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  1. I haven't insulted anyone or used foul language. I can assure you that what might come across as anger is actually frustration.
  2. I think you'll find most of your post applies to only one person. I disagree with a lot he says too. Generally, Caps fans take offense to 'Caps hate Canada', because we are CMNT fans. Generally, most Caps fans here agree that the lack of 1st team min is bad, but see the long term plan and believe its working - see U20 and U17 rosters. On the flip side, you'll notice not one of the Caps hate Canada crowd will answer my question - why do you think that is?
  3. I will ask Jonovision about question #2. Can you let me know about #1 & #3? I'm not sure what TRM or changing one's mind has to do with what I asked?
  4. Great thanks. Just a few clarifications would be appreciated. 1. Does the team at the bottom automatically 'hate Canada'? or is there a threshold you'd be happy with? 2. Does the percentages include CC and CCL? 3. Are there any bonus points for minutes from players that are developed by the club? As we all know the key for Canada is a deeper and better playing pool rather than minutes for the old guard who have already shown aren't good enough.
  5. The discussion was very specific and to include guys in there early 20's who weren't developed at the club isn't being honest.
  6. Can you be specific. That is a link to a lot of things.
  7. I'm really curious why no one will answer my question?
  8. TFC didnt develop Osorio or Bekker.
  9. Here's an honest question for the Caps hate Canada crowd - At what point will the criticism stop? I'm looking for specifics. Is it 8 Canadians on the roster? 2 guys with over 1000min played in all competitions? 4 guys with 500min played in all competitions? Certain amount of CMNT caps in a year? Certain amount of U23, U20, U17 Caps in a year?
  10. Are you suggesting that you're able to better evaluate talent than Robinson? Not that your points deserve much attention, but Alderson was on loan last year in Charleston and if Fisk was half the player he's made out to be on this forum he'd be an MLS all star.
  11. I don't understand. Do the Caps hate Canada or have have they given tens of thousands of minutes? I don't think patient is a word I'd use.
  12. I see the other side of the coin, the process and the long term plan. You want it now. It's all been said before, not sure what else I can add that you havent already heard.
  13. So your point is the Caps cut 3 players who are now bench players on teams in lower leagues than MLS? This has to stop, this thread is cringeworthy. If you're a true CMNT supporters than be pleased for this. Masster said it best - this is best for the player. It gives Alderson the opportunity to go play somewhere where he isnt stuck behind 3 very good and very young DM and get regular playing time. All the best to him and good luck to him.
  14. Beat me to it, official - Alderson and Mitchell http://www.whitecapsfc.com/news/2014/11/wfc-part-ways-alderson-and-mitchell
  15. Wait till you read the Bryce Alderson thread.
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