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  1. Don't be too sure haha, if your kids were superstars and have the chance to be a top players on the England team, competing for the World Cup and Euro Cup.... Are you really that 100% confident that they wouldn't be the least bit tempted (not to mention you would probably be as equally tempted to see your kids at that stage). Kind of beats playing Dominicana at a run down stadium don't you think..
  2. Guys lefevre will be a nice addition to the team. You guys are under rating him. Right off the bat, he is better then Ouimette who always gets called up by floro.
  3. Their rosters are pretty good. Also Jamaicas goalkeeping is pretty good in my opinion.
  4. Figured Roberts wouldn't have made this squad, but it's too bad because I think he could have made it over 1 or 2 guys
  5. I'm very excited about him too and I think he will do well for us. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves, he played 2 games against Dominicana. Let's see how he does against stronger opponents guys...
  6. Look, I agree that we shouldn't waste our time talking about a guy who doesn't seem like he wants to play for us....But to compare Hoilett to some of the guys we currently have and say he "doesn't change the equation too much for us" is clearly biased opinion since he might not join. That statement is 100% false and he would help our team a lot.
  7. I don't think the Junior Hoilett story will end here regardless. You know that...
  8. The roster has to be released 30 days before the start of the tournament so I think the deadline is tomorrow.
  9. Yes you can do that to try and send some sort of message to those players who have been committed....but frankly it Won't really make much of a difference to the players opinion of the situation if you just start him to the rest of the upcoming games in the near future.
  10. May you please provide your source/link to this news. Thanks
  11. Didn't you originally say Friday (not sure if that was here or in another thread)?
  12. When will the Gold cup prelim roster be coming out?
  13. Just to confirm, because people have been saying different days. When will the roster be released?
  14. Why hasn't floro commented on Opares availability
  15. As it stands now, bush is suspended for the CCL final, kronberg cannot play, crepeau cannot either. Smits has been getting loaned to Mtl as a backup for CCL games and if bush suspension does not get reversed wouldn't that put smit into getting loaned again and getting the start for that game?! No ones talking about this but wouldn't it be cool that smits first action would come in a huge Final?! Maybe this will get him more noticed for canada as he will be playing for an MLS team in a final which I'm sure floro can watch
  16. Ocean was not the reason we didn't make it to the wc last time around. He was scoring a fury of goals in Germany, so god knows that would have helped. He was playing descent for us and was actually a big help..... But too bad he got that suspension
  17. According to http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kofi_Opare kofi opare cannot play for canada due to Fifa rule switches. According to http://the11.ca/2015/04/12/quintessentially-canadian-power-rankings-mls-week-7nasl-week-2/ kofi opare is a fence sitter who is eligible for canada and USA Can anyone clarify if opare is eligible or not for canada.... Because these two websites are suggesting completely opposite things.
  18. Like I said, if I guy like Ouimette was in NASL he would have probably not have been given a chance with the national team. If Mallan Roberts was signed by an MLS he would have been called up a couple of times by now. The talent level for these type of guys are very similar. I'm afraid that's the case with many Mediocore mls player and NASL.
  19. So the reason why Floro is bringing in those 2 young guys as replacements, is simply just to get a look at them and train them for non senior competitions that are coming up (clearly they wont play in the 2 exhibition games). So Floro always keeps the future in mind, that much is established. However, with this being said, I believe Floro got it wrong this time. Constantly overlooking the NASL is a misake. Even if he doesn't rate the NASL high, he has to understand this is the crop he has to work with. We are not a deep roster so if guys go down with injuries before the Gold Cup or during the WC qualifiers who is he going to turn to?????? Is he going to call up 18-20 year old players that are playing in Ontario to help us win those important matches?! We would get killed. Thats why lets say worst case scenario, he should be open to calling in guys from FC Edmonton or Ottawa who have more experience and presumably more talent. Floro is playing a risky game right now, because if guys do start getting injured, hes going to wish he didn't restrict who he would call up. Better to start expanding your roster now, teach guys in the NASL your system in the case you need to call them up for whatever reason (performing well, injuries etc). Calling up only those young kids to give them some training, experience and teach them the ropes sort of speak is not always advantageous when considering that you could be teaching it to players who could help you win right now. VERY VERY RISKY from Floro's part. (Also, its silly because if I guy like Ouimette were playing in NASL he wouldn't even have been called up once, but since he is in MLS he is getting called up. If a guy who is currently in NASL would be in MLS, he would have definitely gotten a couple of looks already. A LOT of IRONY in this!)
  20. I would imagine Vitoria will play for canada. Joining mls probably confirms his chances with Portugal are over, so if he wants to have a chance at a World Cup run it would have to be with canada. Now will see how badly he wants to play international soccer...
  21. Exactly my point.... I guy like roberts should be capped
  22. I think this is exciting news that he got his citizenship, come on guys, he's 22 and still has time to grow. Who we consider already to be are depth guys in Canada is weak, we need to add to this pool. There are guys who play in NASL who can make a squad in MLS and there's guys in MLS who should probably be in NASL.
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