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  1. What are the chances that Wandrille Lefèvre gets the call?
  2. With Friday coming and going, are the changes in the Canada team updated on FIFA 16?
  3. I think they should have started Simeon Jackson instead of Ricketts against Ghana. It was the type of game that they gave a lot of people chances. Sometimes you give a guy a start and he runs with it. We know what Ricketts can do, he gets a lot of playing time, I didn't see the point of making him play so much and only giving Jackson 9mins. We didn't learn anything new on the Right Wing side besides the same old with Ricketts doing the same frustrating things.
  4. scroll back a few pages on this thread. It was only a couple of weeks ago people were saying he's not a real addition.
  5. Lol I mean don't get me wrong the moment lefevre was declared Canadian and was on board I was happy and supportive! But I just find it funny how people were basically bashing him saying he was no real addition to the team and now all of a sudden people are pushing him to be right up there for a starting CB role.
  6. Lol I mean don't get me wrong the moment lefevre was declared Canadian and was on board I was happy and supportive! But I just find it funny how people were basically bashing him saying he was no real addition to the team and now all of a sudden people are pushing him to be right up there for a starting CB role.
  7. I think that's overly ambitious. He isn't better then Henry, Jakovic and Hainault in my opinion. hainault is still only 29, your making it seem like he is 35 years old. He still has years to play. Also, only reason why we are talking about Hainault like this is because we haven't seen him play. If he would come back to MLS he would be starting for an MLS team playing more games then Lefevre and we would be go crazy about how well he's playing.
  8. how can you give lefevre the go ahead over Hainault after only 1 game? Go back in this post and people were saying lefevre was no big addition and its complete changed....weird. I supported lefevre but if we are going to base it off one game that doesn't make sense. Hainault has always been very solid for us and served well in the last World Cup...does that not count for anything?
  9. ouimette is naturally a CB but has been moved to RB. Ouimette brings heart and aggression... You can find that in any defender so what your saying isn't accurate. Just like he was transitioned to RB you can transition another defender as well. Hainault playes RB as well, I'm not sure why floro prefers going with ouimette over hainault as we've seen for many games prior to yesterday's game
  10. are you sure you automatically qualify for the World Cup with Canada? I believe in the past if you controlled USA they would make you qualify against all random teams ( euro, South America, etc) also, for those of you playing career mode, is it easy to get fired because the last couple of games they teased possibly getting fired but it never happened for me, they were always very lenient. what about taking job offers. I remember in last years game if I would switch once, it wouldn't allow me to switch again regardless of my performance. I think the game was set up to only make u switch once. can I have your thoughts!?
  11. Ouimette should not be starting RB we have way better options. I'd put one of our CB on the RB side, as long as we have better quality in that position. Example, Edgar would be great in that spot but I wouldn't want to move him out of CB since he is crucial for us. But we can take a look at Jakovic, or put Henry out wide even tho he isn't the best at that position or Hainault which would be great. Hainault has proven himself and has the experience, so why put Ouimette makes no sense to me. Point of the matter, get your best players on the field. also, sadly, I know Jackson has fell out of form but he hasn't been given the chance under floro. He still has quality and at the very least is better then ricketts. They should have given Jackson a whole half to prove if he can contribute, don't see why ricketts had to play that much... Yet what they do is put him on with 9min to go... I mean give the guy a chance
  12. I do not know what they see in Ricketts to have him playing so much.
  13. Anyone who has the game... Is the Canadian roster updated and have they include wandrille lefevre, aird, borjan and Cavalini ?
  14. When will this other surprise be revealed to us?
  15. I think floro being confident that canada will get by Belize is leaving out osorio who should be on the team but may have demonstrated bad behaviour. Although this is fine, it is kinda transparent if he calls him in for the group stage. Kind of a pathetic disciplinary measure. Would be more effective to call him in and see how he acts while in camp because it's no secret that he deserves to be on the team....did you see him today against Montreal, like come on
  16. I think straith is better then Ouimette and is a better to play CB. If not, I'm sure floro would put James as he used him CB last time and he did a fine job
  17. Lefevre played tonight for the impact I believe since Ciman missed with a suspension
  18. Larin isn't the problem. Yes I get what your saying, but the kid doesn't have a chance because we cannot deliver him a ball. You can have the best forward in the world but if your Mid cannot produce a build up play and get the ball to him then he won't be able to be effective
  19. He plays in the 3rd division, so at this point I don't think anything think he's a saviour. But he does have quality and can do well on the wing.
  20. Why drop Jackson, he didn't even get a chance in the gold cup. Drop ricketts and have him try out for a track and field team. Haber played well for us and doesn't deserve to be dropped, but yes bring on occean
  21. Are group is not the best but it is not the worse. I rather compete against Honduras right now for the 2nd spot rather then Panama or Trinidad. Wish we didn't have El Salvador in the group, but we can beat them. A team like Jamaica would have been horrible
  22. Wow it looks like Stephen Hart is going on to the final round lol
  23. I see no reason why occean should not be getting called back into the squad. Probably has chances to be our best striker so based off that it should be no question he gets called back in..
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