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  1. A big reason why I choose not to wade into this thread if possible. Great points. We all know there are a couple dozen revenue sources for any professional club, but you'd have to be blind if you were at or saw some of those low-attended games at Y9, Edmonton or Pacific and not be at least slightly concerned for the clubs. Blind optimism will kill much faster than blind pessimism, because at least with the latter, you're far more likely to be spurred into action. I do hope everybody who is spending their time commenting on this thread or this forum who lives in the catchment area of a CPL club has done their active part in supporting their local CPL club. Season tickets, single tickets, food and bevvies, merch, invite their friends and fam. I'm sure the vast majority of us have, but you never know sometimes with some of the keyboard warriors out there. And keep it up. Keep doing what we can to add to the official attendance figures, it starts with us.
  2. I know the York Lions Stadium is literally a minute walk away from the subway, and it's easy to get to with the 400 or the 401 or even the 407 for those with the $, but it just seems that there aren't that many people willing to take the subway from other parts of the GTA to come watch Y9. An average Y9 fan has very little connection to York University on a typical weekend, even if they were alumni, it's just not the part of GTA an average soccer fan is going to go to on a weekend. What's more important is being close to a city centre, a downtown, where there are a lot of restaurants and attractions within reasonable distance, so that there are lots of options for both pre-games and post-games. I only brought up Y9 to draw parallels to what would be ideal stadium locations for a Fraser Valley/Metro Van CPL club, as it is the Metro Van CPL thread. Y9FC's experiences should help provide input into future expansion clubs, and I definitely urge CPL fans to look at major city centres as the priority for a future club. I'm assuming that is Burnaby/Metrotown/Swangard and Surrey/Whalley.
  3. I have seasons to both TFC and Y9 this year, and I have had seasons for TFCII and for the Fury in both NASL and PDL when I used to live in Ottawa. The biggest lesson I am taking away from the 2019 season for TFC and Y9 is that a CPL club has to have a nice stadium in a dense part of a metro area for it to thrive. There's some rumours in CanSoc circles in Toronto among long-time and well-connected V's, including those in CSA, about Y9's short-term future, and I absolutely hate to see it. My personal belief is that in the GTA, the location that has the greatest chance of thriving is downtown Sauga, because it's a dense part of the 2nd biggest city in the GTA, with lots of transit, and importantly is a place that Sauga people go to hang out or celebrate events, at Square One and Celebration Square. I used to live and go to school in Metro Van, and have friends in and driven out to Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, White Rock, North Van, Richmond, etc etc, and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but the only two places I can envision a CPL club thriving because it has transit and is close to a major downtown-like hub is Swangard for Burnaby, and possibly that BC Lions Training Centre, or a new/pop-up stadium, in Whalley/Surrey. I don't know Whalley much at all, so do excuse me if I'm incorrect on that. I'm glad Halifax has made pop-ups cool though. My gut reaction is that the family-oriented residential neighbourhoods in Surrey and Langley to me will be quite similar to what Y9 is going through, and will not be something you'll want to replicate. North York and Vaughan have a ton of soccer players and lots of families with $, but nobody goes to York University or the surrounding area for a downtown-vibe, and for me, that's what's troubled Y9 the most this 2019 season, in addition to the high ticket prices. In addition, families have lots of things to take their kids to on the weekend, it's just as important to take into account the 20's and 30's with no kids, which to me is the vast majority of my fellow TFC supporters. And the vast majority of the Gen IX that I will stand at Y9 with if I don't have to bring my kid or can't make it to the game cuz I have to take my kid somewhere. I keep doing the best I can here for Y9, and I hope the best for a Fraser Valley CPL. Will 100% make sure to visit.
  4. I was hearing that Newton is the roughest part of the city, and Whalley/City Centre is getting better and stuff? I dont live in Metro Van anymore, so I could very well be wrong, but just what I heard. Anyways, I figure Skytrain access would help for CPL fans across Metro Van, and that being close to the Surrey city centre would give the team a more concentration of fans that can get to games close by. That seems to have worked for Halifax, and I think would work well for Sauga, and hopefully the Fraser Valley. For me, just looking at CPL and MLS as a whole, it always seems to be a smarter play to put the stadium near transit and a city centre or a downtown, rather than putting it in a residential, family-oriented neighbourhood.
  5. Former Vancouver boy here. I have some friends in both Langley and Surrey, and I think there's a huge difference between having a team in north Surrey near Skytrain versus a team north of Langley. The difference would be palpable to having a team in downtown Sauga versus a team at the far north end of Vaughan, which is the proposed future location for Y9. You're going to get a far more urban and concentrated number of fans with the former, close to a downtown. For me, the single biggest factor of Halifax's success is the stadium's proximity to downtown. The north Surrey area seems close enough to its commercial centre and to Skytrain to replicate some of that success, while this Langley location seems to have neither. I mean, I see that this thread was in agreement a year ago that north Surrey would easily be the best location for a Fraser Valley club, and I hope the investors continue to seek that location.
  6. Montecassino Hotel is likely your best bet if you want a hotel instead of an airbnb. It's near the Downsview TTC subway station, just a few stations south of the Pioneer Village TTC subway station that's a minute walk away from York Lions Stadium. Good luck.
  7. Same. Went straight to the point. Reduce ticket prices, spend much more on marketing, with some ideas including TTC, more VIVA, and more malls than Vaughan Mills, don't ignore North York malls/youth clubs, etc etc.
  8. Murofushi has actually been universally acclaimed by most Y9 fans as one of our most consistent and solid players all season long. Didn't come with much reputation either, I doubt anybody thinks that much highly of the Singaporean top flight. Cox is a really interesting situation. My friend and I have wondered if there's a medical condition that's keeping him from flying or something, because off the top of my head, I can't remember him having played much or even making the bench for away trips. Somebody else can take the time to check on the lineups if they wish, this is straight off the top of my head. If I were to make any suggestions to this team from Y9, based on the season as a whole, I think most Y9 fans would join me in pointing towards Porter and Di Chiara in particular. Not great technique or ball control from either of them, to say the least.
  9. No way? Damn that's amazing! Useless TSN, and goddamn friggin Sportsnet.
  10. Great to to hear you and your son had a good time. Not surprised at all that most of the parents on your son's team hadn't heard of the league, that's the vibe I get from the vast majority of my soccer-playing friends, I'm usually the one they first hear it from. To really reach the majority of soccer fans across the country, I still think and hope that CPL has got to get its game of the month onto TSN eventually rather than CBC. There are a lot of sporting events outside of soccer that I wouldn't hear about normally that I hear about simply from the commercials on during a TFC game on TSN or smth. And what you said about Pacific also reaffirms for me how stupid the CPL marketing team was to not include the city names in the club names. Nearly everybody I've talked to about CPL agrees on that point.
  11. Ben Z's promised it numerous times, that's all I got, but I don't think he's been the most reliable source at all lol, too biased in all of this obviously.
  12. Oh yeah, but the retention rate and the usage rate for real. As in, how much of that business revenue will keep coming back year after year. And, how many of the season seats bought with these business partnerships are actually using their tickets and buying some booze and hot dogs or whatever it is at the stadium. I only buy booze so I dont know what food they sell I honestly just loved the Wednesday game vs the Impact, and I hope we have regular fans keep coming back, they are what's going to drive this club forward.
  13. I'd assume the retention rate and the usage rate for businesses would be far lower than regular old fans with respect to season seats, that goes without saying. I'm totally happy Y9 got all the business sponsorship money, but anybody here who thinks that relying on that as a long-term viable strategy that makes up for a lack of regular old fans is deluding themselves and/or making excuses for the club. Y9 already has sent out emails to SSHs, asking them to come out and actually use their tickets. I'm glad lots more did so last Sunday and last Wednesday. I don't mean you obviously btw red card. I just want to say that to anybody that believes that, which I hope is nobody here. We all saw last Wednesday that cheap ticket prices brings all the people out, and I hope we have a far more robust season base of regular old fans next season for sure.
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