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  1. And TSN has updated their schedule for the 22nd. On TSN3...
  2. Closed my store at midnight last night, barely slept. Woke up at 5am to get ready for the 7am bus from North Bay down to Toronto. Arrived at 12:30pm. Killed some time for a while. Took the Express bus to Hamilton. Eating dinner at the moment. Get ready to party at the game tonight because Forge is gonna kick some ass. Book it back on the bus to Toronto. Catch the midnight bus back up to North Bay. Arrive at 5am. Go to bed and go to work at 5pm tomorrow. Hell of a couple days! Totally worth it.
  3. Someone just randomly asked me about my Forge FC kit today the corner store. Asked about watching the games and I told him about the package on CBC. Said he'll have to check them out since the EPL is off tv. Felt really cool that someone asked about it.
  4. On the Centre Circle Live podcast, they mentioned Peter Schaad and Claire Rustad with be calling PFC vs. HFX.
  5. Big thanks to Jamie and James for helping me get my tickets sorted out. Long day ahead on the 27th, but gonna be so worth it. Work from 4pm to 10-11 on Friday night, bus from North Bay at 2am, bus from Toronto to Hamilton after that, have a few drinks with everyone before the game, be in a moment of bliss for 2 hours, figure out what to do after until midnight when I take the bus back up to North Bay, then get home at 5:30am and sleep until it's time for PFC vs. HFX. Even though this isn't a "Canada" event, I will be there with my Voyageurs scarf celebrating a fantastic day in Canadian soccer
  6. I'm 100% for League 1 Ontario, but for those who say how the PDL only runs 2 months with a short schedule, L1O is only running 4 months with only a couple games more than PDL + playoffs. IMO, they should be running a 6-7 month, 20-25 game minimum.
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