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  1. Hutch would be a great addition to the Impact and Piette and Hutch can both be on the field at the same time. Regardless, Hutch would be a major upgrade for the impact.

    Also, no reason why he would play RB for the Impact, they would need him to play a more pivotal role as a mid.

    slightly confused with some of the comments on this page....

  2. 24 minutes ago, aloyol said:

    Let's be serious here. Borjan is miles ahead of any other keepers we have. Glad Thomas did well against Mauritania and I hope he can continue to develop at the club level but no way should he be given the number 1 spot over Borjan on the fact he's starting in a better league (which, to start, is quite debatable TBH).



    Agreed, Borjan is the #1 , he's been great for us.

    and Thomas at the moment is the #2

    but just a curious point that chechenski has been a non exaistent option for Canada even with shallow depth.

  3. Seeing that our goalie selection is limited, why hasn't Chencinski ever gotten his opportunity to be called up to Canada? In old articles I read on him, seemed like he always had positive attitude, a good work Ethic and a desire to one day play for Canada. Even a few years back at the beginning of floros tenure, he called up a vast variety of players but Chencinski was not one of them.

    is there something I'm missing, does someone have more insight on this?

  4. On 06/09/2016 at 9:46 PM, dyslexic nam said:

    Just saw an "All time scorers" table on the TSN pregame against El Salvador and Ricketts was listed as 6th with 12 goals.  Not in any way trying to knock him, but I had no idea he was now 6th in all time scoring.

    Don't bother with those stats, its an illusion. The guy only can score against weak minnow teams. He prompts up his stats against those teams and does nothing when we face a half decent team. Boggles my mind that he even gets called up to the team, period.

  5. 8 hours ago, nolbertos said:

    Can't tell if you don't follow International futbol or new to the sport. Every country around the world has fired their coaches after bad performances or after a WCQ cycle.  They only stay if they exceeded the goals set out.  So far Benito has failed all goals set out from him.  Failed to get out of the Gold Cup group stage in a very easy group, IMO. Failed to qualify to the Copa America Centenario. Failed to make the Hex.  Failed to qualify to the Olympics.  So far 0-4.  He has brought some fence sitters to commit to Canada, but who knows if they'll come back after Floro is gone.  I agree that a coach with a good pedigree, preferably someone that has CONCACAF, CONMEBOL experience should be who the CSA should pursue.  No more people across the pond who have no idea of the rigours of playing down south.

    although, we could have qualified for the copa America ... Anything is possible, however I would not consider floro not taking us there to be failure. If you don't like him, that's your opinion, but don't be harsh. Let's be 100% objective.

  6. You can make a case why floro should stay and why floro should go. Thats life.

    However, those who just say fire him, might be thinking too much with emotion and not with their heads. If we can find an upgrade at the coaching position then its something to consider, but if we fire floro to downgrade then thats a terrible decision.

    Example, if we fire floro and then be stuck with finding a proper replacement and settle for someone like Colin Miller.....then that would be a Horrible decision.

    ALSO, remember last world cup cycle at the end of it everyone was wanting a coach with a Wealth of experience and track record of coaching many teams. Thats what we thought we got.

    So people calling for Robinson as the next manager.....are basically saying they want to go back to a relatively unproven and inexperienced manager.....that just boggles my mind (makes me think people are talking with too much anger/emotion and not what makes sense).

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