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  1. ok thanks for the update. But on another note, they made more exceptions than just our captain and #1 keeper. to name a few, ricketts, gasparotto, ledgerwood
  2. many players that their teams aren't in the game are included in Canada (de Guzman, borjan etc) so that isn't necessarily true. As for Thomas, I thought he played in the 2nd division of Norway which isn't in the game, was he on loan from a first division team in Norway?
  3. Why do you think so? Because if your just assuming then I'm sure hainault should be included first since he's been in the game every year besides this year
  4. haha, so your doing a career with being a player not a manager?
  5. Good news, looks like the de Guzman glitch might be fixed. Can anyone who plays confirm this too?
  6. that's really cool!!!! Now if only the game can fix the de Guzman problem haha
  7. I agree it is important to win. But this shouldn't be a complete shocker that the game is still tied
  8. it's actually the opposite I think. On horrible fields, guys with good touches don't prevail. You don't mind scrappy guys like Ricketts who are just going to run. but with that being said Ricketts just isn't good and should not be anywhere close to a starter on this team. As a soccer player, akindele, must be freaking out in his mind that a guy like Ricketts starts over him.
  9. Will the Canadian association put the game on their YouTube channel after the game is done?
  10. so your saying when Sportsnet use to show all of Canada's games back in the day, how did they work that out when Canada played away games...
  11. Maybe the de Guzman glitch would fix itself in a roster update
  12. No need to call me naive. They do updates and fix rosters. If they don't they don't, but there's a chance they do
  13. that can't be true, all the other players that technically in the game are free agents (ex: straith, borjan, nakajima-Farran etc), are available for you to use if you are coaching team canada. Therefore, I think what your saying is innacurate.
  14. nope that is not the reason. If you take an MLS team, within about 2 months into the season you will get the offer to Coach Canada. De Guzman is not there and is replaced by a made up player. Occean is there. I think it must simply be some mistake by EA Sports. I really hope they correct this soon
  15. Anybody else realize, if you would start a season in career mode right now....although Julian De Guzman is in the game, if you end up getting the coaching Job for Canada, he is replaced by a made up player. Therefore you can't use him in your career it seems. hopefully EA Sports fixes this
  16. Great Win! Atiba was amazing hoilett is exactly what we need from a winger. but let's be frank, read some of the posts and people are happy with Ricketts....the guy did absolutely nothing, is a complete non threat to the opponent. If ricketts was on the wing, instead of Hoilett to cross for the goal, we would have never had scored, just doesn't have the quality.
  17. everyone will have their preference. i still think hainault is overal a better player and has experience at playing at RB, so to me he's the obvious choice. he was a main stay in our last World Cup cycle and was very good for us, one of our most reliable players. Coming into this cycle I'd want him back in there.
  18. hainault always plays well when he suits up for Canada, and he has the track record to prove it. Ouimette isn't fast, so I hope that isn't the reason he should play over hainault. Hainault actually has more skill in general then Ouimette. I think if the goal is to put out the best 11 then I don't think we can say Ouimette is better then hainault.
  19. If we are debating that Ouimette is a better option then Aird with more experience and since we need to make sure our defensive responsibilities are secured........Are we forgetting hainault?? He has more experienced then both of them combined X5 and is better defensively then both of them .... why not start hainault.... It boggles my mind how we are over looking him
  20. I dont really think we have to worry about all those players. Yes it would be nice if they were all cap tied just for kicks But....Lefevre won't be called up to France any time soon, neither will Adekugbe with England. Hoilett will start, but its important to cap tie Aird since you never know
  21. Oh yeah its true, im surprised Haber was left off....osorio we knew about, I think not calling up bernier was a mistake, hes been playing great as of late and assuming Frank Klopas before he got fired wouldnt have benched him all year, he would have probably had a great season from start to finish.
  22. ok yeah thanks guys! was just waiting on the official release, and i just realized on twittter. Thanks again! Looks like a full squad, any noticeable omissions that im not picking up on?
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