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  1. So the Angus McNab guy is more likely the consultant that's going to help Y9 find a new president, perhaps.
  2. One more thing about the new stadium at the proposed Kirby GO station is just what a political hot show it has been the last couple years, with big names such as Steven Del Luca and Stephen Lecce both supporters of the development, it's got bipartisan support lol. I wonder if the Toronto Star reporters know about Greenpark and Y9's future plans lol, I'd think the York Region Media Group would, since one of their editors is a big Y9 fan. I think there's a lot of political and financial motives for making Y9 a success and moving them to Kirby. But it definitely wouldn't help a sizable portion of the fanbase who are coming from North York or downtown TO. And in all honesty, getting rid of the running track at York Lions Stadium and making the team a success there would be far nicer and more important to have. If the team is a success there, then any proposed move to Kirby would be a good problem to have. And funny enough, Vaughan Soccer Club's headquarters is really close to that Kirby GO station, near Kirby and Keele, wink wink lol. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/transportation/2017/09/16/what-is-the-kirby-go-station-and-why-did-it-get-approved.html https://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/9072597-province-reviewing-plans-for-vaughan-s-kirby-go-train-station/
  3. Great point. The one thing is, if they did ever build a stadium I don't know 10-15 years from now near that proposed Kirby GO station, it'd still be quite accessible from downtown. All you'd have to do is take the GO Train Barrie Line from Union to Kirby. It's about 40 minutes one way, and about $8 one way. The funny thing is how the subway from Union to Pioneer Village is about 40 minutes one way as well lol. The thing is, I don't think a lot of people are going to take that GO Train option, because people generally associate that with weekday commuting rather than the weekends. And the bigger point would be, whether Y9 wants to continue to market to the York Region specifically, which is vast land area, or acknowledge that part of their fanbase is also coming from downtown TO and North York and etc. Everything about the 1st year suggested their focus was on the former, but they need to focus on the latter as well in their 2nd year.
  4. I think after seeing Year 1 in person it's pretty obvious to most Y9 fans that a new stadium is honestly not going to happen for the foreseeable future. Just being a success at York University is the priority for the next 3-5 years at minimum. And with York Lions Stadium being on the TTC subway line, and with the proposed stadium being in the middle of nowhere with a politically shady GO train station at best, I think the majority would easily take York Lions Stadium in a heartbeat. You can go on Google Maps, look up York Lions Stadium, then look up Kirby GO Station (it's proposed, doesn't exist yet), and see which one you think will be easier for fans to get to. As for fans itself, I would guess that the corporate SSHs that paid to get in good books with Greenpark are going to be vastly concentrated in Vaughan, and the youth club SSHs scattered throughout the York Region, but if you consider the Voyageurs and the CanMNT types and the soccer types, you'll see they'll likely be concentrated around Vaughan and North York, and maybe Richmond Hill. I'd think about half of the regulars in this thread are from North York, for instance. Like we said, North York has the density that the burbs do not. So yep, Y9 marketing absolutely has to come into North York in 2020.
  5. I do think Ben Z is the guy in charge of season ticket pricing, you'd think that that would be the bread and butter for a VP of ticketing. But him and the team has definitely listened to us and reacted to the low SSH numbers, so we have to chalk that down to Year 1 rookie mistakes, and hope it's going better this winter. If anybody here is reading this and lives around the catchment area, consider buying a season ticket in the supporters section for cheap, and then just walking over to any of the midfield seats you like on matchdays. There are no ushers checking tickets whatsoever. You can honestly sit wherever you like, and you are doing the club a massive favour over the year long-term by adding to the SSH numbers. I'm honestly surprised though that Ganzhorn is the one that's being or been forced out. Still waiting for the official announcement obviously. I honestly prefer Ganzhorn to the Angus McNab guy above. Ganzhorn is a local guy who had local connections, which is what a team like Y9 needs. McNab seems like a global guy, who looks quite accomplished, but off initial glance is not the kind of guy Y9 needs, unless he's willing to get down and gritty in the local settings. I do see from twitter that he's a Dundee supporter, so perhaps he may understand the need for him to immerse himself in the local soccer and business scene.
  6. Friend and I were talking about Y9's marketing efforts last year, we brainstormed real quick, and came up with some new potential places for Y9 to market to for this year. Last year seemed to be a heavy focus on York Region youth clubs and Vaughan Mills, along with some festivals throughout the region. We've already said some of these places many times over the last year, but always worth repeating, since it's such a crucial aspect of getting more fans into York Lions Stadium. Some new potential places to market to include transit such as TTC and VIVA, malls such as Yorkdale, Markville, Hillcrest, Promenade and Fairview, festivals at Downsview, Unionville, Mel Lastman and etc, and youth clubs in Brampton & North York. The new SG that sprouted up out York U is fantastic btw.
  7. My last and actually serious entry is... the TTC Derby
  8. Ha I went to look at Google Maps to make sure but yeah the 427 definitely doesn't make any sense, and the 400 doesn't go far enough to make sense either ha. Line 1 kinda works but really... This is just the Toronto Derby, pure and simple. Maybe the GTA Derby. I will slap anybody that tries to call it the 6ix Derby, haha.
  9. Nice, now something like that would definitely cause a tweet like that, lol. Will watch the space, who knows what it could be.
  10. I have zero idea what the tweets refer to exactly, but whatever he must have heard must be even bigger than Jimmy, if I had to guess.
  11. I thought it was gonna be Scarborough too, L'Amoreaux lol, and then a buddy pointed out that it's most likely going to be at OSC.
  12. MD3 got Y9 goal of the year as well. Well-deserved for sure. CPL Team of the Year? Sure, why not, could debate, but not the point I want to make. Y9 Player of the Year though? Absolutely no way imho. I saw Doner was sliding in on IG DMs asking for votes too lol, tho I dont know if that had much to do with it lol.
  13. For a reason, probably. Cox was okay, but mysteriously absent for so much of the season, especially away matches and the end of the season. Rollocks for me still has some ways to go. He's at least better up top than he is at wing.
  14. I thought Adjei's hold-up play was the best in the team all season, all things considered. Whether people felt it was relatively good or bad depends on how one feels about the club overall within the scheme of things.
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