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    Ruffian got a reaction from WestHamCanadianinOxford in Canadians abroad: Sept 13 - Sept 19, 2019   
    David with a goal already on his first touch! 8th goal of the season. 3rd in Europe.
    It was a cross deflected which he header'd in from centre of the goal.
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    Ruffian got a reaction from johnyb in Jonathan David   
    Goal already!!!
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    Ruffian reacted to hamiltonfan in Match Thread: September 18, 2019 - Montreal Impact vs Tronoto FC - Finals, 1st Leg   
    I love One Soccer! 
    For those annoyed that this business is investing in our game and broadcasting ever bit of Canadian footy content they can get their hands on, shame on you. 
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    Ruffian reacted to dyslexic nam in Match Thread: September 18, 2019 - Montreal Impact vs Tronoto FC - Finals, 1st Leg   
    That what baffles me.  TSN and Sportsnet didn't care enough to bid for these rights in a way that allowed them to cover the games.  OneSoccer did, and people are annoyed - so they rip on OneSoccer and boycott it?  I don't get it. 
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    Ruffian reacted to narduch in Match Thread: September 18, 2019 - Montreal Impact vs Tronoto FC - Finals, 1st Leg   
    Seriously. How many TFC games have started late because a CFL game ran long? Quite a few by my count.
    Last year wasn't the Voyaguer Cup on some ****** CSA provided stream? TSN and Sportsnet already showed they aren't interested. One Soccer stepped up.
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    Ruffian reacted to dyslexic nam in Match Thread: September 18, 2019 - Montreal Impact vs Tronoto FC - Finals, 1st Leg   
    The stream was. Down for a minute or two.  I have seen the same thing happen on the major sports broadcasters so I am not going to skewer OneSoccer for it.  
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    Ruffian reacted to dyslexic nam in MLS is unhappy with the CSA   
    I am not happy unless Garber is unhappy.  This makes me smile.
    seriously though, the idea that Garber is telling us how to expand opportunities for developing Canadian players - while maintaining the system that discriminates against Canadian players and directly limits their opportunities for progression - is so ironic it is pretty insulting. 
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    Ruffian reacted to kacbru in Milan Borjan   
    If there is a stat re: most saves/shots faced in champions league over the last few years, Borjan has to be near the top!
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    Ruffian reacted to Ansem in Canada vs. United States (Nations League A) Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 2019 - 7:30pm EST   
    My preference 




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    Ruffian reacted to baulderdash77 in Molham Babouli   
    He was playing for Aleppo- during the Syrian Civil War.  It’s not like it was probably the safest place to be playing.  I’d leave too.
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    Ruffian reacted to apbsmith in Cuba vs Canada (on Grand Cayman island) Tuesday, Sept 10th - 7:15pm EST   
    Davies     David      Hoilett
                     2 mids
                4 at the back 
    That's who I want starting vs USA at home, if no Cav, you push David up top and put Arfield or Oso there.
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    Ruffian reacted to dyslexic nam in General Discussion on CMNT   
    I think Laryea has won that right back spot at this point.  I doubt we go back to ZBG against the US. 
    We won't see James over Cornelius.  For whatever reason, we haven't even seen James called up lately.  Herdman isn't going to throw him in against the US.
    Curious if it will be Adekugbe or Kaye at LB (or even Davies - but I hope not). 
    And I have no idea of Hutch's status with the CMNT.  If he isn't around, you could sub in Piette pretty seemlessly. 
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    Ruffian reacted to Obinna in Juan Guillermo Cordova   
    I think perhaps Cordova comes on if the game was comfortable. You can't argue with starting Layrea though considering how he played in game 1.
    I also think seeing Adekugbe on the left was more important than seeing Corrdova on the left.
    Unfortunate, but I hope he gets a chance soon. 
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    Ruffian reacted to Kent in Jonathan David   
    I consider the World Cup Qualifying format a failure.
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    Ruffian reacted to Lofty in Herdman new head coach   
    It is actually surprisingly difficult to win by a big score against a minnow.
    Even Belgium only managed to beat Scotland 4-0 today.
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    Ruffian reacted to Kent in Herdman new head coach   
    I was going to point out that in that Panama vs Bermuda game Panama lost both halves... at home... to Bermuda.
    In John Herdman's tenure with the CMNT so far the team has won 15 halves, tied 2 (in a pair of 1-0 wins), and only lost 3 (2 to Mexico, who you know, won the whole Gold Cup, and 1 to Haiti). And just a further point, by results, Mexico, Haiti, and Costa Rica were the 3 best teams in the Gold Cup.
    Yes we should have been able to hold on against Haiti, but we are talking about one bad half of soccer, and all of the positive stuff doesn't count at all? Since we were talking about any other FA earlier. In what other country would the fan base be talking about firing the manager the day or two after the largest home victory in it's history?
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    Ruffian reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in General - CONCACAF Nations League   
    Remember, the USA had more possession and just as many shots on target as Mexico did.
    We are still a big step behind the Yanks, I do hope we can pull something off though - it would be glorious.
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    Ruffian reacted to Obinna in September 2019 Squad - CNL Group Stage   
    To be fair, Caldwell (and Kristen Jack for that matter) are heavily invested in Canadian soccer. The want us to be successful. That may not come across during the TSN broadcasts, but if you listened to their podcast, you can tell he really cares about the game in this country.
    This is his home now. If he's willing to lend a hand, along with De Vos, Staltieri, etc., I welcome him with open arms.
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    Ruffian reacted to downtownordinary in Under 23 qualifying roster speculation   
    Another name that should be under consideration is Malik Johnson.  I haven't seen him mentioned recently in the thread but  the former TFC2 player has been playing in Tampa Bay this season.  I think he was injured or at least out of favour at the beginning of the season but has put together a nice run recently.
    15 appearances and 3 goals and 5 assists in the USL Championship.  I think mostly playing as a winger. 
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    Ruffian reacted to king1010 in Ryan Telfer   
    I dont agree with this. Millar is 5 years younger, with a higher ceiling playing at a higher level currently. 
    Telfer is just a victim of our deepening player pool. He's so far down the pecking order, he did what was best for his career. We only have so many spots. We harp on some of our other duel nationals playing 1 or 2 games for another country and wasting their international career, there is a strong possibility that is what would have happened to Telfer if he played for us. 
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    Ruffian reacted to Shortdutchcanuck in Manjrekar James   
    As I mentioned, I think he should have been called.  Although Straith IMO has been as solid for Canada as James has, and is a more consistent if more limited player.  
    As for Doneil, people treat this as if it's a choice between old guy Doneil and young promising James but Doneil is only 4 months older than James and injuries aside has had a more successful career and been more sought after.
    All that changes quickly if James breaks through in Denmark obviously.
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    Ruffian reacted to dyslexic nam in Cyle Larin   
    I also take it as pretty telling that the guys celebrating the goal - including the one who scored - are running towards Larin to celebrate.  
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    Ruffian reacted to dyslexic nam in Cyle Larin   
    Hey,  I am happy to rip Larin a new one when it is deserved, but that is a good play.  He passes it to the mid, sprints past 2 defenders to receive the ball in space, and then cuts it back way across the box to give B an easy finish.  In my books, that is a solid play by Larin. 
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    Ruffian reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Ballou Tabla   
    So the coach has no responsibility in putting on a finesse attacker to defend a two goal lead? Or was he just trying to give him a runout?
    My watching him at Barcelona B, he learnt to defend rigorously and always track back, so much so that it affected his attacking play, he was even top of the box on corners against. But because he trained to do this.
    So I am not sure if he was properly assigned his task. Just saying, as I think that if you want a player, and train with a player, and have any idea who that player is, you use him accordingly.
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    Ruffian reacted to WestHamCanadianinOxford in Cyle Larin   
    Berahino was playing behind or at least off him for most of it. He was the point of the spear as they say. 
    Generally looked very good, still with a lot of pace and power.  Very nice pass for the assist.
    He and  Berahino look like they have an understanding and it was just a goal celebration, but looked to be getting on from that as well.
    Could be a very productive year.
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