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    BradMack reacted to Obinna in Jonathan David   
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    BradMack reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Jonathan David   
    I also felt that the fact that he scored made him more available to teammates, or at least they looked for him a bit more. At least he was more part of the set up. Now there was a Yacizi run where he missed David open, but he was being closed down. I get the sense that he'll win over his teammates by scoring, and then it will all even out with this business of them not passing to him.
    BTW, I predicted >10 on the season in that poll someone posted here.
    In general this whole team misses easy obvious passes in a pinch, they almost lost the game late by dumb dribbling and poor decisions by the mids.  They are constantly squandering decent breaks and attacking plays by erroneous decisions, it's really amazing at times. Not only David.
    Edit: I meant that not only David is affected negatively by this.
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    BradMack reacted to Michaels in Stefan Mitrovic   
    He is developing great, projected to go to another level this spring by Serbian experts
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    BradMack reacted to Shortdutchcanuck in Stefan Mitrovic   
    Highlights Stefan's Dad posted on Twitter.  Nice mix of size and physicality, has really filled out from pics I saw posted when he was 16 in the Open Trials.  If this January camp is a big one I hope we call him, should be added to Olympic candidates as well.
    For everyone who thinks Europe is all glamour though have a look at some of those fields!
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    BradMack reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Very happy for him. He needs to play first team football in a tight competitive environment with a good coach that will make him a better player. He had a good chat with Bowyer before signing and the goal is to get promoted. End of. A good driven team really good for his development... 
    another step on his pathway...

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    BradMack reacted to SthMelbRed in Liam Millar   
    Done deal!
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    BradMack reacted to PiedPilko in Stephen Eustaquio   
    Alright, I've progressed into new territories of unhealthy obsession, and emailed a Cruz Azul reporter who should have some internal contacts, about Eustaquio. She said that CA are desperate to sell their loanees, and would likely accept any reasonable offer for his services. She also confirmed that the previous manager had absolutely no interest in bringing him back.
    Cruz Azul do have a new manager with Juan Reyonso, but I doubt that Stephen is on the top of his to-do list with the burning fire of terrible-ness that CA has become. What this exchange did clarify, though, is that the team seems very willing to go over the manager's head to liquidate excess funds. With that info, Porto/Sporting might just let Eustaquio's contract run its course, but if they're worried someone is actually gonna make a bid on him, they might also be forced to do so themselves.
    So, summary... He could be on the move tomorrow, or at the end of the year, depending on who wants to force a bidding war. 
    Update: Not only the manager, but the team board is apparently uninterested in him, so I think there's a good chance something happens in this window. I won't pretend to understand their thought process, but that's how it is.
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    BradMack reacted to El Diego in Stephen Eustaquio   
    This is better reporting than 99% of (documented) journalists in Canada.
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    BradMack reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Flores I don’t think so but they are a few years apart in age (but they might)! I knew his father Ruben quite well back in Canada and we are friends on FB...but we don’t talk. 
    All the other lads here(NT players and fellow Canucks )  as far as I know all chat in group chats and to each other. Herdman so i am told has really made a family feeling with all the players and they do chat with each other a lot ( from what little I know) 
    Again a bit all 2nd hand as the info from my 21 year old is a little hit and miss lol
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    BradMack reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Sorry unfortunately I can’t comment much as things are on going and I can’t risk being quoted on Twitter. But know things are in the works. 
    As for Theo he’s a great player with loads of potential We are very happy for his success. Let’s hope he get his debut soon for Wolves.  Liam him chat often and he sent him a big congrats on his NT call up. 
    As for NT stuff with Liam again can’t comment on it. Sorry. 

    Be an interesting few weeks for sure 
    Happy New year to All!! 
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    BradMack reacted to SpursFlu in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    I like Adnan but a dp spot on a LB isn't the brightest strategy. Plus he's likely actually around 35 years old and doesn't seem to take his fitness very serious 
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    BradMack reacted to Dominic94 in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    Kid has to play, the DP spot is better used elsewhere.
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    BradMack reacted to N1ckbr0wn in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    ‘Caps fan here. I watched pretty much every minute Cristian played this past season, he’s going to be a great addition to our LB depth. I know a lot of Caps fans that’s would rather see Ali Adnan (formerly of Atalanta and Udinese, considered one of the best LB in the MLS) sold and Cristian become the starting LB. He’s strong on the ball, a good passer and has a really great left foot. Defensively he is also very strong, he did have his hiccups (bad Whitecaps team does not help a developing young defender) but any of those wrinkles in his defensive game can get ironed out with experience and coaching. Excited to see him finally rep the red and white!!! 
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    BradMack reacted to Bison44 in Michael Baldisimo   
    Maybe because Priso was playing pretty well in his cameo at 18 on a top team.  Although Baldisimo looked better though at 20 on a bottom half team.  They've both played for us as youth so I hope its not because Baldy is looking at the Philippines.  What a nice problem to have, which promising youngster on the verge of breaking into a MLS lineup should we bring with the last midfield spot?? 
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    BradMack reacted to Alex in Camp Poutine 2021 @ IMG in Florida Jan 9 -24   
    There was a time not long ago when a team like this would have been equivalent to our best squad. We are looking good!
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    BradMack reacted to Shway in Camp Poutine 2021 @ IMG in Florida Jan 9 -24   
    Aint that the truth....the fact that there's no NCAA guys or Unattached FC players is the testament. Also the fact that we are having conversations about guys who played substantial minutes with MLS and were not called. These are some special times. 
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    BradMack reacted to SthMelbRed in Jonathan David   
    For clarity, the 75th minute begins from the 74:01 mark. Take your L and move on. 😀
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    BradMack reacted to Obinna in Jonathan David   
    As frustrating as it has been for David, the reality is that our best player is a regular for the Bundesliga leaders and our second best player is a regular for the Ligue 1 leaders. That’s pretty good as far as Canadian soccer goes. 
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    BradMack reacted to Snowcrash in Jonathan David   
    Eustaquio would have sprung him for a breakaway from the centre line.
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    BradMack reacted to JuicyHam in Jonathan David   
    Lille is clearly a good team and Bamba is obviously a good player all things considered but this is such an inexcusable part of his game and a larger issue of Lille's offence. I know we keep harping on about it but it's so frustrating with or without David on the field
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    BradMack reacted to SthMelbRed in Jonathan David   
    "Once again, Lille guilty of running with the ball when they should be looking to release it."
    Thank Fucking You! FFS!
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    BradMack reacted to Dominic94 in Theo Corbeanu   
    He’s closer than we think, those guys will get more chances and sooner because they cost more, but Corbeanu is forcing Wolves hand here. Once he breaks into the 18 he’s likely not leaving the 18, he is going to play for Wolves it’s a matter of time.
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    BradMack reacted to Snowcrash in Jonathan David   
    In Gent, David played at the top of a diamond behind two skilled target men in Yaremchuk and Depoitre. Gent didn't play with classic wingers so most of the attack went up the middle through David.  Also, the ball never stuck to players like Olajide or Owusu so David's runs were rewarded much more than at Lille. 
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    BradMack reacted to Obinna in Jonathan David   
    But the difference is that even though Giovinco had a tendency to hog the ball and dribble around players, he would also combine with others too. I never see that with Ikone. He will pass the ball when he is forced to recycle possession, or if he is crossing into the box, but he rarely (if ever) plays off his teammates to get around defenders. David on the other hand relies on this heavily, which is why his movement is so fantastic. Ikone and David are both very talented, but they could not be more different.  
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    BradMack got a reaction from dyslexic nam in Jonathan David   
    I rip on him, bamba and yazici a ton, but honestly it reminds me of watching TFc with Giovinco. Gio would just take the ball and put his head down and go, the difference is TFC won games like that because Gio could pretty much run the attack by himself.. Lille wins despite that, usually because they sub a couple of those guys out for players who combine. 
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