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  1. That looks like a seriously good squad. I’m really looking forward to this season! I’m especially excited about the possibility of a date with TFC in the VC.
  2. Agreed. This is perhaps the biggest surprise for me following year one; that the CPL was able to unearth and showcase enough talent to generate CMNT call ups and foreign transfers.
  3. Wow... this sounds like a real statement of intent.
  4. 1) Stouffville is a really cool place, you’ll love it if you do move there! 2) I don’t know where the proposed station is supposed to be going for sure, isn’t it Keele and Teston? That would be great for me, but I get that the urban folk might not be into it. I think we agree that the current location is fine, they just need to fix the stadium up because it’s not good enough.
  5. I don’t think it’s an either/or situation though. Firstly, there are 1.3 MM people in the places you just described. So, there are certainly enough people to support a club without Toronto crossovers -however, I’m not against appealing to them! I don’t think that anyone is against locating the club near Toronto, but I don’t think the club should be in the city itself. It’s present location is fine. Also, I take issue with something else that you said: I live in Aurora and I go to just about every game. There are lots of fans from Vaughan too. I absolutely hate driving to or in the city of Toronto, and actively avoid going into the city. I hate public transit and won’t use it, and driving in the city is a nightmare. I sometimes go to TFC games, but it’s almost not worth it because I have to go into the city. Anyways, nobody is talking about putting the stadium in Georgina. The club should keep the stadium near it’s present location. Might be best to just upgrade the stadium and keep it where it is.
  6. Agreed. I think that the current location is actually great. It’s the stadium that needs serious work.
  7. Yes! As a suburban car driver who hates using public transit, I would be immensely disappointed if the club moved further into the city. It’s present location is actually fine by me because it’s right near the 407 and Keele, so it’s a 20 or so minute drive for me from Aurora, and the parking situation was pretty good last season. If they do move, I’d like it to be into Vaughan.
  8. I live in Aurora. Not sure about where the majority are though.
  9. That would be great. Add a roof, and I’ll keep it!
  10. This one isn’t very good (running track and lack of roof).
  11. I think it’s a bit premature to consider that. He’s just at camp, not sure if that means that he’s been signed or is instead on trial. I’m not sure if he’s any better than what we’ve got.
  12. With the caveat that I disagree with the term “groupthink” in this case, I agree with much of what you’re saying. Maybe some people were against a foreign club’s ownership owning a CPL club, but I never was. I think that there’s a huge difference between Atlético Madrid B playing in Ottawa and Ottawa XYZ soccer club which happens to be owned by the same company that own Atlético. I think that most of us were always interested in the latter.
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