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    Mango reacted to narduch in Daniel Jebbison   
    So we'll have to wait until he's 31 to find out.
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    Mango reacted to _Vic_ in Jessie Fleming   
    Imagine being 23 and having played for your senior national team for eight years.
    Career-wise she's just out of school and getting started, she's in the best place in the world she could be, she trains with the best players in the world and the cultural and language issues are manageable. It takes time to adjust from playing and training day in and day out with university players to the best in the world. It's a process and it just takes time. The recipe and ingredients are world class.
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    Mango reacted to Watchmen in OneSoccer   
    I don't. Not because I have anything against One Soccer, but because more and more leagues are going behind a paywall in this country and I don't think that's healthy for the sports growth.
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    Mango reacted to CanadaFan123 in WCQ: Canada vs Bermuda - March 25th 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific - Orlando FL   
    What an idiotic statement. He was a Nantes player btw.
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    Mango reacted to Dominic94 in CPL General   
    This was left field and man did Nef and Rollins just lose so much credibility. They literally each reported last week that there was virtually 0 chance and no investor.
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    Mango reacted to red card in New Canadians abroad   
    Lawrence scores in CL blowout.
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    Mango reacted to Shway in Canadian Dual Nationals 2.0 Edition, Chase for the 5 stars   
    Pretty disrespectful to our former Captain, and most capped player. But I won’t call you any names for it. 

    When you talk about all time greats in Canadian football - Julian De Guzman will and always should be mentioned. 
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    Mango reacted to MM3/MM2/MM in Olympic Qualifying U24 Tournament - Guadalajara Mexico - March 18 to 30 2021   
    Removed from the 2020 Preliminary Roster:
    Boakye, Borges, Boskovic, M. Choiniere, Kinumbe, Kouzine, Legault, Millar, Miller, Mohammed, Zanatta, Le Bourhis.
    Added to 2021 Preliminary Roster:
    Corbeneau, M. Baldisimo, D. Choiniere, Marshall-Rutty, Curcija, Dias, C. Gutierrez, B. Paton, C. N'Sa, Priso, S. Simpson, Farsi.
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    Mango reacted to Shway in General Discussion on CMNT   
    If we aren't faced with restrictions on who can be called up during the March window.
    Here's how I would build both teams for March fixtures:

    - 24 guys for the WCQ (since it doesn't seem like there are rules on how much guys you can have).
    - Notable omissions: WCQ  = Ferreira (although it seems likely that he would be included) & James. OQ = Shaffelburg, Halbouni, Dunn, 
    - This factors in that some players (Millar, & Paton) wouldn't be released for OQ but would be for WCQ.
    - This factors in that some players (Brym, Corbeanu, Borges) would be available for OQ due to their club situations. 
    I believe with this squad makeup we could have our core guys together for what would be the first time in almost 17 months, and have a strong U24 team that is strong enough to qualify.
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    Mango reacted to Yohan in Shame on TSN and Sportsnet   
    Hudson... he's so overdramatic that it's ridiculous.
    I swear he's secretly fapping under the broadcast table cuz he sounds like he's orgasming whenever a goal goes in
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    Mango reacted to VinceA in The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira   
    It's sad that 28 year old and injury riddled Ricardo Ferreira has finally decided we're good enough for him.
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    Mango reacted to CanadaFan123 in The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira   
    This guy has played 6 minutes this season... why is this even worth an announcement? Gutierrez and Corbeanu never had announcements and are much more significant. 
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    Mango reacted to archer21 in Ayo Akinola   
    We can’t get upset that journalists don’t cover Canadian soccer enough, then get upset at Canadian journalists for covering Canadian soccer. IF he was told on the record by a reliable source that Yankov was coming, of course he’s going to report it.
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    Mango reacted to The Beaver 2.0 in Camp Poutine 2021 @ IMG in Florida Jan 9 -24   
    Ballou Tabla
    Status: Its complicated
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    Mango reacted to Filip in Camp Poutine 2021 @ IMG in Florida Jan 9 -24   
    I know this is somewhat old but my account just got approved
    Romania is in a bad moment with a new inexperienced manager and a dozen players missing for covid and injury, and yeah the last ten years has been the worst decade ever .. but still not that terrible. Lazio veteran Stefan Radu not playing for the national team hasn’t helped either , or injury prone Florin Andone and Vlad  Chiriches
    Seem to be making a comeback though, U21s qualified to second Euros in a row after making semis in 2019. a few players starting to show up in Italy
    Radu Dragusin played in a couple games for Juve already at 18 as a CB, and newly turned 18yo AM/CM Catalin Cirjan is in Arsenal’s first team now too, but neither of them were called to the seniors because they’re not ready (and only Dragusin played for the U21s so far, 2 caps. both are fully Romanian leaving the country at 16 btw)
    So I think it’s the same with Corbeanu, glad he’s doing well for the U23s at Wolves but an appearance on their bench in the Prem doesn’t mean he’d be considered yet for the national team. That said Romania probably should have approached him after the way he played with the U19s, seems to have a good future,  he could have at least gone to the U21 Euros with Dennis Man going to seniors recently, but I’m happy it looks like Canada’s got another talent coming up. I hope Flores sticks around too 
    as a Canadian-Romanian, looking forward to the futures of both countries in football seeming to be on the rise 👍
    Canada in particular deserves this for all the investments made and all of the dual nationals choosing other NTs over the years. Davies has really helped lead the path and give these kids confidence in Canada’s future. Helps to be hosting WC 2026 too
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    Mango reacted to LeoH037 in Camp Poutine 2021 @ IMG in Florida Jan 9 -24   
    I watched most of Minnesota's game just because of St. Clair, and tbh, without him, Minnesota doesn't make it as far as they did this last season, period. St. Clair kept them in games they had no business being in. Besides, Max hasn't been playing lately, so right now, based on form alone, St. Clair should be the number 2 keeper, and tbh, would personally be comfortable with him starting if Borjan was not available. 
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    Mango reacted to nolando in Juvy Kooner   
    Surrey United/ Caps/Lank FC product, turns 19 next week. Has been involved in a few national team youth camps under both Jazic and Gale. Looks to be projecting to be a LB/CB.
    The link below heavily promotes Lank FC/Academy, which Google searches lead me to believe is a business operation originally out of Trinidad, who helped bring and settle him to Portugal for the past year or so. Lank bought 90% of a fourth tier Portuguese club, Vilaverdense to presumably drive forward their plans to market and sell young players to European clubs: http//www.lankfootballnews.com/lank-fc-acquires-90-of-vilaverdense-sad--groupo-lank-fc-detem-90-da-sad-do-vilaverdense

    The video mentioned he had an ACL injury last year and Braga must think highly of him to have signed him after recovering from something of that magnitude this young.
    The contract-signing video: 
    Congrats and good luck to the kid. We could use some more breakthrough players coming out of BC.
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    Mango reacted to dalglish07 in Janine and Drew Beckie Interview   
    Episode #33 - Janine and Drew Beckie
    Episode #33 - The Snobs are joined by Janine and Drew Beckie. What a pure pleasure to interview two incredible Canadian athletes who are both extremely humble and hard working. How could anyone not love these two? Janine Beckie is currently a star forward on the Canadian Women's National team as well as Manchester City in England's Women's Premier League! Drew Beckie played PDL under Marc, Jason and Stephen as well as with the Ottawa Fury NASL and USL teams. They both have some great life stories that people can learn from as well as some fun sibling rivalry. How do they handle Marc's Rapid Fires and Would you rathers? Tune in an find out.
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    Mango reacted to dyslexic nam in Ayo Akinola   
    While Ayo has played in the US youth setup, my understanding is that he has never dismissed Canada.  He obviously would have some affinity for this country considering he grew up here and still lives here.  If he chooses to play for us, I will cheer him on like crazy. He is a good young striker who has options in front of him.  I will wait until he either explicitly ties himself to the US or blatantly respects us before being critical.  To date, he hasn’t done anything I object to.  
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    Mango reacted to BradMack in Jessie Fleming   
    I think the environment is probably great for her. Remember Davies didn't get much of a chance at first with Bayern, there is definitely a transition period. Also look at that Chelsea squad. 
    Also, you did get to see Leon go on a great run and cross for a tap in. 
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    Mango reacted to archer21 in Ayo Akinola   
    Not sure how this is worse than those other cases. He was born in the USA, it’s not like just his grandpa was born there or something 
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    Mango reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Dominik Yankov   
    They playin' ball yo, we ain't.
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    Mango reacted to Obinna in USA National Team Watch   
    Plus I wouldn't blame Ayo for choosing a program that actually plays. I would be disappointed, but not surprised and definitely would not blame him.
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    Mango reacted to bwilly11 in Canadian Dual Nationals 2.0 Edition, Chase for the 5 stars   
    Ferreira is off my wish list. He's delusional. I would rather we develop young guys who are proud to rep the flag, not some guy taking our calls for granted. Thats just me though..
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    Mango reacted to dyslexic nam in Dominik Yankov   
    The bar is now closed folks.  Time to go home. 
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