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  1. Can we all just spend the next 24 hours not complaining about the lack of calls and open the floodgates on a loss or even a tie? We have heard it all and all agree.
  2. Can someone get me that Johnston dancing gif? Haha
  3. Wild to think this is the team that barely got past a somewhat strong Curaçao to get to the Ocho
  4. Larin was training in Turkey yesterday and he’s not going to fly 13 hours overnight with a potential half day I’d training for a game on Wednesday. According to whitecaps media, Cav has had very little presence at practice thus far, so can’t seen him being cleared yesterday (which surely had to be the latest deadline). They are both not playing.
  5. I’m pretty sure if we haven’t heard anything about Larin, Atiba or Cav on a flight or landing by now, they aren’t coming. Ditto with any dream for Akindele, etc.
  6. I find JH’s coaching strategy interesting - on games like this where he should be upset post game he isn’t, atleast in front of the media (this game and the US away in Orlando jump to mind), while he was upset we didn’t get the win in Mexico. I think he knows the team is upset itself so no sense piling on and he is there to pick them up? I’m also very surprised there isn’t more chatter that Davies and David were on for 90 or so minutes when we needed their legs for Panama.
  7. From a personal note - former roommates and paring at the whitecaps so this must be fun for them to be starting again together
  8. I’ve said it before put I think the Hoilett thing just happened before that interview and it impacted the whole tone. I think it shook him a bit.
  9. I think that you and a few other posters on here should be ready to be disgusted. I feel like he is going to get minutes.
  10. This could be the extra ounce of concern re-squad I saw from Herdman on the media call yesterday. This would also explain why he directly avoided the question about Hoilett.
  11. To me, JH made it sound like rotation would be heavy in this interview, he actually sounds quite shaken about the state of his roster (not sure if there are injuries from the Mexico game they are facing that we don’t know about). Not sure if it was a mistake but he also completely avoids the question about whether Spoony and Hoilett made it to Kingston.
  12. Anyone know when the team got to Kingston? Canada Soccer not sending out the usual travel clips.
  13. I didn’t like the Brym addition to the squad and insertion into the game as much as you - trust me. On the flip side, I trust that JH has seen something in training and you are really taking too much out of an 8 minute appearance. If the appearance was as disgusting as you believe, I trust JH will never put him on the pitch again.
  14. Powell came off injured? Not sure how much I trust this as it says no suspensions.
  15. I agree with your points, but I’ve seen you say this a few times and I think this is just how he runs. Dunfield mentioned on the broadcast his run looks like a deer and I think that’s how he looks at full speed.
  16. I’m hearing some media saying that this “should have been a win” and that we dominated large parts of the game, do you guys think this is true? I think a draw was well deserved and we held on for dear life for most of the last 20 minutes. All this win talk feels like discounting how amazing the draw actually is. Maybe I need to re-watch....
  17. That was an extremely difficult header going backwards across his body very close to the net. Think he needs more credit on that one.
  18. Does anyone else not thinking his header on the line, which a lot of defenders would not have risked, saved a tap in goal? Cancels out a lot of the other struggles for me.
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