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  1. Also wanted to quickly point out that we played a 4-4-2 diamond, with Manny at CAM, Porter at LCM, JDC at RCM, and Murofushi at CDM yesterday for most game. When Petrasso came on for Porter, the formation shifted to the classic 4-3-3 we usually play. We generally defended in the opener in a 4-4-2 diamond as well, with Rivero as the CAM.
  2. Quick thoughts on game #2 Positives first. Rivero great touch, great composure on the goal, but also really smart decision-making and calmness with the ball up top. Thought he had an average or fine game for the opener as well, and it makes sense to have him start and let Wright be the energetic backup. Murofushi a magnet with the ball again, JDC has really re-made himself as an energetic box to box 8 instead of the deep-lying 6 that he played most last season that he wasn't very good at. Ferrari showed he can push for a starting spot, definitely fits right into the squad. Negatives
  3. Yes, another inverted winger fan, nice haha. You know I agree 100% about Telfer and Petrasso at RW and LW respectively. I think Vasconcelos would also find it a more natural fit at LW than RW for sure. I think Telfer was at RW and Vasconcelos at LW for about 15 minutes in the opener, I did see them switch flanks time to time. I think, if Rivero and Vasconcelos were allowed to play longer, while we had the man up, then they would have found more joy for sure. Rivero impressed me with his workrate, he was playing ST on offense, but coming all the way back to CAM on defense, and he also crea
  4. Thanks for sharing that, it's good to know. I would say it's definitely not an ideal location though. The Vaughan-centric fanbase definitely wouldn't call that an ideal location, compared to other rumoured locations in Vaughan. And, that location is most definitely a highway and car-oriented area. And definitely not the best area for walking around. Good to keep the rumour in mind though, thanks for sharing.
  5. I don't think anybody's said this anywhere yet, so I'll say this one quick. If McNab keeps hinting that the Balderassas are less willing to spend, as they already have spent a fair sum, and are only willing to commit to a marketing spend on an identity they can get behind, then that to me sounds like it's as much the Balderassas that are uncertain about the Y9 brand as McNab is. If you were the owner, and you were happy with the club branding that you nurtured through on the recommendations of Ganzhorn just two years ago, then you wouldn't take any dissent from McNab about the brand
  6. We agree that Y9 failed in terms of paid ticket sales, all obvious for sure. I also agree with you that McNab is actively re-examining Y9 in whole, including whether it should be a Vaughan team, a York Region team, a GTA team, or a Toronto team. There's some things I've heard through the grapevine that I haven't shared, but the one thing I can guess reasonably is that the club, whatever the branding and marketing may be, will be a Vaughan-based club in the medium and long-term. Just taking some quick easy examples, Y9 and McNab were happy to announce that they just opened or will open a c
  7. All good points, but the demographics of Vaughan is just so different from downtown TO, you know? Just far more family-oriented, which is why the family market still is the one being chased when they have a club that is basically a Vaughan club. You'd have to be pretty soccer-crazy to attend home matches for two different clubs if you live far away from York Lions.
  8. Hey whats up man~ I said this in the Toronto CPL thread as well, but my gut feeling is that Sauga is a safer bet than North York at this point. There's a good reason why there's so much support for Sauga SG, they have the demographics, density, and a distinct community feel all on their side. North York, especially around North York Centre and Mel Lastman Square, also has the demographics and density, but I wouldn't say we have a distinct community feel in the same way that Sauga does. I don't really know if we'd have a proper North York SG around, to take a quick easy example. The a
  9. Nice, that's awesome, and I think that's a huge one, that you'd hope Y9 would be smart enough to coordinate with OSA and YRSA to avoid any overlaps for sure. I think Halifax definitely did that, and CPL clubs in general should always strive for that for sure. Thought I will say, going from experience, most of the fans in the stands are generally going to be more the family types and the guys looking for a fun night at the game. It's definitely hard sometimes to get guys who are pretty good at soccer themselves to come out to games, when they already play a lot, and probably watch a lot of
  10. The food and beer stands were nice during the summer. We did get to see this atmosphere for the Montreal VCup game. The ticket prices were far too expensive, and turned off a lot of people initially, which was a huge fatal blow that's hard to recover from. The marketing budget just doesn't seem enough to compete in this market. The scheduling wasn't great, though that has now been rectified. The track also annoys a lot of fans, though that should be rectified for 2021. The thunderstorm and the delayed game fiasco in the home opener was also an awful unluckiness that contribute
  11. Do agree generally with that. I think we all agree that the Friday night games alone would have been a pretty big boost for attendance, avoiding conflict with TFC and with most youth leagues, which are the two biggest conflict scheduling factors. Season seat prices were lowered in the midfield seats, which would have eventually made a big difference too, once more people had a chance to try out the Friday night games and become bigger Y9 fans. But as McNab said, he wants to leave no stone unturned, so he is most definitely exploring the rebrand along with everything else as well.
  12. The reason a North York resident like me goes to a Y9FC game instead of a TFC game, though I have seasons to both, is, 1) I want to support the CPL and Canadian soccer 2) York Lions is far closer to me than BMO I'd assume those two reasons would be the two main reasons for most Y9FC SSHs in Toronto or anywhere else outside the York Region. In that case, really, whether you name the club York 9, York United, or York Region, none of it would really matter to most CPL fans in Toronto like us. But how do you get more soccer fans who aren't as hardcore about the CPL to come ou
  13. I live in North York, and I talk Y9 in 5 different online communities at least, here on CSN/Vs, a fb group, a fb group chat, twitter, reddit, discord. In the stands, I usually stand with Gen IX or around them, and I chat Y9 marketing frequently with Ben Z and McNab. Everything I've seen since 2018 tells me that this team is first and foremost, and will always likely be, a Vaughan team. Owners are Vaughan/Concord heavyweights, most supporters are from Woodbridge, Maple, etc, the team has heavy connections to Vaughan Azzurri and OSA, which is HQed in Vaughan, and the initial rumoured new s
  14. All factors considered, with TFC and Y9FC in place, with L1O in place, with what the distinct former municipalities and suburban municipalities are like, to me, the only place in the GTA that makes sense and would have a high likelihood of succeeding like Halifax would be Sauga, with a stadium close to Square One. That's the only place dense enough, and with its own distinct sense of community, and far away from both BMO and York Lions to make sense to me. At the moment, I'm not really seeing another downtown TO team, or one in Downsview, or one near North York Centre, or one in Scarlem,
  15. Quick thoughts on some of the potential names floating around. My personal opinion is that the York 9 FC name is just fine, not a major issue, and that there shouldn't probably be a rebrand unless there's a compelling reason to do so. York United FC: This is very likely McNab's preference. Goes with the Unite York campaign, name rolls off nicely, United is obviously (too) recognizable, and allows the club to market to North York and York more broadly. Seems generic though, and the Man U connotation will throw some people off, and the CPL branding idiots are opposed to any clubs called Un
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