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  1. This topic drifted into "Canadians in the NCAA", and then to college women's soccer in general a while ago. It seemed the same people were interested in it all, and the traffic was still low enough not to mask the Fleming chat too much. Personally, I like the convenience of it.
  2. Here are the brackets for the NCAA championships: brackets. I don't much about teams outside of the Pac-12 and ACC, but I'm guessing that UCLA doesn't have any really difficult opponents until UNC in the quarter finals. As long as they don't get too complacent, I think they have a good chance of getting to that game. Edit: Looks like I was wrong. Santa Clara is ranked 12th in the nation, so UCLA does have stiff competition before North Carolina.
  3. Yowza! What a game between UCLA and USC! UCLA had some luck to win this one. USC dominated in the first half, leading 1-0 at halftime, but UCLA came back and played like they meant it in the second half, tying the game soon after the kick-off. USC scored on the counter-attack with about 3 minutes to go, looking like they got their win to tie Stanford at the top of the PAC-12 conference. But Hailey Mace scores 6 seconds later with a long range cruise missile that the goalkeeper had no chance on. There were plenty of chances on both sides (including a missed penalty kick by USC), with defenders deflecting balls and goalkeepers making great saves. In the second half of extra time, Fleming bounces the ball into free space in the penalty area and Olivia Athens heads it in just ahead of the goalkeeper. UCLA wins 3-2, but it could have gone to either team. Fleming had a very good game. She was all over the field, collecting and distributing well. I think she ended up with two assists on the night. USC had DeMelo marking Fleming, and the play got pretty physical at times between them. DeMelo is USA national team material, and bosses the midfield for USC the way that Fleming does for UCLA. Both players accomplished a lot, which is a testament to how good they are in the big games. I was a bit worried that Fleming was a bit off after her injury a while ago, but she seems to be back on form. Not just her technique, but her fitness looks great, as well. Faulknor also had a good game. She kept her composure well under pressure, making good passes while the adrenaline was running high for both sides. She was guilty on the penalty shot, but she had to come in late to try to clean up after the defending midfielder got hoodwinked. It was just really good play by the forward, and I don't blame Faulknor much for the penalty. The shooter missed high on the penalty shot, so the transgression can be easily forgiven. I think that both teams are going to benefit from this game going into the playoffs. It gets them into full-on competitive mode, and they should be ready for the NCAA championships. I expect that the PAC-12 conference is going to do some damage again this year.
  4. UCLA squeaked by Utah today 2-1. Like many other teams, UCLA seem to be getting used to winning, only putting in the effort when absolutely required. They are trusting the soccer gods to give them the win as they deserve, rather than working to earn it. Mostly you get away with that, but sometimes the soccer gods laugh and leave you disillusioned. That said, Fleming was working well all over the pitch in this game. Utah seemed to go for the win and not just try to bunker down, leaving all sorts of space on the pitch. That made me rethink my past comment about Fleming not being as dominant anymore. Maybe part of that is teams bunkering down in their 18 yard box, compressing play into a small area that Fleming can't work her magic in. When she was dominant in the past, it was in the middle of the field going one-on-one with other players. The lesser teams don't even seem to bother to contest that space anymore. They fall back, and defend in numbers just outside of easy shooting range. If Fleming was more two-footed, it still wouldn't be easy cutting through that. That said, it couldn't hurt Fleming to be more comfortable on her left foot. That also goes for Sanchez, as well.
  5. Two games where UCLA outscored their opponents handily. It's hard to say how good the team is, but they limited their opponents to very few scoring opportunities, so that's a good sign. I have to say that Fleming hasn't been as dominant as I remember her being before. Part of it may be that teams are getting better defensively against UCLA. They are committed to putting in the effort and maintaining defensive structure under persistent attack. I have to say that I am impressed with the coaching and players in that way. But more importantly to this thread, it's been noticed that Fleming uses her right foot the majority of the time. She has a great right foot, but defenders can limit her more effectively if they know that she's going to use it. Maybe it's time for Fleming to broaden her repertoire.
  6. No Fleming or Mace or Rodriguez in the game against Oregon, but I thought I'd watch anyway. I'm glad I did, because it was a pretty good game. Oregon did not just bunker down, but pressed UCLA hard through the whole game, taking the attack into UCLA's half. There was a lot of short passing in tight quarters by both sides. The game ended up 2-1 for UCLA, but remained suspenseful right to the final second. One of the center backs for Oregon was Hannah Taylor, who has been playing recently for the Canada Uxx teams. She looked good out there, handling UCLA's pressure well. I'm thinking that she's in a very good program for developing towards the senior Canadian team.
  7. Morgan looked offside on her goal. It didn't affect the outcome of the game, but it sucks that she won the golden boot with that goal.
  8. Yeah, we have a big hole in our team's age distribution. We didn't seem to get much new blood in those years just before Herdman arrived. Thanks goodness he made changing that a priority.
  9. Perhaps it's more an issue of pre-tournament preparation. The team was together for weeks before the Olympics, and the players had time to get to know each other's tendencies. Now they seem less sure about what the other will do, so are reluctant to try risky plays. I thought their last game was the best so far in terms of connections between the players, so maybe we can expect even more improvements that way over the next two games.
  10. I've been watching Fleming play for UCLA, and she seems a bit off now. She got clattered into one game this season, and hasn't been as good since then. I suspect it's just a matter of time for her to heal completely, but it's still affecting her. Buchanan is still second best to Wendy Renard on her pro team. And I don't think she's as good as Sauerbrunn yet. And what about Sonnet, Menges, Dahlkemper,...? The same can be said up and down each roster position. We aren't as good as the Americans on paper, and I expect it will be that way in reality, as well. We need to be at our best to have a hope, and we don't seem to be at present.
  11. I would say talent. Who do we have that is currently ranked as one of the best players in the world? Sinclair is still excellent, but I'm not sure she would stand out on the US team. Fleming has great potential, but she's playing below it at present. We play well as a team, and if the Americans are off on the day of the game, we may surprise them. But the odds are always with them.
  12. I didn't see a draw occurring in this game at all. Yes, CR missed a couple of chances that could have tied it, but we missed a ton of chances ourselves. Overall, the game was pretty one-sided in our favour. That said, I was disappointed with a lot of our player's performances. Fleming and Matheson seemed off, Lawrence was quiet, the forwards should have buried some of those chances in the 18 yard box that came earlier,... We aren't at our best, and I think that means we will lose to the Americans. But that's okay, this isn't the tournament that counts.
  13. I don't think our current form is good enough to beat the Americans, but we shouldn't lose both games to Panama and Jamaica. I'm pretty confident we'll make the World Cup.
  14. I am surprised with how quiet Lawrence has been this tournament. She hasn't been more influential in attack than Chapman on the other wing, which is odd. I hope it's due to tactics.
  15. True, but we also missed some really good chances in the 18 yard box, maybe because the turf is getting rough and the ball is bouncing up. Costa Rica hasn't had a chance yet (maybe not even a shot on goal). We're bossing this game, and I think the current score is deserved.
  16. I haven't heard anything about an injury to Buchanan during the stream broadcast. Due to our +14 goal differential going into the match, we'd have to lose by a lot of goals in this game to not win the group. So, I would guess that Buchanan is being saved for the knock-out rounds.
  17. It also probably makes it cheaper to travel to for the Southern teams. They likely don't have very big budgets.
  18. It didn't look like tactics were a problem, rather it was execution. The whole team looked pretty rusty. I didn't see anyone who didn't have poor touches and didn't seem out of rhythm with everyone else. Here's hoping that they all get better as a group as the tournament goes on.
  19. I have no problem with the CSA hyping the men's game like they are. The problem is not hyping the women even though they start their WCQ tournament this week. Again, what's wrong with doing both? Do they sell fewer tickets for the men's game if they tweet something about the women, too?
  20. I think her point is that it doesn't have to be an either/or situation. Both teams can be hyped at the same time, assuming that the CSA has the resources to double it's low number of tweets.
  21. I don't know about Janson. I was wondering if his goal wouldn't have gone off the post, as well, if the defender hadn't deflected it straight in. To his credit, he gets himself into lots of great scoring positions, but he doesn't put it in enough from those. I wonder if he can work on his stone-cold finishing over the break?
  22. I've always thought that the team took a major step forward when Scott took that defensive midfielder role. We were too easy to score on before that, and not even Sinclair could make up the goal difference against the top-flight teams. Scott's defensive positioning and awareness are impeccable, and she is deceptively quick. Quinn may be more offensively minded, but she's less defensively responsible. I'm nervous about returning to those days when we were more porous on defence.
  23. The announcers mentioned that Fleming wasn't playing in tonight's game against WSU because she had already joined Team Canada for WCQ training. I guess that means we won't see her against Stanford next week, either.
  24. I forgot to mention that LMU was tackling Fleming _hard_. She got her legs cut out from under her a couple of times. They didn't seem to go after anyone else with the same ferocity. I wonder if teams watched the Florida games and decided that taking Fleming out was a good strategy?
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