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    Red and White reacted to narduch in Cyle Larin   
    Cap him!
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    Red and White reacted to Unnamed Trialist in New away kits...   
    Wow, some of the reactions. Because the graphic design standard in Canada is a really high level, come on. 
    People put up with pathetic design day in day out, wear cookie cutter clothes from the racks at big box stores, then they do a shirt for a 10 game tournament that is radically different than anything ever seen, at an unnecessary development cost, ensuring it'll be an amazingly specific commemoration shirt for a very unusual season, and people are raging, it's all fire and brimstone.
    You are not even going to get to wear one of these to a game, you dopes.
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    Red and White reacted to Daryn27 in The Road to Qatar.   
    They should have just done 
    They should have just done 5 groups with 6 teams and 1 group with 5 teams and all the winners make the Hex and top 3 go to the World Cup and 4th goes to playoffs. Just like UEFA, and who cares if teams get blown out San Marino and Gibraltar play Germany or other heavyweights all the time in the qualification why should we be any different.
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    Red and White reacted to narduch in OneSoccer   
    Its pretty funny to see a guy slag this forum, meanwhile he is infatuated with posting on it (on one subject only).
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    Red and White reacted to Obinna in The Road to Qatar.   
    What I am about to say is off topic, but I am going to say it and get back to the soccer talk:
    The global economy was already at the end of it's cycle before Covid-19. We now have an "everything" bubble and it is popping. Covid-19 was just the pin. Something else would have been the pin if it were not for the virus. 
    I am not an economist nor do I have a crystal ball, so take this with a grain of salt, but there will be no "bad for a year" scenario. We are experiencing/about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime economic crisis. This is primarily the consequence of bad economic and monetary policy.
    The response to Covid-19 from Canada (and other countries) was compassionate and the right thing to do in one sense, but the economic damage will be far reaching for many years, if not decades.
    It was akin to a car rolling down a hill, headed off of cliff and the driver slams the gas instead of the brake. 
    Ever wonder where all this money is coming from for these relief programs? It is being created/borrowed into existence. This is disastrous for anyone with a basic understanding of economics.
    Why is this disastrous? Because it destroys the purchasing power. This hurts the people. Without people there is no economy. 
    I realize there is no economy with sick people or dead people, but I would argue the destruction of purchasing power (a destruction of the currency) is far worse. It makes everything harder to manage for every industry, including the health industry that prevents us from getting sick or dying.   
    The loss of purchasing power is the biggest threat we are facing right now. 
    You see, we provide value to one another by working and providing each other goods and services. The value is accounted for using currency.
    But when you flood the system with non-productive cheap currency, the value of each unit in circulation decreases. You can't buy the same things with your hard earned dollars. Your purchasing power collapses. You see this all over the developing world.
    This is coming to the industrialized nations, including Canada, and eventually the world reserve currency (US dollar) will be the last man standing and that too will fail. That is the path we are on, the only question is how many currencies will be destroyed along the way and whether the USD will be destroyed before it loses it's world reserve status. Whether the USD loses it's reserve status is not an "if" but a "when".
    Anyways, that is my long, long, long rambling way of saying that worrying about the economic strain from the virus itself is missing the forest from the trees.
    It's like worrying about a drug addict's caffeine addiction, or worrying about your knee pain while being kidnapped.
    Those things are problems and will make the situation worse, but they are relatively insignificant. 
    Final thing, I should clarify that it's not all doom and gloom. I don't think we are headed for the end of the world here, but we are headed for some wild and turbulent times! There will be great opportunity in the next several years for those who play their cards right!
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    Red and White reacted to RS in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    These are back-to-back posts.
    I do love this board sometimes. 🤣
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    Red and White reacted to Shortdutchcanuck in Doneil Henry   
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    Red and White reacted to Shway in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    Canadian MLS teams might be barred from playing/travelling to games outside of the country. There's also been reports about them playing against games each other - how much games could they play without it being overkill who know? 
    My question would be, would you want to see an expanded tournament where there is group stage, that then leads to a knockout? 
    If possible/feasible I definitely would want to see this happen. 
    2 Groups - 6/5...everyone plays their group member once, top 2 from each group advance to the semi-finals two legged tie. 
    (I openly want the Canadian MLS teams to leave the league.)
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    Red and White reacted to Ruffian in The Road to Qatar.   
    And we can get commentary about COVID from PHDs in virology directly in this forum without even going anywhere else!
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    Red and White reacted to deschamp86 in Tyler Pasher   
    Its a funny meme, but I would rather Herdman call up guys from CPL rather than USL even if the USL guys may be better. Makes more sense to raise the talent level of CPL than give a couple of caps to USL players imho
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    Red and White reacted to maccaliam in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    I think I recall Kaye saying his attitude was a issue, and being released by TFC was a wake-up call he needed. He said it helped push him on to the next level, and he has no hard feelings. 
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    Red and White reacted to Shway in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    I almost, don't like reading these statements. I understand them, but the reality is teams are always going to miss players that trained right underneath their noses. It's the nature of the game...
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    Red and White reacted to Wippersuna in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    My son plays soccer and they’ve had a couple players come out to practices pretty regularly. Got an update saying they wouldn’t be attending as they are entering quarantine as they’re starting up soon. Maybe this time it’s actually happening?
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    Red and White reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in The Road to Qatar.   
    El Salvador is pissed.  They sent an open letter to Vic complaining that they deserve to go straight to the octagonal.  Cry me a f***ing river.  You lost to the Dominicans and Bermuda before needing an offside winner to beat Montserrat at home.  

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    Red and White reacted to Obinna in Jonathan David   
    I wonder if David is better off just staying with Gent and playing Champions League? He is the star of his team and they'll be plenty of eye balls on him. He'll keep scoring in the Belgian league. He's still only 20 years old. I dunno, Leeds doesn't feel like the right step to me. They could be Sheffield United and finish in the top half of the prem, or they can struggle at the bottom. There is an uncertainty there for me.
    Better to take the Champions League football with Gent and make the right move, instead of moving for the sake of it.
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    Red and White reacted to Obinna in Atiba Hutchinson   
    You got to love what Hutchinson is doing, playing some of his best football in the twilight of his career. 
    His career has been criminally underrated in Canada and CONCACAF. 
    If he can keep it going at Besiktas and help Canada qualify for the world cup, boy that will be some accomplishment. 
    Player of the year in Denmark. Multiple league titles in Denmark. Won the Dutch cup with PSV. Won multiple Turkish titles with Besiktas, became a club legend. Record holder for most European games from a concacaf player... AND led his national team to the world cup for the first time in 36 years? 
    That would HAVE to be "concacaf-legend" status..... you couldn't seriously ignore all of those accolades. 
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    Red and White reacted to Obinna in The Importance of Jr. Hoilett   
    His goal at 0:27
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    Red and White reacted to Obinna in Doneil Henry   
    I like the confidence!
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    Red and White reacted to jordan in Doneil Henry   
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    Red and White reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in The Road to Qatar.   
    Interesting reports that South America could start their qualifiers in Europe to ensure their players are not held up by quarantine restrictions.  
    I won't be surprised if CONCACAF has to use a similar neutral site solution for the early rounds.  International travel will likely still be a bureaucratic nightmare in the fall.
    Another report from Honduras.  The FA president indicates qualifiers will start this year but Honduras won't join until next year.  Timeline for an announcement is 15 to 25 days.
    This lines up with the "top 5 bye to octagonal" report from Panama.
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    Red and White reacted to SthMelbRed in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Very much unsurprisingly, a survey of Bundesliga players has identified the Phonz as the biggest surprise from the past season. Going from a virtually unknown to a worldwide phenomena in a matter of months will do that for you.
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    Red and White reacted to Obinna in MLS Match Updates and Talk 2020   
    I won't profess to have insight into the professional game, because I don't, but my suspicion is that professional coaching is sometimes no different than coaching at the university or senior amateur level.
    This kind of thing you two are speaking about, it use to surprise me too, because I always assumed everything in the pro game was high level. More and more I don't believe that to be the case. 
    It reminds me of the time Roy Hodgson was coaching Fulham and some of his pre-game tactics were leaked out and spread on the internet. People were mocking it for being so simple, which you can imagine because Hodgson has a reputation (rightly or wrongly) of being a tactical dinosaur. That may very well be true, but perhaps the game we know and love truly is simple? 
    Most of us here, probably all of us here, have never played or coached at a professional level, so perhaps it's understandable our expectations for pro coaching is romanticized?
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    Red and White reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Jonathan David   
    I'm surprised no one has posted about Lille players testing positive today. 
    Better if David's transfer stalls 
    And he should be professional and shut up entirely. Gent has every right to negotiate and likely is waiting for other suitors to move in. 
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    Red and White reacted to dnina10 in OneSoccer   
    Mediapro has picked up the rights to the Jupiler Pro League and Proximus League in Belgium. Maybe that could be added to OneSoccer?🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾
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    Red and White reacted to Bison44 in Ayo Akinola   
    It cant be very reassuring to see the hot prospects from 2 years ago sign and then languish at TFC2 and have their development stall.  I know the kids are loyal and appreciative to the club that has brought them along...BUT....  I think that was the gist of Kadenge's original post on this, after the kids see a bunch of well hyped guys go nowhere, they might start thinking twice about signing.  I dont think its an accident they are getting these guys to sign younger and younger.   They quietly use the carrot of getting MLS minutes as a 17-18 year old to sign.  An 18 year old might look at TFC track record and jump to europe.  
    But they can only bring along so many kids (maybe less kids than other teams due to the quality of the roster), what good is it to hold onto peopects and not play them?  I dont want them to do bad business, but when was the last time TFC sold a young player...Edu doesnt count.  Face it, they buy their vegetables at the supermarket, and let their garden rot for the most part.  Why not loan out or sell some of those beans and carrots you werent going to use anyway??
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