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  1. Even if it’s an entry fee rather than a minimum commitment to fund your own club, it isn’t particularly surprising to me, and isn’t really instructive as to the franchise vs club discussion; if there are existing media and sponsorship deals (which there are) its only logical that new clubs should pay the cost of whatever dilution the existing clubs suffer as a result of their entry. This doesn’t make the clubs franchises though, neither does the lack of pro/rel. the terms “franchise” and “club” have specific definitions, “franchise” especially is a legal term of art describing a type of juridic entity and it’s relationship with a licensor. There could be pro/rel with franchises. There could be a league with no pro/rel that isn’t comprised of franchises. It’s all about the legal relationship between the constituent entities ‘clubs/franchises’ and the league as a juridic entity. That’s the only factor in deciding whether the clubs are in fact clubs or franchises. I haven’t seen anything from the CPL that indicates a franchisor/franchisee relationship. In fact, the only real information we have on the topic is a statement by the league commissioner indicating that the league isn’t a franchisor and that the clubs aren’t franchises.
  2. I’m impressed by Emilio Estévez every time I see him play. He’s a very interesting dynamic young player, and I think he could really develop into a very good player.
  3. Telfer is a very good player for this level. He’s physically impressive, knows how to ride a challenge, and he’s got skills!
  4. No!!! If they take him back we’ll be up a creek.
  5. Let’s see if some of the Montreal fan exposure translates into more fans today... hope so!
  6. I think it’s only natural for there to be heightened interest among casuals when a more well known and established club comes to town. The great thing about last night though was that there were probably more eyeballs on CPL clubs than ever before, and what they saw wasn’t a beer-League, it was a pair of competitive hard fought matches. The CPL is better than many casuals think it is, and yesterday many of them will have seen that to be the case.
  7. What a great night for York 9 and for the league in general. Neither Cavalry nor Y9 got outplayed by their MLS opponents, and while both are still underdogs, it’s a real testament to the quality of our new league that our clubs could compete with such high budget operations. These kinds of results will give the CPL a credibility boost in my opinion.
  8. Good turnout today, I’d say it looks like the best yet for York 9. As importantly, it’s been a pretty even match so far. I am pleasantly surprised.
  9. I’ll be watching from Melbourne Beach, Florida! I’m not optimistic about the result (as a York 9 fan) but I’m hopeful that this will be our best attendance of the year. If the team can parlay that into a good performance, it may in turn encourage further increases in attendance.
  10. You’re probably right. I do hope they continue with the acquisition/creation of L1O style leagues across the country. A series of regional second divisions would be cool.
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