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  1. So because they give up in the stadia that you visit we should give up here? Do you prefer that supporters observe a period of silence before supporting again? When our team goes down that is the very fucking moment to double the effort. They need our boost then. Not after a period of feeling shame and abandonment. UnnamedTrialist, you are advocating the most unproductive type of support. Be silent yourself if you can't handle adversity. But don't tell me we can't push our team on when they falter.
  2. We know who he is. Long-ish time Voyageur by the look of his scarf which was not the standard one. But we know his name and haunts. He took a smoke bomb that was dropped by someone else and tossed it on the pitch. He then pointed at two uninvolved people as if they had done it. He will be dealt with.
  3. You may want to reread your past posts in this thread. There are numerous 'attacks'. And I agree with your first sentence entirely. So why don't you stop trying to alienate anyone who disagrees with you? Or maybe just try to be polite. This discussion is best had in person. You should have no trouble finding us. We are not looking for trouble. We just want to do our thing.
  4. I don't understand your reference here. As you saying that it is ok for you to hate and disparage people who think differently from you, so long as you are not alone in doing it? We may not be able to agree on approaches to support but we can remain civil. Your unsolicited attacks are unnecessarily antagonistic.
  5. 114 is still V's at Canada games. We are all V's for Canada. Take your irrational and illogical hate somewhere else Califax.
  6. I am definitely up for a massive banner/tifo. I would love to help organize it. Local Toronto footy fans have a lot of free weekends up until May 10 and then it will probably be pretty tight for free weekends as TFC will have a flood of home matches. I suggest we come up with an idea and try to get it done before then. I'll be buying 4-6 bolts of banner cloth in February-ish for the TFC home opener. Perhaps we can put the two orders together to save some cash? The luxury boxes under the east side upper deck could pose a problem. They are not sold as obstructed viewing. Additionally, I doub
  7. Back to planning: I will try to be there early to make sure we have flag poles. Please let me know by 4ish Tuesday if you need some or if there is anything in storage at BMO you want brought out. Do we have any railing banners for this? I can bring out the 'Born and Raised' with the Canadian flag running through the letters if we don't have many. (Obviously I won't hang the TFC and SG114 parts of it.). We had it up at the U20WWC matches.
  8. I forgot zip ties. Please bring some if you have them.
  9. Great pics! Too bad the flag waver is so ugly...
  10. That was Eli's first time on the stand for a Canada game. He's still trying to figure out what chants we use. Everyone should feel free to pipe up and start some to help him out.
  11. I put the 6-7 poles that we snuck in under the 112 capo stand. I'll take them out pre game and put them under the seats in the first row of 113 on Friday. If we need more let me know. There are a couple of banners in storage that we need to get out on Friday so I can always grab more poles. They were literally turning away fans with smaller flag poles on the way in so I thought we were screwed. I figured I'd sneak some out of storage and have them confiscated after their first use. As it turned out security actually kept an eye on my flag to keep people away from it when I went to get beer
  12. CORRECTION: we have flag poles!!! And tape and zips, get in here!
  13. No flags allowed. They are turning people away with small poles.
  14. Just heard from Bree. She is going to text me when she gets to BMO and has the key to the lock up. I'll post here later when poles are 100% confirmed, but it's looking good. I'll grab about 15. Let me know if you think we need more.
  15. I plan on being in the stadium at 7, if not earlier. Kick off is at 8, so that should leave enough time to get ready.
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