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  1. Why is only SNWL showing the games today. Not really a common channel.
  2. http://the11.ca/2013/06/01/airds-name-on-gold-cup-35-man-list-process-to-make-him-canada-eligible-can-begin/ Has he agreed to join Canada by being named to the 35 man roster? According to this, they still seem like they are trying to persuade him to join Canada.
  3. Julian apparently was suggesting that his brother could be bluffing about his international future? Is this a joke? "On Thursday morning at Toronto FC training, Julian was asked by a reporter about Jonathan's latest proclamation, to which the TFC midfielder chuckled while suggesting that de Guzman the younger might actually be bluffing. Yes, bluffing." http://www.goal.com/en-ca/news/4173/canadian-national-team/2012/06/14/3174336/rudi-schuller-quit-playing-games-with-canadian-hearts
  4. Still some time away and a lot could change but where do you see Hart headed?
  5. What does Lensky's trial mean for the whitecaps and his international future? Will he go back to the Czech assuming he fights off his inner demons or will he consider a switch back to Canada. If he gets back to form, would we welcome him back the way we are certainly welcoming JDG2? Would he even consider a switch back given his isolation in Europe?
  6. The back right now for Canada should probably look like this..... de Jong (if healthy) edgar McKenna Hainault
  7. Peters time with the senior team probably will have to wait quite awhile. He would be an interesting option at RB but his lack of playing time will keep him out of the senior team.
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