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    Lifelong lover of the beautiful game. Recent newcomer to actively supporting our national teams - don't know what took me so long! Otherwise reader of books, frisbee thrower, seeker of knowledge, arguer and trivia lover.

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  1. Rugby scrums to start each half - definitely need to toughen the players up.
  2. I of course meant larger nets - clearly I should be asleep - see @Levi Oakey's post for the more logical option on the nets. But did I mention using neon colours for lines?
  3. They're going to introduce light-up soccer balls for night games and smaller nets to increase goals.
  4. Problem with staying within MLS is that he's still considered an international for the American teams - will he get enough of an offer (or any) that are worth his while? I think that what @shermanator said might appeal to him - becoming the face of the new league. Also, if they can sign someone like him then maybe some of the overseas guys will be willing to come home. Not to mention the mid-range players that are in the USL right now. Would love to see Nana back in Canada for instance.
  5. Haha - we keep trying to make them shorter, there's just always so much to talk about!
  6. About 40 minutes in if you want to listen: http://vocalminority.ca/episode-186-170509-mormonfuzzy/ Surprised yet not surprised when this was whispered in my ear.
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