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    rkomar reacted to dyslexic nam in Jonathan David   
    Two games left against St Etienne and Angers, currently 12th and 13th.  Win, and Lille are champions no matter what PSG does.  Two more games boys. 
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    rkomar reacted to Bison44 in Opponent watch: Suriname (why they have the potential to be a tough team)   
    Not to be a douche, but this is what WIKI defines it as.  But its like the goof ball ESPN talking heads trying to define what an "elite" quarterback is.  
    golden generation or golden team is an exceptionally gifted group of players of similar age, whose achievements reach or are expected to reach a level of success beyond that which their team had previously achieved.
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    rkomar reacted to TGAA_Star in Opponent watch: Suriname (why they have the potential to be a tough team)   
    Well they are not one to be taken lightly that is for sure. However, as far as Canada goes, this team and certainly with this current crop of players this is pretty much as close to a golden generation for Canadian football that I think we have seen in decades really.
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    rkomar reacted to Bison44 in Jordan Hamilton   
    ^^^ Boooo..😉  Indy attracts the higher quality MLS fringe guys and prob has the one of the higher payrolls in USL-C.  He went from getting 4 goals in 7 starts with TFC just 2 summers ago, the guy prob should be on an MLS roster somewhere.  But playing on one of the bigger USL-C teams making decent money and getting a starters work load isnt too shabby.  If he kills it with Indy, he might get right back up to MLS.  He just turned 25..time to live up to his potential.  
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    rkomar reacted to Shway in Opponent watch: Suriname (why they have the potential to be a tough team)   
    Yea not me. 

    Our team is the one to be feared. They haven't added any world class players, or champions from top leagues. No top scorers in the eredivise. 

    If we are getting worried about Surname, than we have no place in the Octo - they will be our meat and drink next month.
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    rkomar reacted to Snowcrash in Jonathan David   
    Not David related but Bamba could have had his leg broken when he was caught right above the ankle on a tackle and the player only got a yellow.  At the half, the player was given a retro red.
    Bamba's lower leg literally buckled on contact.  
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    rkomar reacted to Obinna in Liam Fraser   
    I'll certainly look for it the next time I watch TFC play. Maybe I'll see what you see, now that you've brought it to my attention.
    His selfishness never jumped out at me like Ikone, who demonstrated that from the first moment I watched him play. 
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    rkomar reacted to Obinna in Liam Fraser   
    He's an American utility player taking minutes from Canadians...but that in itself isn't "prick" worthy.
    Perhaps you can't stand him because of his views on vaccines and medications? He got a lot of hate from that a few weeks back.
    Pretty weird thing to hate someone for IMO, but that's 2021 for you. He has some pretty big balls to come out and say what he did, I'll tell you that. 
    I really like how his game has evolved with age, actually. He's definitely serviceable and scored some big goals for Toronto. You don't want to rely on him as a starter, but he can have an impact off the bench, he's not a big cap hit, and seems to fit in well with the squad. Has been with the team through some big moments. Very much in the Justin Morrow category for me, actually. He's a keep in my opinion. 
    General (probably unpopular) comment: I know we are Canadian supporters first and foremost, but the whole hating on American TFC players schtick is getting pretty old. Some of the opinions on players like Delgado and DeLeon are so out-of-touch. Zavaleta is in that category as well, in fact. I mean, he's on (or was on) a salary too large for his contribution, no argument there, but played in some big games for the club and is more serviceable than we let on, but you would think he's hot garbage and wouldn't make the bench in the CPL the way we talk about him sometimes.
    Anyways, rant over.
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    rkomar reacted to yomurphy1 in Liam Fraser   
    What did he do to you? He's a serviceable player who can play a number of positions relatively well. There's always room for that on a team. 
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    rkomar reacted to LeoH037 in Jonathan David   
    He is only 21 years old and right now what is most important for him is TO PLAY. Period. As much as we would like to someday see him play for a big club, ultimately the fact is that as it stands he is playing at a VERY good level/league for a 21 year old and is an important part of his team. If he decides not to move yet we should not blame him, ultimately he and his agent are doing what is best for his career and long term future. He has just found his feet in France, IMO it would be ill advised to move so soon, I'd rather see him get a full season of him in full form and bag in 15-20 goals so that whichever team decides to later get him will have no choice but to consider him an automatic starter.  IMO he is also not quite ready for a step up. He wasn't quite ready for Ligue 1 yet Lille were super patient with him and it paid off, however I highly doubt he would be afforded the same courtesy in a top team of a top 4 league if he is not fully ready.
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    rkomar reacted to El Diego in Jonathan David   
    I think the problem with Sanches is big wages, not sure they can afford to not sell him. I don't know if they can realistically keep anyone of decent value, I think their finances might be even worse than we think. There are rumours that Galtier will go to Nice at the end of the season, which is insane to even be contemplated.
    Imagine if Lille win the title and their manager leaves for a mid table club while they sell multiple (i.e. 4-6) key players. Has anything like that happened in recent memory?
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    rkomar reacted to shorty in Atiba Hutchinson   
    Yes! Monty Python and SCTV made me who I am today.  That and Soccer Saturday. 
    I knew I came to the right place... 
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    rkomar reacted to Ivan in Jonathan David   
    It's a 2 year old article, but says (paraphrasing) after a call up to the US U20s by Tab Ramos:
    Canada is the country where I grew up.  They welcomed me and I owe it to them to play for them, to fight for them. 
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    rkomar reacted to Gian-Luca in TFC 2021 Season   
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    rkomar reacted to RS in Jayden Nelson   
    At this stage I think Nelson would have the best impact coming off the bench. His unpredictability and energy could be a good weapon for TFC against tired defenders, and it might set him up to get some confidence by bagging a goal or two.
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    rkomar reacted to costarg in Jonathan David   
    Only issue with this is Lille performs better vs the top clubs and has tripped on many of the weaker teams.
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    rkomar reacted to dyslexic nam in Jonathan David   
    Lille’s remaining league matches are against Nice (9th), Lens (5th), Angers (12th) and St Etienne (14th).   Importantly, none of those teams really have anything left to play for except a bit of pride.  The top pair won’t make a European spot and the bottom pair are safe from relegation.  From a Lille perspective, they are all very winnable games - they just have to maintain the focus and intensity a bit longer.  
    I know folks complain about Lille’s style of play (it frustrates me too), but it would be pretty amazing to have David hoist the Ligue 1 trophy in his first season there, being among the top scorers (he is just one goal behind Yilmaz for second) and having scored some absolutely crucial goals (including the famous PSG winner).  
    Damn I hope they pull it off.  
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    rkomar reacted to Colliedor in Jayden Nelson   
    Halfway through the first half I thought his performance really took a hit.
    He has the attributes, but his style of play was always going to be hard to transition to the senior team. He needs to learn when take on players and when to not. That shit works against other kids, not against professionals.
    Very young and needs more experience to learn. Can only hope he has a good head and learns from the mistakes and adjusts his game.
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    rkomar reacted to Weng in Jonathan David   
    I only watched the 2nd half, but that was a fun half of footie!
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    rkomar reacted to Macksam in Jonathan David   
    Great finish.
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    rkomar reacted to dyslexic nam in Jonathan David   
    Thought you were leaving lol
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    rkomar reacted to Floortom in Jonathan David   
    Damn..what a match from Yilmaz. Single handily won this for Lille 
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    rkomar reacted to Unnamed Trialist in New Canadians abroad   
    For anyone interested, the match was played at a very high level, with intensity, physicality, and great competitive rivalry. Final score was a draw, 1-1, which Barça will be happy with. 
    Lawrence was solid as right back, going forward, invading the midfield space and into the centre quite often. Played 90. She held the Barça attack mostly, up against Lieke Martens, who is a bit off form. Their left side had more problems with Graham Hansen who is at a very high level this year. Only saw Huitema in the stands, celebrating their goal, off a header. They were very judicious about their changes, seemed to not want to risk getting scored on with a 2nd, not sure if Jordyn warmed up or not.
    I think Barça had the edge,  in possession and in chances, and there were two missed hand balls in the PSG box, one quite blatant by Paredes (there is no VAR in women's CL). Tactically as well. But it was not an exagerrated advantage and I'd say the draw was fair enough.
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    rkomar reacted to PopePouri in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    It must be amazing to get the shirt from a true great.
    I'm so happy for Neymar.
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    rkomar reacted to canadasoccer20 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    So cool watching one of the biggest names in the sport showing respect to Davies.
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