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  1. Welcoming to the 2022 CPL season, the Ol'Impact Laval Eh's...😉
  2. Who else is not seeing their tickets on the Centre Circle app? I used the same email to create my account on the app as what I used to puchase the tickets through paypal. It asks me to sign into ticketmaster for some reason, even though the tickets were not purchased through ticketmaster. It tells me on the Centre Circle app that I have not ordered any tickets! Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks! All set now, big Thanks to James Hutton for the help!
  3. I'm hoping to pick up a couple scarves at shoeless tonight but I was wondering roughly what time everyone will be leaving for the march to the stadium?
  4. I wonder if there was some find of fee to use it that made tickets more costly. If so, I'm glad they were afforded the No-bell Price...
  5. As a TFC fan I would be fine with the bell, as long as they don't get confused and ring it for the blue and black of Curacao...
  6. Not yet, was hoping we might have a dedicated supporters section.
  7. Organizing a group of friends for Toronto on the 11th and Montreal on the 13th
  8. Booked July 5th to 19th off work, so barring the heat death of the universe, I'll be at all 3 games.
  9. What day are you flying out? possibility of an in-flight Voyageurs pre-game party Michael
  10. A work emergency kept me from the WCQ against E.S. so this would be my make-up trip
  11. I am seriously considering going to this. Will most likely book my own place on airbnb for a week or so but would like to know what dates people are planning on going. I'll be travelling solo so I wouldn't mind meeting up with a few fellow Voyageurs to explore the area. Michael
  12. Hi Jamie; I've been thinking about going down for 2 weeks starting Feb. 15th. I'm trying to convince a couple friends to tag along, need to work things out like whether we would stay near the airport in Alajuela (30 min. east of San Jose) or opt for an ecolodge near the barva volcano (90 min. north of San Jose) I have to decide if i'm going soon so I'll keep you posted. Michael
  13. I'll be driving up from Toronto on Monday night. Probably will be too late to make the kick-about but I'll be there for the viewing party Tuesday a.m. Michael
  14. I drove from Toronto - Edmonton - Vancouver for the WWC. Driving solo It took me 3 days from vancouver straight back to Toronto. Was about 15 hours driving time each day and 4500 km total, but I didn't take the shortcut through the U.S. If you have the time it is a beautiful drive and not too expensive. I slept in the car at designated roadside rest areas for the ultimate in cheap travel Also you get to brag that you drove through 4 Provinces in 1 day, if you time it right
  15. I'll be going to the June 4 game in Toronto and driving to Ottawa for the one on June 7th. both games will be me +1
  16. you gave me a great idea, now I know what I'll be wearing at the next game
  17. I woke up in a bad mood today, but this instantly made me cheer up well said Rob
  18. Pretty sure that was a sarcastic response to the suggestion of singing "i believe that we will win" which is an American chant.
  19. Posted this in the pre-game march thread and got some positive feedback so I figured I'd add it here. DeGuzman is turning 35 on Friday and being honoured for becoming the all-time caps leader. This would be more of a serenade than a chant, but I think it would be a nice gesture To the tune of Hey Jude by The Beatles Hey Jules, don't play it back Take a touch 'round, the first defender Remember to look for Cyle in the box Then you can cross for him to header Hey Jules, in red you're clad We're all with you, in this together We lo
  20. Maybe we can alternate red and white, a Tifro of sorts
  21. Sounds good, cheapest I could find was $10 http://www.partycity.ca/search.do?query=afro
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