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  1. I was thinking all #CanPL Supporters start a Social Media wave and target high profile people and businesses to lend their support/endorsement and help each club reach a designated number of memberships. For example: City, Provincial and Federal politicians. Chambers of Commerce, Sports stores, amateur clubs, celebrities, athletes, news and media personnel. We all ask them to tweet/post and help us reach a set goal. For Valour FC, I think 3,500 memberships before the end of the World Cup is doable. It has to be an orchestrated effort on our part to make a list of possible targets that could help drive awareness and enthusiasm.  Another idea: Perhaps we can organize a Nationwide Soccer Saturday tournament (local teams in each #CanPL city) all play a local tournament where it serves as a drive to sell memberships. Have local and national media cover it. On the last weekend before the World Cup Final.
  2. He was hired because he will support Jason De Vos plan for a national Youth league and a club classifications system based on standards without Pro rel
  3. CSA has never been about Results, Herdman will be given all the rope he wants, heck there is no rope for him at all. He's clearly buddy buddy with all the right people and in the end that's all that matters in Canadian Soccer. We've all seen it before. Totera acting tough basically just gave CSA a big pass
  4. I figured this would be the most controversial. I would say it is very well known that Berlin was Kitcheners old name. Its constantly talked about especially since there was strong opposition to changing the name to Kitchener and the name Kitchener remains a point of contention. The other thing is you can change the name to Kitchener or Waterloo or even Cambridge and keep the same scheme, however there seems to be a bit of snobbery from each city, not wanting to support the other. Plus very few people here, I would say, identify as a citizen of the Region most identify from each specific city. Which is why I thought it would be a good compromise for the club crest incorporating alot of Waterloo with a historic name like Berlin. My 2 cents.
  5. Its a good point, the symbol duplication was something that crossed my mind. My wife didnt like the 3 Maple leafs so maybe just 1 would be sufficient. Also there could be 7 smaller Trillium flowers for the 7 Municipalities that make up the Region. Or just apply 3 different meanings for example the 3 Maple leafs could represent the 3 coastlines of Canada ... or West Central and East unifying under 1 Canadian League.
  6. So here is my idea for a Kitchener / Waterloo Region Football Club. Props to @GuillermoDelQuarto on logo design.
  7. The Lion, Crown was my favorite one, although I'd either remove the axes or make them closer to the last one you made. I also like the poppies on the last one and the color scheme. However, Red has nothing to do with Winnipeg.
  8. Does anyone know or have Futsal goals for sale? Or know where I can buy them. On the cheap preferably.
  9. Revenue sharing is not a franchise element. The English Premier League does it. It even helps with payments to relegated clubs to help soften the financial blow. Playoffs are not just franchise as well, as CUP competitions are in all leagues. I think most people believe that an OPEN system is all about PRO/REL. It's not, it's about allowing any player, any club, any community, any coach, any system a chance to compete with the best. I cropped it out because in a Franchise system, you do not EARN your way INTO the league, you BUY into it. That's not Merit-based and it would effectively remove the ONLY incentive for any club or organization or investor to building a club from scratch. It's why MLS took over a decade to grow and was all but bankrupt before that. Having PRO/REL within the same league whether it is tiered or not is not an open system. No-one would be allowed to play in the league unless they bought a franchise first. In other words, billionaires only need apply. If we had an open system, any club/organization/investor can build a club that represents it's community with minimal financial risk and build significant excitement and enthusiasm with the stated goal of earning promotion into the Premier League. A stated intent to play in Division 1 soccer, would attract other investors, it would also bring on-board city councils, particularly those in smaller communities who will never get an NBA,NHL,MLB or NFL team and it would engage the community to become true supporters (see SAC FC/ ORL FC). MOST importantly for our CANMNT, it would prioritize the Quality on the field, as you would need field success to EARN the right to compete with the very best. It's not about dollars but about results, something this country desperately needs. And isn't player development what we all want after all? I want to win a World Cup and I want to do it before the USA does it. IF they stay franchise and we do OPEN system, we will be leaps and bounds ahead of them to get there first.
  10. NO, Franchise system is to Club Soccer what Taco Bell is to my Latina grandmothers tacos. Or in other words it's not authentic and the educated fan will reject it. Just like the VAST majority of soccer-first families in the USA have rejected MLS. The Canadian Footy fan is getting more educated, especially now with the availability of World Soccer only a remote control away. Franchises are for the Filthy Rich Owners, Clubs are for the Community If we are realistic in our expectations we can get to more than 20. Maybe not $300million stadiums with 60k fans per team big, but 5k-15k with soccer specific stadiums like those suggested in other threads. That is doable. Essentially, the promise promotes club investment, while rewarding initial investors for taking the first plunge. This is what I don't get about the naysayers to an open system. On one hand they say "No Investor will invest knowing he could be relegated and lose his investment" Then on the other hand "Canada CANNOT support more than a handful of teams" Which is it, then? If you cant dream of having enough teams to EVER relegate anyone, than WHAT is the objection to having an OPEN system where any investor or organization can EARN their Promotion into the Premier League????
  11. Rants is the lifeblood of being a Canadian soccer fan. Also, 93.24% of whatever is written on any thread is nothing new - welcome to being a Voyageur. Of course!! Every league in the world (except MLS/Aleague) is an OPEN league, however, each one is run differently to reflect their specific market. You only need 1 thing to be an OPEN Market : A Clearly Defined Merit based Path into Division 1. You can have: Salary Caps, Revenue Sharing, National League Sponsors, Player Nationality Quotas, Designated Players, Regional Schedules, Conferences and even Playoffs. Whatever you need to make the league financially viable is not only great but necessary. You can even offer founding clubs protection from relegation for say 20 years or until 20 clubs are in the Premier League, (whatever comes first). You can even have criteria for teams to enter into Division 1 such as: Coaching Standards, Facility requirements, Financial backing, Sponsors, etc. So to filter out non-viable teams from getting lucky and winning a game into D1. Will take your advice to heart. It's better than being told to shutup, because I have nothing to say. Pro/Rel is feasibly being done in almost every country but somehow Canada can't do it. Are you a CANadian or a CANTadian?
  12. Do you want Soccer or Football? Entertainment or Development? Franchise or Club? Supporters or Consumers? Celta Vigo Population 300,000 beat Barcelona today 4-3. Eibar Population 26,000 tied Real Madrid 1-1. There is something magical about 1 Division Football. Where the best compete against the best, week in and week out. Every week, every selection, every tackle, every play matters, because every game matters, right up until the last week, the last game. You see to play in first division football you need to earn it. You MERIT your way in. You don't buy your way in and get a free pass for life. You need to pit your ideas about the game vs the other guys idea and hope to high heaven your idea was better. You need to be accountable for your team selection and you need your best players available at every game. Which means you are in a constant struggle to not only play the best players, but to develop the future best players if you are to have a future in division 1 football. You need those next players to understand this pressure this relentless drive to excel and to come out on top. You need them emotionally strong, physically fit and mentally agile. I hear from Canadians that Brazilians and the like produce great players because those kids need a way out of poverty, as if poverty is an ingredient to talent. How about the Germans? They don't come from destitute conditions yet they produce some of the very best players. Maybe both countries treat football the same way, You PLAY if you can PLAY. In Canada, You play if you can PAY. There is something unjust about that, yet we open arms accept that for corporate franchises. This means that each CLUB'S main PRIORITY is to win and remain in division 1 soccer. This moves player development to the forefront. If you can win, then you can play, and if you get to play then you get to make money. You see club's still make money a lot of money, but their main product is on the field. In the franchise model, it's upside down, the priority is to make money. So what if you lose? Sure less people come to your matches, but you are the only game in town so it's not like they can leave you for good. You don't need to win to stay, you don't need quality, in fact you start restricting the product, just like the diamond manufacturers do, to artificially inflate your products value. In this case, the product is first division soccer. This is why Soccer Franchises have corporate meetings about Average Revenue per Customer. That's where you start selling them gourmet nachos, high priced beer, international friendly games, fluffy mascots for the kids and 50/50 tickets. You start pimping to your local minor soccer clubs offering them a chance to walk around the field and get a blank white t-shirt just so you can get them and their families to come buy tickets. Playoffs and Championships aren't valued for the prestige but for the chance to sell more beers, and more hot dogs. Well, don't franchises produce players? Well, no. It's actually quite expensive to produce a player, that is counter-productive to what your main priority is. You are not worried the next local club will beat you with a group of local lads and steal your customers. You are not worried because you control the product and the right to call yourself Division 1. They can't get in no matter if they are actually better. It's like the jerk kid that owns the ball and takes it home when he doesn't like how the game is going. There are over 300 million people in the USA and it's first division has 20 Franchises, that's at most 1000 kids in a merit based academy. 1000 kids that don't have to PAY. I'm frequently told Canada will never have 20 Clubs. So what we are saying is at best we will develop 1000 kids who EARNED their right to play. IS THAT ENOUGH? What if any club, any organization, any investor had a clearly defined and open way to compete with the best of the best? Do you not think that would entice investors to start building clubs that would eventually allow them to earn real dollars in our first division? I think it would. It would invite anyone to compete if they can earn it. You have to ask yourself WHY you want this league. Truly, what purpose does this league actually accomplish for YOU and for your country. Do you want to be entertained or do you want this country to win it's first World Cup? Some of you can't dream that high and would be content to simply see us AT a World Cup. Myself, I'm more of the first kind. I know that the first step towards Canada joining the elite nations of the world in Football, starts with an OPEN SYSTEM. A MERIT based system. Where coaches are held accountable by the media, the supporters, and more importantly by the results their ideas produce. A system that gives legitimate incentives and REWARDS to ANYBODY if they dare to compete. Now is the time to demand the league be structured in a way that is open to any investor, club or organization to merit their way into DIVISION 1.
  13. Las Palmas tied Real Madrid today. Las Palmas population 380K. But let's keep pretending market size's that small will never grow our league. Heck, even Toronto is barely big enough for 1 cookie cutter franchise. Forget having an actual club or clubs. Don't drink the Owners kool-aid, we can have clubs and an open market.
  14. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to former MLS GM speak on closed market https://twitter.com/soccerreform/status/774373746849099776?s=09 (copy and paste) We can't let it happen here. I would love to get together with like-minded individuals and help promote what is best for the fans and the game.
  15. There is some really nice ones here, hard to pick a favorite. But Halifax is a proper shield. Traditional, classy, meaningful and simple. Regina is another one I like as well. Well done
  16. Can we try the lion with the crown with no axes? I'm dying to see that.
  17. First time promoted club CD Leganes played Barca today, in a 10K stadium. Stupid huh? In North America, this kind of shenanigans would never be allowed in our big time First Division League with a minor league stadium like that. And serious franchises like the Chicago Fire, which is a PROPER successful big city First Division franchise with big time stars, can not be asked to play in such conditions. What a bush league this La Liga thing is. Probably won't last long, or even if it does, they will never attract big stars to that league, who wants to play in 10K shed? OR Maybe the myth that each club has to have a Billionaire to finance $200 million stadiums is not really true. Maybe the myth that a smaller club will never attract fans when in close proximity to an established major club is not true. Do you know Leganes' brand? Cucumbers. Yeah, they are the Cucumbers. Sounds stupid to me, but you know what, I'm not from there and apparently Cucumbers means something special for the community that club represents. Can you imagine any corporation or franchise using cucumbers as it's brand??? That's because Leganes is a club not a franchise. After 80 minutes of domination by Barca, after being down 5 goals, giving up a penalty, missing at least 3 good chances to score, the stadium was still full. A minute later they scored a cracker on a free kick and the whole 10 thousand sold out stadium stood up and cheered like they won the Champions League. Nobody had left and walked out in disgust, nobody was stuffing their faces with nachos and hot dogs, nobody was on their phone taking selfies. In fact, they singing Cucumber songs and how their children would have cucumber babies or something like that haha. I probably imagined that. My point is, a club represents a community, the community in turn supports the club. A franchise represents a Billionaires idea of what the community wants to buy. In turn consumers in that community buy, but like all consumers they only support you until they want to buy something else. Which is why territory rights and monopoly exists in Franchises. Consumers abandon you when you don't meet their expectations. Consumers want to be entertained, Supporters want to belong. Wouldn't it be great if a 10K stadium in KW, Regina, or Moncton had a club and wouldn't it be great if an investor didn't need to risk everything to try and make that happen. Wouldn't we have more investment if they could start small and build a club, an identity and compete in a smaller regional division and build excitement as they inch closer to promotion into Division 1? Isn't that worth fighting for? Shouldn't we demand that? Think of all the Canadian kids who would have a chance to develop and prove their worth in clubs all over the country? Maybe, 6 franchises is all we want, 6 of them that struggle and always carry the minor league tag to MLS (kill me now). Maybe 8 Franchises if the economy is good and some rich guy wants to bleed money for a vanity project. SIGH, We deserve more, the sport deserves more.
  18. I like the Crown wearing Lion facing you. It looks solemn. The Gold colors remind me alot of the Bombers but I dont like the white, or the tone of the grey/silver. GDQ: You think you could use the Lion within your crest. And Yes, Guerro is right, simplicity is better. Remove the tassels and the Axes.
  19. All I want to know is when is Winnipeg Valour FC scheduled to play Real Madrid? I know Ronaldo needs a lesson in good ol' Canadian tackling.
  20. Moncton is better. I think the new "silver" colour is perfect and a much needed improvement. Removing the tassels, like the picture in your top left, is the right call. It cleans up the Victoria Cross and makes it pop, which is the whole reason for the Valour name. Having "Winnipeg" like both pictures on the right is much better as well. Besides having "For Valour" on the crown adds a touch of detail to the picture without making it too busy. However, could you try "PRO VALORE" which is French and would look cooler and is a nod to the huge French community in Winnipeg. Try it without the Axes as well, with and without the Lion. The Axes could be brought back for the Supporters Group the "Rebels" or "Warriors" (although in Manitoba that is a gang name), maybe Winnipeg Warriors It's a big Plus to make the crown gold, now you have all 3 Winnipeg colours, Blue, Gold and Silver.
  21. Yes, I don't see having USL as an obstacle for another investor to start some other club in the big 3 particularly, Toronto. So yes, I agree Tdot can have its own CANPL team. However .... You need to realize that TFC2 in CanPL would be alot different than the TFC2 that is in the USL right now. For one thing, the salaries are 40k min, which is alot higher than most USL salaries. That alone would increase the level of play from USl 3rd Division to somewhere around NASL or even higher. You also have to take into account the financial backing MLSE has to make TFC2 work. Having a strong TFC2 would only increase their brand and develop their players and coaches. It's beneficial for them to have a strong "reserve" team as it only re-inforces TFC1. I think in time the "farm team" label would fall off, especially with investment from MLSE. You can't just discount the biggest Soccer investor in the country.
  22. Agree completely. It's a legitimate concern. What would cause more damage to the league, Not being in the top 3 markets? Or having USL in the league? I think to start off, having USL will not be that bad. Most of the teams will be weak in talent and it also gives TFC etc a chance to invest more money into the marketplace.
  23. Point 1) We are all looking to BUILD something are we not? I'm not a contractor but isn't the FOUNDATION the most important part of the build? Get that wrong and no matter what you do the house is doomed?That's what I'm talking about FOUNDATION. The CANPL must be built with a clearly defined criteria for any club wishing to MERIT their way into Division 1. That's ALL I'm talking about. AN OPEN SYSTEM. Nobody here is suggesting the CANPL magically start with 30+ teams. In fact, the Open system CanPL will start exactly the same way the closed Franchise system will, with 6 teams. So Reme what's the difference? In real world scenario and practically speaking, any club/investor/community will know exactly what they need to do to get "promoted" into Division 1. This speaks to financial viability, facilities, coaching standards, sponsor, or whatever other criteria that is deemed necessary. Say Calgary Foothills finds an investor and the Oakville club with their 15K members also gets ambitious, what if the Toronto Lynx want to throw their hat in the ring and what if the VWCFC decide that their USL team should be in the CanPL? What you would do is establish 2 regional divisions, EAST and WEST, with the winners meeting in a home and away series to determine who gets promoted in the CanPL for the next season. For those that need a visual: WEST: Foothills v Whitecaps USL 4 games total EAST: Lynx v Oakville 4 games total Finals: Winner West v Winner East In the second season of the CanPL it would start with 7 clubs, (the original 6 + the promoted club). The regional leagues would continue with 3 clubs, and repeat the process. This serves as an incentive to any club/ investor or organization that they can enter the Soccer Market with very little financial risk. They can spend 1-5 years in the Regional 2nd division building a club, a brand, a fanbase and a business model. Why would fans follow say the Calgary Foothills? Because they get to be a part of building something that represents them with a clearly defined goal of reaching the Premier League. The fans would take ownership of how well the club does, it engages the whole community to back the team. Corporate sponsors will take notice and jump on board. PROMOTION JUMPSTARTS INVESTMENT. But what about RELEGATION? STOP IT, JUST STOP. Enough with that word, no-one is getting relegated for at least 20 years and only after there is 20+ clubs in the Premier League, which I'm frequently told is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. So if 20 clubs is impossible to achieve WHY ARE WE AFRAID TO SUPPORT AN OPEN SYSTEM? It seems it would be all Promotion and no Relegation? Re-Read that. POINT 2) Nobody supports the CanMNT because it has been Neglected and mis-managed for over 30+ years. If the CSA didn't care enough to support our teams do you think the fans will? Everyone here knows Im speaking the truth here. POINT 3) So no evidence? Then you proceed to provide me with evidence. The Fury with no hope in hell of ever earning their way into Division 1, has attracted enough investment to build a stadium, built a fanbase of over 5K, has attracted fans in the range of 14K, produced a quality competitive team? So why can't the CANPL work? Isn't the 5k-7,500K the range we want for the CanPL The Franchise model IS THE SOCIALIST model, it monopolizes the product(D1 soccer) into the hands of the very few and rich. The institute anti-competition rules like territory rights, free movement of players, and a protectionist form of government. I guess if you like Venezuela, then socialism is for you. I prefer the Canadian way, a free open market where anyone is welcome to compete. Yes the reason is it monopolizes the power into the hands of the very rich and few. Closed system benefits ONLY the Billionaire owners. It works against the people, the players, and investors (outside of the selected elite). "Support these teams JUST AS MUCH as MLS" Well that isn't alot of support at all. 50K for a primtime game in a country of 300 million? 15K attendance in Urban areas of Millions? Is this as high as you can DREAM for Canadian Soccer. I have more faith in my fellow Canadians. Also, MLS teams represent the local people as much as Chivas USA represented Latinos or even Mexicans in particular. The clubs that do represent the people are not even allowed into MLS haha (SACFC, Detroit FC, CINN FC) The only way that ANYONE would invest in D3 or D2 soccer IS if the CanPL is built with a clearly defined OPEN system of promotion into the PL. If it starts with a closed model you can wait another 100 years you will never see a D3 or D2. Remember when MLS took into "consideration the realities of the North American sports Landscape" Countdown clock, Running Penalties, Names like Clash and Wizards, and colors that still hurt my eyes. But Why not let's make ALL the mistakes MLS 1.0 made and make it tailor made for the North American sports dude. People here have access to Barclays, Bundesliga, CHampions League, La LIga, and South American soccer and THEY CAN:T GET ENOUGH, but sure lets make it more like Hockey to attract any fans. FOR GOODNESS SAKES, stop trying to reach the casual fan and give the Soccer-First Demographic what we want. The Real Authentic Football, and yes call it football. Why would we have relegation with 8 teams? Have we thought this through? The D2 would only serve as a way for investors to test the soccer market with very little financial risk. Promotion would be granted to those who have the financial backing, community backing, facilities and coaching standards. Then have their USL teams play in the CanPL, its a win win for everyone. the CanPL gets more teams and in big markets. The MLS teams get meaningful minutes for their USL clubs and there is no interference with either. Read Below Can I shake your hand good sir. But people here feel TFC is Untouchable.
  24. You don't seem to capture the irony of your statement. "MLS running another club out of town" yet the last couple of years a"solid chunk of their fanbase" would have supported another club??? Which is it? TFC is a cookie cutter franchise with consumers. The CANPL has a chance to build a CLUB, that represents the city and it's people. There are MILLIONS of people who don't support TFC and within those millions is a Soccer-First demographic that HATES MLS and everything it stands for. They support real authentic soccer and they are hungry for a club of their own. They would become true SUPPORTERS who don't jump ship because its a bad season. For an investor, Toronto is ripe. Offer the supporters a chance to become shareholders, heck make the team Maple Leaf BLUE just to piss off TFC and watch a heated DERBY unfold, something like North America has never seen. Point 1) Montreal is tougher than Toronto fr the simple reason that the Montreal Impact existed before MLS. It's a club with ties to the city and has an organic history with it's supporters. However, an equal number of Italians hate MLS and French fans do not support the Impact. How about having the USL club play in the CanPL? Point 2) There will never be any stability or success or harder yet a TV CONTRACT without the big 3 markets??? The big 3 markets must come first. There is no stability and it will never be attractive without those 3. Period. I really don't get some of you, I don't mean that disrespectfully but you guys really need to step back and listen to what you are writing. Your target for this league is a measly 5,000 to 7,500 people YET I constantly keep reading that we can't establish a soccer club in an area of 5million people??? because WHY? Because MLS is such a universally loved league, with a loyal soccer-educated following that kills with TV ratings? Yes the only place a soccer club would work is Regina, you know because there is no MLS around? My goodness There are 2 beautiful places for a stadium 1) right across the Goldeyes Baseball field or on the waterfront Property off of Higgins, that whole block from Main to Nairn is begging for a huge redevelopment with stadium, shopping malls and condos. Can we all just process this for a second please. It would be counter-productive of the CSA to do that. Can someone explain why TFC would not want their USL team in the CanPL? Or why the CSA would not want the MLS USL teams in the CanPL? (Other than it makes the CanPL look D2) Vic is throwing his weight around. He will get want we all want. Canadian equals in MLS.
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