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    toontownman reacted to sebdeserio in Luke Singh   
    He needs a reliable cb partner to give him the support he needs when he goes out wide to put out fires, which he excels at with his pace and slide tackling . The corpse of Omar Gonzalez is not that I swear I've never seen a slower player in my life everything he does looks like it's in slow-motion .
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    toontownman reacted to Watchmen in Vancouver Whitecaps 2021 Season   
    Yeah, Crepeau really bailed Nerwinski out a few times.  And speaking of Crepeau, I think he's been really good so far.
    This team doesn't seem like it's winning the MLS Cup any time soon, but it doesn't seem like they're going to get embarrassed 5-0 either.  That's actually progress, thought it also says how bad things have been the last few years.
    Interested to see what the lineup is Wednesday.  Thought Gaspar would start today, but since he didn't he better start Wednesday. 
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    toontownman reacted to Watchmen in Vancouver Whitecaps 2021 Season   
    I'm left utterly baffled as to what MDS was thinking with his formation today.  Alexander should have been a straight swap for Baldisimo.  Instead, he shuffled everyone around, started Alexander further forward than he should have, and moved Teibert back in to the middle.  Really didn't seem to work at all.
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    toontownman reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Vancouver Whitecaps 2021 Season   
    I'll take a winning record and less than a goal against per game, do that all year, I'm in.
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    toontownman reacted to Yohan in Luke Singh   
    there's a reason why he's playing in MLS, not in Europe now
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    toontownman got a reaction from Acid-Tone in Kamal Miller   
    He was great until he wasn't 😃
    Two silly mistakes, two goals. Wasn't alone in the second though.
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    toontownman reacted to Bison44 in Noble Okello   
    MEHH... Okello comes on for 10min in a game were no one did much of anything, and they are just hoping the game ends before they go down by 3.  Not sure what he was supposed to do, put Bradley on his back and carry him around the pitch??
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    toontownman got a reaction from Obinna in Noble Okello   
    Seems like the Theo Bair of the midfield. Mentality is what might be holding him back. Minutes will hopefully help though.
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    toontownman reacted to Shway in Liam Fraser   
    So Liam Fraser eh...
    down at the Columbus Crew huh...hope he gets to play lots of minutes. Could be very pivotal for his career.
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    toontownman reacted to Shway in Daniel Jebbison   
    Only way to tell if he’s interested is to call him up in June, and not wait. Chances are CSA hasn’t even contacted him to say “we are watching you”.....we heard how late that call came for Scott.
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    toontownman reacted to Macksam in Daniel Jebbison   
    The Gold Cup would be a great advertisement for him to get sold to a bigger club if his performances draw interest. 
  12. Haha
    toontownman reacted to dyslexic nam in Luke Singh   
    It was funny, at one point Wileman commented that Gonzalez got across quickly on a specific play.  I thought the word “quickly” probably needed air quotes.   He is absolutely glacial.  
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    toontownman reacted to Dominic94 in Luke Singh   
    I do think Signh should get more minutes tbh, Gonzalez is average at best.
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    toontownman got a reaction from johnyb in Daniel Jebbison   
    I dont think this potential selling point can be underestimated. 
    A chance to be the "golden generation" a defining generation for Canada and the history books with peers you may have grown up with, played against or are you own age all emerging at the same time, will be alluring and intriguing.
    We have the salesman, hopefully he exceeds his market goals and reach.
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    toontownman reacted to Dominic94 in Daniel Jebbison   
    He’s the same age group as the golden Ontario 2003’s, he’s surely played against Rutty, Dias and Co. I’d imagine he comes if called.
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    toontownman got a reaction from Northvansteve in Daniel Jebbison   
    Depends how Canadian Jebbison feels and how badly he wants international football. 
    Given his recent immersion into the England set up I doubt he is in any rush. Unless he turns into a top 6 club striker Canada is his best shot at international football though.
    An unexpected but awesome debut. Looks like he will see championship minutes next year. 
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    toontownman got a reaction from CDNFootballer in CPL Stadium Thread   
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    toontownman reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Stadium Thread   
    The problem with that RAP scheme is that it is makeshift, like too many of our stadium concepts for CPL. 
    Even the way of setting up the stands is a bit improvised.
    Even Saskatoon it looks like they are scratching away at ideas. 
    Just one 8-10,000 capacity stadium with curved corners and a covered main stand--is that so hard?
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    toontownman reacted to Nello in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Any of these Bear Stadiums would be great. https://www.bearstadiums.com/en
    the 10k seater is my favourite
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    toontownman got a reaction from CanadianSoccerFan in Saskatoon CanPL   
    And another...  Like where this is going!
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    toontownman reacted to Kent in CPL Stadium Thread   
    It really has me missing York United's old stadium plans. I wish that didn't just vanish.
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    toontownman reacted to m-g-williams in CPL Stadium Thread   
    In other news: 
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    toontownman reacted to MM3/MM2/MM in Saskatoon CanPL   
    I've never been to Saskatoon, now I wanna go.
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    toontownman reacted to Buchta in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    Interview with Michele Paolucci of FC Manitoba from today (google translate)
    "Now all the owners of the club are organizing to create a new independent league in Canada and we are therefore committed to the development and planning of this league. This year we will start with a sort of tournament, around Canada that will serve us to attract sponsors and our forecast is to start in 2022 to start with a real season , starting from scratch. A new and exciting project " .
  25. Haha
    toontownman got a reaction from Bison44 in CPL Stadium Thread   
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