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  1. This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen on the internet. Who honestly here is obligated to follow up their original post with updated evidence? Do you think this forum is some kind of a cross-examination or something? Get a life.
  2. We've already said this a number of times on the main Y9 2019 thread, as well as on Discord and Reddit but... you guys all understand that the official announced attendances are including freebies to corporate SSHs, youth club SSHs, and for the Hamilton game, the away fans, yes? Only those who weren't at the game would actually believe there were 4,200 for the Hamilton game, 1,200 for the VCup games I think it was, and 2,900 on Saturday. Those of us who have been to all/most of the games and are taking an incredibly active interest in our local team know that the actual attendance figures for the games have been about half of the announced figure, give or take. I mean, money is money, and paid attendance is money in the books, but is this really the excuses we want to be making for an expansion club? Honestly? We only talk about this because we care so much about this club doing well, and I'd rather take an active approach to raising awareness of the club overall and the issues surround the club, rather than putting my head in the sand. GTA CPL fans should be worried, rather than hoping for some big miraculous turnaround in the stands out of the thin air. The contributing factors are clear. Overpriced seasons and tickets, running track, overemphasis on companies and youth clubs, not enough advertising anywhere, a construction company owner likely more focused on building a new stadium rather than a sustainable mainstream marketing approach, etc etc. The track going away next year will help a bit, but we all know that expansion clubs see high attendances in the beginning, and then either sustain it or level off, but rarely increasing on top of that. I've sent about 5 emails to the club by now asking for lower ticket prices and more marketing and have got mixed responses. I encourage other GTA CPL fans to do the same if they care enough. See yall Wednesday. By the way, telling people on this forum who are clearly posting genuine comments on this thread because they care about this club to go back to Reddit you troll is some concerning behaviour from some of you. Yeah I know it's just a soccer forum but I think we gotta do better than that.
  3. Yeah this advertising discussion is exactly it. We've had it a couple times before, and there were good ideas that came out on here and on social media and etc. And Y9 has already thought of most of these stuff already. They just don't have the money or manpower to do most of em. It's got to look classy and professional enough for a professional club, but it's still got to be cheap enough. They don't seem to have the money for a TTC poster or billboard, for example. No money for a booth at a big mall either.
  4. Great question. We've seen how TSN has refused to broadcast or relegated to TSN GO a whole bunch of games that they already seem to have the right to or have first refusal on, whether CCL, FIFA U20 WC, VCup, etc etc, over the years, so I will be a bit surprised if TSN even bought the rights to games which they longer have the rights for. However, it would be cool if CBC did so. Or Sportsnet.
  5. That's pretty cool to see, that CPL is doing better than the Irish Premier League, thanks for the share. I don't go on the attendance thread though, so I'll just say it quick here, the obvious counter-point is the likely much larger transportation costs here. Dunno and wont conjecture about salaries. And it's just that nearly every break-even points we've heard so far for NASL, USL and CPL are higher than what we'd like to see. But hey, we don't know what Y9's break-even point is, so it's just a guessing game again. Which is like 80% of a soccer forum anyways lol. But hell yeah, Y9 vs Limp Act! Hellll yes!
  6. Yep, I'll agree with you, shilling about the end of the club being nigh, and talk about the club folding, I agree, that's baseless, speculative, useless and detrimental. A lot of the other points though overall in this thread looking at what Y9 hasn't done well and/or could do better has been pretty good though, and is definitely helpful for sure. I've taken a couple suggestions from this thread, and collated it with a couple I had, and have forwarded them onto the club in the past, and they have been open to the ideas for sure. Just a matter of financial and manpower execution for them for the most part. Yeah, I could agree with that part, that the Edmonton game was the only really horrible one. The Blainville wasn't good at all either, despite the reasons we know why it wasn't. Obviously we all had our different expectations for the crowd, and I don't think a single person here expects a sellout for any game at all (whatever that capacity is, I think it's around 5,500 or something), but I will say that every crowd this season so far has been less than my expectation for the game, if not much less. Anyways, that's enough from me on this topic. I do hope that, for the forum readers here, that the rain doesn't deter you much, and that you consider trying out the supporter section one time if you haven't so. The little things I'll push here.
  7. If I was a betting man, I'd bet a relocation before a fold or a new stadium. A new stadium definitely seems like a pipe dream at the moment. The reason why some fans voice their concerns about the team is because we most desperately want to see the team do well. Telling each other white lies and feeding false optimism is NOT going to help the team do any better. What will help the team do better is to be truthful with oneself and one another, assess the situation, and then see what are the little and big things we can do to help the team do better. The attendance for the two VCup games was downright horrific, and the rain and the Raptors honestly made maybe a couple hundred people stay home instead at most. That said, we got two Saturday league games coming up, and with all the corporate and youth club SSHs having their tickets, I think and hope there will be some strong attendance coming through. If you know anybody who's thinking of not coming because of the rain, I mean, that's cool for them, but let them know that a home game is still pretty fun regardless, and that a poncho should do a trick. And yeah, Y9 should totally be selling ponchos lol, these are the little nuggets that the club should really be picking up on. And those of you going to the Y9 games and sitting in the mainstand, consider walking over to the supporter section if you haven't tried so, it's hella fun times. Everybody's a really friendly bunch. Just walk right on over.
  8. Being able to reconnect with your old coach has got to be the #1 reason. If there's that family angle as well, then that's got to be a close #2 reason. Makes sense Telfer would pick Y9 over Ottawa.
  9. Yeah, cuz SSHs still have to re-buy, TFC fans still have to come from all across the GTA, Wednesday night, etc etc. We'll see, but hey, here's to hoping that we get past the Eddies so that we get to see. We could definitely use a good cup run.
  10. You guys jinxing the team to be talking about Montreal when there's a whole 2nd leg to be played. Haven't you guys seen all the UCL comebacks just this one past season alone. That said, if we are able to get a result in Edmonton and do progress, based on the Wednesday cup crowds we've seen for the Blainville game and the Eddies game, I would expect official attendance to be about 2,500 for Impact. Remember that all SSHs would still have to buy tickets for a Montreal cup game.
  11. I'll be there in the rain, but I'm also mindful of the fact that no other CPL team needs a roll call on the V's for a home game lol.
  12. I lol'ed. I can tell you haven't been paying full attention to the games, or you're a friend of his or something lol.
  13. Gogarty has been pretty good defensively, but his technique on the ball is easily the worst among the Y9 players I've seen, both the starters and from the bench. He sticks out on the team in terms of how many times he miscontrols the ball, and how often his passes get intercepted or blocked. He may be a CB, but the CBs are often the ones to initiate the attack, so all of his attacking aspects are relevant as well. Abzi has been good, has given much credence to the idea that this league should have recruited far many more than just 1 or 2 PLSQ players. Gasparotto and Ingham have been without a doubt the best two players for Y9. Estevez is very slippery, which is really good to have, but his final pass has been not good, his only good kill pass so far has been the one that led to Adjei's goal vs. Calgary. I'd say Murofushi has been the most impressive among the CMs so far, though he's been prone to turnovers as well. The player that makes me wonder the most about what his best position is and where he could be most effective for us is Telfer. I could write 2-3 paragraphs on it easily but I won't lol, just debating whether he's going to be more useful for us as a RW or as a LB. It's not as cut and dried as people would expect.
  14. Agreed, Porter's only viable position for this team at the moment seems to be RB. He has been downright poor when played at CM or at LW over the month. His best game so far was the season opener vs. Hamilton when he led the team in most of the defensive stats playing at RB, and he can overlap and such, though his crosses haven't been very good.
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