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  1. By far David Edgar, he's really good.
  2. Apparently after the game, Floro had a long press conference. Does anyone have a link to a video of this press conference?!
  3. Maybe our players aren't good enough... But he certainly didn't give us every chance to win as he never started the strongest lineup we could potentially have had in this gold cup
  4. You are right. But in all fairness osorio wasn't doing much. But definately the switch for him was strange
  5. Can't say that, El Salvador even tied Costa Rica, we can't make these comparisons.
  6. Yup i understand, scoring has always been an issue for us. But it's about looking and improving our whole team on the field. LOL you can say your focusing more up front but it doesn't take that much effort to adjust the back too. BTW yes we didn't get scored on tonight but they did come close a couple of times on the RB side, thank god stama came up with big saves or else maybe you'd be reconsidering your belief...
  7. Defense isn't an issue because Jackovic and Edgar are studs at Center back. That doesn't take away from the fact that ouimette has been a liability out there getting turned inside out. No way that would be happening to hainault who is very solid (have you forgotten he was our starting CB for the last World Cup cycle and was great for us)
  8. Ouimette has been getting destroyed all night defensively........ How doesn't hainault start at RB over him.
  9. Does Floro actually want to win this game or is he just trying to give players experience. How does ouimette get the start over hainault ?! We need to score, no problems with them taking off akindele, but at least give Jackson a start instead of tissot... Lol Ricketts...
  10. Watching Ricketts is frustrating, the goal against Jamaica in the final minute was not only de guzmans fault it was also big time ricketts
  11. Hainault should start at RB. Edgar is our best defender, u can play him anywhere along the back line, if you wanted
  12. I still believe in Floro. Yes his player choices have been weird, don't see why hainault went on as a mid (was just trying to close out the game, but still) 1) piette shouldn't be starting but I feel this is a case of floro trying to allow him to grow and improve for WC qualifiers. 2) hainault should get a chance over ledgerwood at RB (surprise hainault fell so low on the depth charts 3) Ricketts should not be playing (unless you want to put him on with 10mins left of you feel the defense is tired and he can exploit them with speed) 4) Straith is good
  13. Probably won't happen, but I really hope Jackson starts in the place of ricketts. Ricketts really isn't good, all he offers is a sprinters speed. But this is not a race, it's a soccer game and he has nothing else to offer. Jackson is far better
  14. Not for anything, ricketts plays in Israel, you really gonna use Jackson not starting in league 1 as a substantial argument? Also, let's not over worry about who plays where, if you didn't notice, we tied against a team that has players that play in NASL and the el salvadorian league. Technically on paper we are much better than them and that wasn't the case (funny how NASL is too low of a league for us to chose from...)
  15. So since tesho was cap tied, that would mean it was floros first real test?! What?!
  16. I think the bigger mistake is starting ricketts, that guy is completely useless, should not even be in national team contention. All he does is want to run at 100 miles an hour with the ball, contributes nothing else but speed. Simeon Jackson is a wayyyyyy better option (he would link up well with tesho and Larin)
  17. LOL I figured someone would say that. Are you really going to count 2 games against Dominicana real games? Those are gimme games, for crying out loud they are calling up players that work in a store boutique !!!
  18. Floro is with these guys in practice and everything, give him the benefit of the doubt that he made that selection for a reason. There's a lot more that goes into selecting a lineup. I was not a fan of the mid and yes I think he should have made the switches earlier.... But for his real first official game I would say you are being harsh.
  19. He said nothing wrong. His career and financial well being is with Portland, I can understand his thinking behind this.
  20. Ok cool, so that means we will be able to catch the games. I thought originally there was talks that we would not be able to catch them. Too bad, Sportsnet 360, One, etc isn't showing more gold cup games in general. It's always fun to watch games between various countries in this tournament.
  21. Unlike other years, where most of the games were on TV, it doesn't look like to be the case this time around unless you have SportsnetWorld (which it seems like many of us don't have that channel). What are our options, will some tournament games from any teams (including canada) be shown on other channels or will we be streaming it online.
  22. Your not getting the point at all. I do not consider them favorites by any means, however, they have a large pool of quality players to chose from and are not taken lightly by any country. Try to follow the point of the comment ....
  23. So basically the only way we can watch the gold cup is by streaming it, as they are only showing it on sportsnet world (which I presume most of us don't have that channel from the old convos we had)?
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