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  1. Honest question from someone clearly on the lower tier of soccer knowledge on the forum. Is Crepeau the most overrated senior team player? I feel like he has been shaky at ever CMNT game he’s played (granted limited). I’m not convinced he can handle pressure. He was the best player on an awful 2019 Whitecaps team with zero pressure to do well, given how bad the team was in front of him. Happy to be put in my place on this one! Haha
  2. How great would it be if Tabla was the star of the tournament. What a great story that would be.
  3. This is great news. Love the idea that some guys are training together before the WCQ - alleviates some of the concern about the two days of training prior to the Bermuda game.
  4. This directly goes against Herdman’s point at putting the best team forward for WCQ.
  5. Sturing over Cornelius at the senior team doesn’t make sense to me at all.
  6. I’m really curious where this leaves the senior GKs with no Hasal or DSC on this list.
  7. It’s a funny sequence, if Cornelius is not on this list next step is to starting worrying about the WCQ squad. Haha
  8. Not sure how much to read into this, but listening to the guys on OneSoccer tonight, assuming that they must have sources or good ideas on the u23 line-up, I think the line-up might be a real let down. They seemed rightfully concerned.
  9. It’s going to be interesting to see if Herdman can go from rating James lowly enough to barely invite him to camps to have him start a WCQ. We will really see how much he values players being mid-season.
  10. Agreed - I think you need to pull Cornelius out of the Olympic squad. The Vitoria/Cornelius combo at the first US game was our best CB combo in recent times.
  11. If you listened to how Oliver reacted to the Herdman interview on OneSoccer, sounds like he echoed this.
  12. I’m happy that Herdman is taking Bermuda and Suriname seriously but the interview also left me feeling like he was already making excuses if we fall short.
  13. I think losing home field advantage is actually a big blow, we play our best games in Canada! Unfortunate but understandable. Hope we are able to get some retribution for the last game at Exploria that a bunch of us attended!
  14. I might be glass half empty on the whole thing but that doesn’t sound good to me....
  15. The nice thing is that since joining every instance of Vitoria I’ve seen with the CMNT he seems extremely passionate and cares about the program. I have a feeling he’s become a real leader and really gets along with a lot of the guys.
  16. Yes - in my opinion in that scenario you need to let St. Clair step up.
  17. Only other thing I think he said is that he talked to the Europe based players last week.
  18. Sorry if I’m being a bit of a broken record, but the attitude on this Bermuda game has shifted big time on this board. I think it’s really being overlooked. Let’s remember that this game is now most likely outside of Canada.
  19. https://apnews.com/article/international-soccer-world-cup-sports-europe-africa-morocco-954e85a8640acc45d709755b024b6bf5?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP_Sports bump from the Suriname thread, this slight rule change makes Tomori a possibility again?
  20. Do we think Bermuda with a NA based squad without Cav. will be no problem?
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