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  1. Since I've got a place in Cambridge I'm selfishly hoping for a KW team....but Quebec definitely needs a team first IMO....
  2. Hypothetically if they got a team would they play at SMF Field or would they get a pop up stadium?
  3. I could live with this a lot more than the current format...wouldn't like it but its an improvement
  4. This is a great take...Canada, Haiti, Panama, Honduras, T&T, Curacao are the ones who are really getting screwed and you could throw El Salvador in there also if they get booted out of the top six
  5. I hope this is not the case....I'm fine with using NL games as pseudo Qualifying but limiting it to 6 is weird...I'm ok with twelve and play 3 groups of 4 with top two going to the hex...
  6. The power of the El Tri fanbase right there
  7. If Berhalter was smart he'd be using the Nations League games to work in a lot of the younger guys that played in the U20 World Cup and have them be the core for World Cup Qualifying...start phasing Bradley out for sure...Altidore has maybe this last cycle left in him...
  8. A large number of the El Tri fans at the game are probably Americans...probably a significant portion of the potential USMNT fan base there (but that's another story about USSF and their terrible job reaching out to the latino market) Basically any USA-Mexico game in the US outside of just a couple of venues are Mexico home games in essence
  9. Thought the first 15 minutes the US totally dominated Jamaica...thought Cannon played great and threw Jamaica off...McKennie was a monster as well...the weather delay was a big break for Jamaica they made some tactical adjustments and settled in...the US adjusted again at the half though and to me controlled things...easily their best performance under Berhalter IMO Mexico is better overall and should handle the US but barring a big win for Mexico dont believe a loss will move the needle too much for the Americans...
  10. Other than a couple of guys out with injury I'd say it was....John Brooks, Tyler Adams and then maybe Altidore up front would be the guys for sure would be in the lineup...Yedlin might slide in somewhere too as he's hurt also....I think Weah is better than Arriola and would probably be out there if he didnt prefer playing in the U-20 World Cup
  11. I had Canada at 3 (not much better) just a shocking collapse tonight....
  12. I think Canada is easily the third best team in the tournament and rising....it was hard to read much of anything from the USA-Panama game....US started a totally new starting eleven and Panama didnt seem to be super interested either with nine new players...from a US perspective the only thing noteworthy was Altidore played 80 minutes and probably worked off a lot of rust...
  13. Any fans from Canada on the board who are making the trip if you need any Houston suggestions on where to stay or grab a bite to eat let me know...
  14. Group B and D and has first place on the line in both groups....I think Haiti plays the Ticos closer than people think... First time expanding to 16 teams so some of the groups may be a little lopsided early.....but in the long run those countries will be helped by advancing to this tournament
  15. T&T looked bad....US looked very dangerous and could have easily scored 8 or 9...
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