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  1. It was a bad choice, poorly executed. I don't think it was a strategy though, and will give him the benefit of the doubt that he changed his mind in the walk-up (it was not a run) seeing the keeper committed. But even if that's the case, the ball shouldn't have been anywhere near the left side of the net. If he knew the keeper was committed to going left, he's experienced enough to know to put the ball a bit to the right. If he aimed for the centre, it was just not that smart and really really poorly executed. And of course, if the strategy all along was to aim for the centre (and not a change of mind mid-walk up), then it was just poorly executed and the keeper was lucky he went the right way. But yes, some of the criticism is over the top.
  2. I'm guessing Russ got the call because the match was in front of his home crowd. Nothing more.
  3. Difficult spot though, eh. I hear you, but at the same time several guys traveled long distances and are battling for first team football. Larin included. I know it's frustrating, but these things happen. Liam will get his shot. And to be honest the time spent with the boys in camp and training are all more valuable than a ten minute stretch in a match that's already 4-1.
  4. Can someone provide a box score for me - goal scorers and approximate times. Can't seem to find this online, bizarrely.
  5. Yes, and for lifestyle, adventure and the hope of kickstarting the career I'd say some players in League 2 (fourth tier) would come over.
  6. Funnily, this popped up today. ITFC and Arsenal agreed compensation. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/35706/flores-compensation-agreed-with-arsenal
  7. Hmmm. I trust you, but even transfer market says GBP734,000 for Ben Knight, who's 16. I can't imagine they always count the add ons. To also be clear, the guy who runs twtd is a legit journalists with access to players, so it's not the typical "fan" site. There are often interviews with player and management posted.
  8. Not that many 737s in service, and limited airlines used them. I've flown four times without delay since the bans. It could be cost, but it's not technical flight issues.
  9. It does say something -- it says he has potential, that a top team is willing to pay for. Of course it doesn't say he's going to realize that potential... So which is it, is a fee outside of Premier League rules or do hundreds pay - bit inconsistent there, aren't you? Fees are definitely paid - we lost the fantastically names Charlie Brown for £600,000 a year ago and Ben Knight for £1,000,000 just weeks before Flores departed. I quote from the twtd.co.uk story " The Blues also face losing schoolboy Marcelo Flores to Arsenal with talks between the clubs regarding compensation having been ongoing for some months but with the Canadian youngster, whose father Ruben has been coaching at the academy, ultimately appearing certain to move to the Gunners." https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/34421/evans-slams-academy-compensation-system
  10. Some of their signings have been, um, peculiar to say the least. Still annoyed at using an international slot on a defender from the English 7th tier.
  11. It's nice to finally be discussing players left out who legitimately could have been included on the roster. We're still trying to hand out roster spots after a handful of professional matches, but it's a defender so I accept it in this case. The CanPL will only add to the speculative and after the fact roster nitpicking fun. Depth is emerging, slowly but surely. Good times ahead. For what it's worth, we're viewing this as an important match -- I like the Johnson selection for form and leadership. Edgar too, for leadership in training and to show some of the young players how they should act in the lead up to the match.
  12. ...and this is being viewed as a "must win" game. I'll take the veteran here, thanks.
  13. Interesting... Would love to see this for players with, say, 20+ MLS matches.
  14. Not to beat a dead horse, but no one cares that the former coach was sacked and the journalists paid to cover the sport didn't even ask why? Or that a replacement was named on the spot without a search (which may be in breach of federal sport funding rules)? These seem like normal questions in the course of the business.
  15. Mate, I don't get your reply. My comment was to the lack of media scrutiny in general - including asking CSA if a certain player was invited and turned us down (or even why a former coach was sacked). I agree we are in no position whatsoever to say player A should have been selected over player B. Who am I to say with the kid from Connah's Quay Nomads FC or from Big Players FC is better than the academy kid.
  16. This. This. This. This. This. It's a disgrace. But predictable. Don't report, then when it happens report "everyone knew". Wait for next situation. Repeat.
  17. @Grizzly Arsenal did not develop him, only getting him this year from my team - Ipswich Town. But Arsenal paid several hundred thousand pounds for the kid; that should tell you something about his potential.
  18. BCM

    Jordan Webb

    While people come to Asia for the money, something's not right here. The S-league doesn't pay very well. He'd get housing and tax rate is max 18% (maybe 16%) but the salaries are low. SGD is around par with Canadian dollar. Below is a figure from a recent(ish) news article, and since the federation hasn't sponsored him for citizenship it means they can't prove he'd be a regular national team contributor. That would likely put his salary around $4-6k a month on a 6 or 9 month contract (note, the average yearly salary in SG is around $70,000). The article also puts team spending on wages at 1.2 million (with 800k of it being a government subsidy!). "Channel NewsAsia understands that average squad members earn less than S$3,000 a month, while players who regularly feature in the national team can pull in S$5,000 to S$8,000. There are instances where an elite local player can earn up to S$10,000 a month, but the players who Channel NewsAsia spoke to said such cases are rare." And he's likely not there for the football... “Honestly, I can’t find a worse word than to describe (the S.League) as a graveyard for footballers. We are just denying the truth, no matter how hard we try. Everybody knows it and you can’t hide it,” said the player, who is on the books of one of the former S.League champions." https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/less-than-s-3-000-a-month-and-contract-worries-the-lot-of-the-av-7604810 So maybe it's time to come home to the CPL! I suspect he'd do well.
  19. Same. Move thread to where all the other player threads are housed.
  20. Well then CPL players are done too, since Calgary is signing a guy from the 6th/7th division and others are coming from lower down the European chain. Be careful.
  21. I see. Thanks. The Tulsa press release refers to the signing of the "Canadian duo"...
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