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  1. If a couple of young gems can be discovered or you can convince a borderline dual-national to commit and play in the Gold Cup that could be vital depth for the final round...
  2. Saw this on twitter....how many points will it take to crack the top four?? Twenty minimum? Top 3 are we thinking 25 points? Charting the path to those points is the interesting part
  3. First thing will be the Feds loosening the restrictions then it'll be on....not sure Ontario will be ready for fans in Sept...but Montreal sure will be
  4. Like maybe next month in the Gold Cup?? haha
  5. I think Canada would be best served sending in a B squad to the Gold Cup...this will be crucial in developing the depth thats going to hopefully be needed for the 14 games in the Octo
  6. I expect a 3-1, type win for Canada Tuesday on a proper pitch in Chicago..any away win in WCQ is like gold....
  7. Watching USA-Costa Rica and I knew the Ticos golden generation got old but man they are getting torched tonight
  8. Nicarauga nearly scored off that free kick
  9. Jamaica never a bad place to visit haha
  10. This tweet summed the game up lol
  11. agree as a non-native spanish speaker in this context it does mean asshole and isn't an anti-gay slur..but rules be rules I guess
  12. The "puto" chant has been an issue for years with Mexico specifically....
  13. Thats it...thats the chant....CONCACAF has been shutting down games for that chant as part of the anti-discrimination policy
  14. Well now the match has been stopped....Mexico fans w/their chant
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