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  1. Definitely agreed. Porter was not bad at all in the few games he did play RB.
  2. Hey, isn't Petrasso mainly a RW? I haven't seen Hamilton highlights off YouTube (I should now and will haha), but I can definitely see Vasconcelos pushing for that LW starting spot for sure. No doubt about it, competition for spots up front is going to be fierce, but I guess Estevez definitely has to get his U21 minutes in hehe.
  3. I like Estevez, definitely the spark plug off the bench. I see him less as a 10 though, I see him as a LW, he's probably the one along with Telfer that was most willing to take players on 1v1. Obviously he didn't succeed as often, which is why Jimmy usually kept him on the bench to start.
  4. That was a fantastic episode btw, probably the most insightful soccer-related podcast episode I've listened to in awhile. McNab goes decently in-depth about the scouting and acquisition behind each of the Y9 signings this offseason. I think the vast majority of the international signings are tied to 21st Club. And with all our domestic signings being happy to come home. And they mentioned an international house for the intl players, sounds like the party house haha. It's going to be a fun season when it does get going. And McNab also answers some questions about marketing and sales, where he kind of hammers home the reality Y9 faces, that there is a limited budget that Greenpark has given that he has to work within, just as Jimmy has to work within the salary cap.
  5. Just catching up, been away from a desktop for a week or so. It'd be cool if all the clubs put the player statuses on their roster page, so we wouldn't have to guess about this kind of stuff when the season has started. I heard on the latest 9 Stripes pod where McNab said that they have to get roster compliant by April 1st, so that could perhaps be the cutoff date for the U21s' statuses for the season. So maybe anybody born after April 1st, 1998 for this season. Though for sure the season looks like it will be postponed for some time at this stage.
  6. I'm going to give my controversial Y9 take that I've never said before, just so people can jump on me on this topic instead My take is, there is no freaking way Morey Doner should have won Y9 PotY. That's got to be some online vote that his friends and family must have helped out. Yes, Doner was a very very solid defensive player, one of the best defenders and tacklers we have for sure, he made his flank an island vs wingers at times. Doner Island. But offensively, he was one of the worst among the starters we had. People seem to remember that one rocket volley he had, and he got a few assists off regular ass crosses, any fullback should get at least a couple. But his technique, his dribbling, his crossing, etc, I've been watching Y9 replays offseason, about to watch another one tonight, and in my mind, there is zero way Doner should have won Y9 PotY. I'd have given it to Luca or Ingham. They definitely had their share of errors mid-season, but overall, you could tell those two were the reason why our defense was so rock solid all year long. A shout to Telfer for his obvious super-talent, and Abzi for his overall skills.
  7. People, we all see race and gender, let's stop kidding ourselves with this rhetoric that we don't see race or gender anymore because it's 2020. That said, the word racist and sexist gets used too easily. To be a racist or a sexist is to discriminate based on race or gender. To simply acknowledge or to see race or gender is not racist or sexist. You peeps on both sides are both taking these concepts too loosely. Just keep in mind that any gaslighting from either sides is just very likely to lead to the re-closure of these forums, which honestly all things considered would be an awful shame. Let's chill, and be thankful we got a local CPL side to support in what is hopefully the last Canadian national soccer league this nation will have. Because we need to see Yorky come through in the year 2100 or whatever year it was he was born in, lol.
  8. Good to see the forums are back, I thought the debate and the discourse were tough but necessary, considering the political climate these days, the inherent political nature of soccer, and because it's very much a real issue that will be apparent in the supporters section. I thought I learned a thing or two yesterday, and I hope the gap can continue to be bridged, and if not, at least understood by the different sides. Seems the thread had calmed down if anything. I think being a mod is an incredibly tough and thankless job, so a big thanks to you Rintaran for doing so, and hope you do whatever makes you happy. I'm a supporter of NSXI as well, I'm sure many of us are, so keep up that great work as well. I do think what Trialist said wasn't probably what you thought it meant though, I think he meant it as a threat that he will make this debate more public, as opposed to actually threatening you personally whatsoever. I mean, we are all keyboard warrior-ring it up in here lol. I would also think that most people here would agree that making personal DMs public isn't the best practice either, some things are meant to be kept personal and private between people, and I'd hope the two of you can personally hash things out. Just wanted to end on a positive note, share a good thing that came out of this whole debate. On the Y9 Discord, one of the female Y9 supporters shared yesterday afternoon, after she heard about and read through this thread, that she was a passionate Y9 supporter, but was uncomfortable with some of the homophobic language she heard from one or two supporters in the section. Later that day, she happily shared that one of the Gen IX capos read her message, and reached out to her by IG, and apologized on behalf of the group, and promised it's not something that would tolerate, and to bring it to their attention if it happened again. She felt quite thankful for that response. I know that these conversations often happen online rather than offline, because it's quite a difficult and tough conversation to have in person. I've seen it happen before for weeks in a FB group for Ottawa supporters a few years ago, which is why I felt it was important not to shy away from this conversation for Y9 this week. I hope people continue to keep an open mind to all the people and ideas and topics they come across as we all support the CPL.
  9. My internet cache is acting up, I'm just seeing this. This must be for both me and for YSG, since he brought up the topic about the Trialist's discussion on supporter sections, and since you bring up what I said about biological and social aspects for transsexuals and women in the Y9 SS. Though you most definitely haven't seen me call someone a racist here, so that better not be for myself. I'm kind of sick of both sides in this conversation, frankly. I'll sum my position up as briefly as possible, and then move on with my life. I'm frankly not really worried about the lack of women or visible minorities in the stands. It's each individual's choice to attend a live football match, and it's each individual's choice to sit or stand where they want to in the stadium. We can't force people to attend matches or come into the stands, and I've never seen anybody excluded from attending a match or coming into the stands in Canada on gender or racial grounds. So nope, not really worried about that issue there. That said, if we do have a new SG that seeks to provide an inclusive safe space or whatever you or they want to call it in the SS for those who identify as women, then that's a worthy cause for sure. Are some of you guys actually worried about reverse sexism or something? Lmfao. Or are you really that concerned about the language? It's literally biological and social variables that leads to some males to identify as females, that's what the language was referring to. It's not political whatsoever. The only thing political is the reverse sexism. Which if you are worried about then we got a whole bunch of dudes who are happy to laugh in your face lmfao. Are you saddened that you are a male who can't join a female SG? Bruh, the whole point of the word inclusive is that it includes those that are in the smallest minority, those are transsexuals, it's not for us dudes. We got Gen IX. We got the whole supporters section. Stop getting all worked up about the word "inclusive". And yep, we are all aware that women have the whole SS as well. If they want to form a group within it, that's all fine stuff. I'm in Y9 discussions on FB, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and this forum, and this forum is the only one sensitive enough to get into a weekend-long discussion about the "political" language of the Dames lmao. I'd ask some of you to look for a balanced middle ground within this debate.
  10. Got ya, I see them now. Not sure what happened, could be my internet cache or something, I'll just move on from it, thanks man. My bad if I'm in the wrong here.
  11. To go back to Y9 for a second, the reason I enjoy reading but never do expected starting lineups before the season is that there are just way too many surprises and unknown variables and fierce competition for the spots. Just to take one example, we started the 2019 season with Telfer and Porter as our wingbacks in a 5-3-2. We ended the 2019 season with Abzi and Doner solidly ingrained as our fullbacks in a 4-3-3, with Telfer as our main winger and Porter as one of our CMs. The team changed dramatically over the year. It likely won't since this is the club's 2nd season obviously, but who knows how some of those competitions for the spots may end up coming out in preseason and over the regular season? Looking forward to the preseason fixtures for sure. Maybe we'll even get to watch them this time around.
  12. Did you or another mod delete yellowsweatygorilla's last couple of replies on this thread? That's just disrespectful and straight up censorship lmao. Restore them back, please. We can talk Y9, but we can also talk other topics here too, no need to baby us.
  13. I thought we were able to come to a decent understanding the last time we had a similar debate/argument, Ams. Like I said last time, I do see and understand some of your views. Nobody wants Y9 or CPL games to be overtly political. And I understand you are supportive of the inclusion of women and trans people. I just am not seeing how "identifies as" in this specific case for the Dames is political language. To me, it's both a biological and a social language, not political whatsoever. Politics to me would be how we as a society or individuals decide we want to treat women and trans people, or how we react to their self-identification as such. But to simply say we are looking for those who identify as women, that honestly seems like just biological or social language. Anyways, I'm sure we'd all rather talk about the Y9 season instead. So far, we've only had Antony Casimiro say that we may have signed Mutambala, right? Cool stuff, we definitely need some U21 signings lol. Anybody know what the penalty is for failing to meet the U21 minutes quota? Lol imagine if Y9 failed to meet it lol.
  14. What a fun thread over the weekend lmao Two things, 1. I can only laugh that people who consider "inclusive" and "identify as" to be politicized words, in soccer or in society. Lmao. Anyways, there are literally Y9 fans on other online platforms such as Discord and Twitter who I believe (correct me if I am wrong) are men who self-identify as women, for biological and/or social reasons. Regardless of what you think about transsexuals in a political sense, they exist in both a biological and a social sense, and hey if this SG seeks to include those Y9 fans who identify as women and are receptive to this SG idea, I don't know how any Y9 fan would say no to that lmao. Yes, I fully understand that you aren't comfortable with the idea of those in the minority bandying together, but try to understand that there are many of those who are in the minority who for whatever reason feel the need to connect with those fellow people who are in the minority with them. Why do you think there are so many soccer teams in the GTA in leagues such as CSL and TSSL and the Hangar where there are teams from those who have immigrated or are descended from specific nations? Are you seriously suggesting they all disband and just join "Canadian" teams? Lmao that's just not ground in reality. We've already had this conversation before. 2. The whole point of global football/soccer is that it is so inherently political. Sorry if that's something you aren't comfortable with, but that's the plain naked truth. International soccer, obviously, European and South American club soccer, very much so, other club soccer, somewhat as well. I thought we already covered the fact that a soccer forum focused on a single nation would most certainly have some nationalistic and political flavour attached to it, we should all be aware of that. As you two especially have reminded us.
  15. I lol at the Valour part haha, but I thought that's funny you mentioned Platt cuz that was the convo I was having with him a bit earlier. And I just made the extra connection haha, cheers man.
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