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  1. Can you imagine how Gareth would have reacted if that was vice versa and it wasn’t called a penalty for Canada? Haha
  2. You think the suspended players go to Jamaica to keep training or straight to Toronto?
  3. Anyone else going to a Thanksgiving dinner and going to attempt to avoid results on this one for multiple hours? 😆
  4. What is an actual appropriate call on the Crepeau situation? A penalty? Genuine question.
  5. I’m also in this camp. I will be more than happy to say I was wrong if we get atleast 4 points in the remaining two games in this window.
  6. KJ is with us, not a “Go For It” guy haha. He wants no one playing against Jamaica.
  7. I honestly thought Johnston was extremely brave on that header he nearly put in for an OG. He needed to make that play.
  8. I wish Laryea just got on with it sometimes. Not a yellow clearly, but constantly causes those kinds of scuffles.
  9. It was you and me left! I’m now on an island, do I need to join the Go For It camp?!
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