the European leagues are eyeing May as a possibility for playing their remaining fixtures. I’m also hearing that the US is considering lightening restrictions (possibly not for everyone, but maybe for segments of the population) in May also. Hopefully that means that we might be able to do likewise.
  13. Also, if I’m not mistaken, it has no running track! I hate running tracks...
  14. That was one of the original options, wasn’t it?
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