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  1. Load of crap that the national team is playing on a premium channel, but whatever....Ill be at the Duke
  2. I found this game had a much different feeling then the previous men's WCQ games. Was great seeing BMO filled to capacity. Some negatives were many people didnt know the songs to chant a long at the upper section 114 area. I was also next to man, that wasn't dressed in red...so I asked what he was doing. He unfortunately told me that he got the tix just off a scalper outside!
  3. Is there a photo out there with a good view of the flag display?
  4. yea I don't like it either, should deff be free
  5. I have seen this ad, this better not to be true. Even though its the Gold Cup, it would be cruel to have the national team play on a premium channel no one has.
  6. CSA just tweeted this game will be broadcasted on all 4 sportsnet channels
  7. I didn't go. Can anyone write a quick recap on how it was?
  8. great to see such strong support from the public, we gotta make sure though the hardcore voyaguers are all still there
  9. Wow I think I can speak for everybody on this forum that we are all surprised how quickly this game has sold out. The public's reaction has been tremendous to the WNT, hopefully we can take advantage of this support and funnel it through to the whole sport, (grassroots and mens)
  10. cities are too fare away from a road trip, damn.......well if somehow Canada makes the final, I may be down to travel to Chicago
  11. Tough group for Canada, hopefully Panama and Mexico have no focus whatsoever on this Gold Cup....which they shouldn't considering 2014 qualifying
  12. I could be interested even though I am a Torontonian. Could there be some deal if theres some demand for it? lol dont think that would work well having Impact fans in the south end though...
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