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  1. The 1st half against Germany was the best soccer the baby reds had played in the whole tournament. The defence and GK were less than stellar in this game. St. George was sorely missed. Mayi Kith and Jones were extremely weak. Yekka has the pace but she has to work on her crosses. Fleming is good but she could not keep up with big physical strikers like Garcia. Am pleased with their effort overall and hopefully they will gain valuable experience from this. Other than Yekka and Fleming, perhaps Levasseur will get a call up to the senior team (the U-20 team is more likely).
  2. Only caught glimpses of the game because of work. No doubt Garcia was big and physical. She almost threw Fleming off the pitch in the first half!
  3. Good call. Venezula had just won 1-0 against Italy.
  4. I recall in the Olympic semi final game, U.S. was extremely physical. Heather O'Reilly almost broke D-Scott legs late in the game with a vicious tackle and the Destroyer was never the same after that.
  5. I am all for calling up the youngsters to play for the senior team. My point is Jessie Fleming does not have the physique like Yekka. She may not be able to handle all the 'rougness' in the senior level. That being said, I am hoping Herdman will phase out most of the veterans like Moscato, Timco etc and inject Yekka, Fleming, Quinn, Fletcher etc into the line up. I rather see a young team lose(and learn) than watching the veterans ecked out 1-0 losses against top teams.
  6. Japan had just beaten Paraguay 10 to 0. When will our girls attain these level of creativities and tactical skills?!
  7. I did see this and was not impressed with Herman's gamemanship. He should just concentrate on coaching. If he has any guts at all, he would have phased out veterans like Baxter, Moscato etc and just go with youngsters like Eurike, Quinn, Shardosky etc by now. I do have to give him credit for bringing in Buchanan and Yekka. The senior team also lacks pace in the final third. Perhaps converting Yekka to a striker may not be such a bad idea at all.
  8. For the first 10 minutes we had problems dealing with the pace of of the Koreans but we managed to settle down a bit after that. Yekka had a brilliant game and saved a sure goal in the second half. Jessie Fleming fared better in the 1st half than the second. I thought Foster would have gotten the start as Kerr had a poor showing in the last game. Kerr seems to have problems defending set pieces. Not too impressed with Gill either. We were fortunate to salvage a tie from this game. The Koreans were the better team as they rarely waste any passes. They also had a lot of pace and w
  9. I recall that Sinclair said in an interview with Stephen Brunt(?) that she did not want to play in Europe. She prefers to play in North America. She is obviously playing in the NWSL for a lot less money. She did however get substantial endorsements last year. McLean magazine estimated her annual income as $350,000.00 but that is another topic.
  10. We did run out of gas in the second half. They were letting the Germans coming on to them as they was backing up into a defensive shell in the second half. They were unfortunate not to have a 3 - 0 lead though as Yekka barely missed with her shot. That could have put the game away! We completed dominated the first half and had played a sound possession game. A strategy that the John Herdman had been advocating but the senior team had yet to deliver. Could it be Beverely Priestman is a better coach than Herman? Was extremely impressed with Fleming and Yekka but not so much with t
  11. Duane Rollins is right. Herdman's excuse of we are still in the rebuilding phase is getting lame. Have not been impressed with his decisions so far. D-Scott was a sub 2 of the 3 games played. His continue obsession with Zurrer and they still had trouble dealing with teams with pace. The finishing had been lacking (against the top teams) as well. Not too optimistic about this team's chances in the 2015.
  12. Couldn't have said it better myself. With this being said, our defense did perform well and had been steadily progressing every game. Josee's performance was encouraging and hopefully it will bring some positive vibe to the team's attack.
  13. "Originally Posted by The Ref" Someone ought to give Wambach a whistle as she is telling the referee what to call with total impunity and the referee without much personality and authority let herself be influenced by this woman antics. Insofar as Canada play, I thought for a moment we were back to the old days of kick and run. Our ball control is brutal, our vision is color blind and our passes are still off the ground and blind as well. I like Sesselmann and Buchanan on the back. Why is Herdmann still believing that Baxter is our salvation is beyond my wildest imagination. Wambac
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