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  1. Seriously @Kent, you really don't think Vanney as coach of TFC would take an interest in and keep an eye on his players (especially one that wasn't expected to play and came on early)? Unfathomable.
  2. No appearance. There's still hope...
  3. BBC article, featuring Gale discuss the "unknown" and giving credit to Canada for the discovery. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49990258
  4. Will anyone else be in Melbourne for the game - and want to have a mini viewing party?
  5. Nice little article on his rookie year and rise to the national team https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/orlando-city-sc/orlando-city-rookie-defender-kamal-miller-making-most-of-opportunities/
  6. I don't think Vancouver would release him to be the 24th man, as it would be their choice and not a mandatory release.
  7. Nice article on our boy and his future. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49841881
  8. No, quite clearly it's because others (like the coaches) see his immense talent and want to destroy him.
  9. Reminds me of this MDS quote (which @apbsmith posted in the Bair thread):
  10. Australia may be physically in Oceania but for FIFA is in Asia.
  11. I realize this won't be popular, but to be fair we've bitched and complained about numerous youngsters not getting the chance with the Caps, but very few have actually had that much success immediately after leaving or on a level at par with MLS. Far more Jackson Farmer's than Sam Adekugbe's.
  12. I have only seen a few matches, but I agree with you he doesn't look out of place. My larger point was with someone with his poor pedigree the team should have expected a leader - and I am not sure they got one. So this relates to your last point - he's a veteran, and I believe he should be a team leader. Team unity and leadership has reportedly been questioned (captain acting like a fool calls leadership into question, which is why I mentioned it), so my point was simply that in the face of a very poor team performance (and if in fact leadership/unity is lacking) on a team which has performed below expectations I would have wanted a team leader to have acted differently. That's all. That's a point on his leadership, not playing ability. Maybe those who mention the void in team leadership and unity are mistaken, or exaggerating - interested in your views since you've seen all the matches?
  13. Gale signed Mitter, not the other players on other teams. And all the players on other teams - every one of them - avoided finishing last in the spring. Most of them will finish ahead of the Valour this 1/2 season (I'm thinking 6th but maybe 5th). So the point right now is to criticize a player signed in all likelihood for leadership on a team on or near the bottom of the league, that didn't react well when his young keeper was struggling through a dreadful performance. All this, mind you happens after the captain spits a dummy and gets suspended, and team unity appears to be crumbing. Not the actions of a leader. But sure, keep defending it with the fact that since Gale still picks him he and all must be great.
  14. Go back to his signing and I was shot down (by many) on this board for questioning (more like cringing at) it... I will say though, Janssens had a complete shocker and pretty much at fault for several of the goals. As a fellow keeper, it was hard to watch as with each goal his confidence went down and with it more mistakes. He needs to remember the golden rule of not looking back and only focusing on the next shot. Head up, young man.
  15. Yep, much less. I'll be back in Melbourne in early October @SthMelbRed - fancy a beer?
  16. I'm happy to say, "I was right". 🤩
  17. The coach should be made aware that he is, at some point, likely to transfer.
  18. Indeed, so what's his knock? Why hasn't he played more, and why has his career been in neutral for five years?
  19. BCM

    Ryan Telfer

    Wait, we played games five years ago?!
  20. We're coming at this from different angles. What I said is that salaries are lower in soccer - even at the top tier. So players and would-be players opt out. So my point, to which you seem to agree, is this just doesn't happen in the top leagues of the other sports because revenue and salaries are so much higher. That was the point of the comparison! We also likely agree that minimum salaries will only increase as revenue does - and it's heading in the right direction. But this brings me back to the original point -- it's not just players opting out of CPL but also USL and MLS. We're just not at the level that a minimum salary has mid-level six digits. So some guys may value the stability of a full time job at home, rather than living a "dorm room" style life with several teammates, struggling to get by away from home -- with the constant worry of getting cut or traded without notice.
  21. Just a few years ago the developmental contract was around $12,500. Minimum salary was terrible and now it's just decent (try living on it in NYC). Investment banks pay much more, and young managerial schemes pay on par - longer shelf life. Every year you have MLS players that walk away to do something else, for more money. Chicago Fire lost a damn good player at the end of last year, Brandon Vincent at age 24, who walked away to do something else. Fire lost Christian Dean to retirement at age 25 too, who wasn't a rising star but should have been heading in the prime of his career. TFCs general manager Ali Curtis was one too, who left for an investment banking career. You don't see MLB or NHL players just up and leave at 24 and 25 years old, but happens every single year to MLS teams.
  22. That's always going to be the case with soccer in North America, even at MLS level.
  23. " Odunze – who holds Canadian, United Kingdom, and United States citizenship –" So I guess he managed to acquire citizenship before departing. Still hope.
  24. He was also eligible for the US, don't forget.
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