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  1. I think instead of everyone quitting on our team.... We should be sending them best wishes and econcouragement for the next game. Why act like quitters ? We still got 1 game and something to hope and cheer for, let's stop being sooo negative. If any team can beat Honduras it's Mexioc and in one of the hardest stadiums to play in , in the world, Azteca!
  2. Yes I understand but it's not a video game we are playing here. Put on Jackson would not have made a difference , defensively we were sloppy and no body was moving up willing to contribute to the attack, they were so tired. So Jackson probably wouldn't have been helpless. At that point in the game, 20mins left, we were lucky not to lose by more goals. At least , although our chances are tough now, it's realistic to score a couple of goals at home against El Salvador and it's possible that Mexico dominates Honduras at Azteca
  3. Starting Henry at RB is a reason to fire him? he tried putting on ledgerwood for some energy since he's a heart and soul guy. I don't love the substitution but I could understand it. Larin was doing nothing like he usually does for Canada and he was tired on top of that...
  4. What did he do so bad time tonight that you'd suggest "firing floro tonight" ?
  5. Guys you know how HOT it is there....you shouldn't be beating up on them. Honduras scored that goal because borjan threw the ball out cuz James was injured and Honduras didn't give us the ball back. That lead to them scoring.
  6. Only thing I'm not sure about this lineup is James in, instead of Vitoria
  7. Thank you! Also, i can understand why Ouimette is being called up ...floro is probably trying to ride with the same team more or less going into the final 2 games (For Chemistry purposes). However, with this being said..... I really dont understand how he is always basically a guarantee to be on the team.
  8. When will the roster be released? The games are almost a week away
  9. Floro isn't getting fired, that's rediculous. We shouldn't even be talking about this.
  10. I'm not sure if that's true, a lot of people were upset that starchan overlooked arfield. One example, go on his brother Facebook and read the comments on his post
  11. Only thing on this roster is there are 1 too many defence and 1 too little minds. He could have brought in one more mid and cut a D
  12. They did well, I know that. But I don't think using that squad as a benchmark is where we need to be.
  13. Any updates on where Vitoria will be playing his club football next?
  14. You can make the case that Jackson deserves the call but I wouldn't replace haber with him. Games against Mexico we need players like haber
  15. I don't think he did much. Better guys ahead of him to call in my opinion right now.
  16. I do not thinl Froese should be called in for games especially against mexico. I don't think he was influential at all in the mid on Sunday. He won't really serve a purpose for us for those against mexico.
  17. Of course Vitoria would be a good addition to the team. This sounds like when Hoilett was finally committing people were weirdly saying that we do not need him anymore....imagine...he's one of our best players. Gasparotto, Thomas etc are not ready to be depended on yet. We need more experienced guys who have been around. Vitoria has played at good levels, and is physically a huge presence in the back that we need. And what do we need to consider about his age...he's 28.... Still has a lot left to offer.
  18. So good news, Simon Thomas has been added to the game with his new team. but bad news, the glitch with de Guzman being replaced by a made up player on the roster when doing manager mode is back for some reason... frustrating
  19. agreed! Don't know why they would remove players, makes no sense to me.
  20. gasparotto is still on the Canadian roster in the game, so is ledgerwood
  21. Hainault isn't in the game last time I checked? Unless they added him in the last couple of days?
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