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  1. Its the players that want to have a consistent home base in Canada. They want Toronto where the majority have family and the best facilities are found. BC and Alberta are way too far from Europe.
  2. Except he doesn't get to play against men. Only train with them, and with an NASL club not even a top class one . Good luck to our American friend.
  3. I was in 125, the whole North West was taken over by loaud/energetic El Salvador support. Following the Jam - SLV game, not only did most stay to cheer for Canada, but half of them pulled out red Canada jerseys to wear. It was really nice to see.
  4. What I'm getting about in a roundabout way is most at BMO on Tuesday will be currently living in Canada. Very much doubt too many are making the trip from Jamaica, thought there will be 7,000 from Jamaica in the stands. So hopefully Jamaica wins and everyone left in the stadium stays to lift their home nation.
  5. Hopefully the El Salvador and Jamaica fans will stay and help support Canada?
  6. With the CRC vs SLV draw theres new life into this game. All in their hands. you win, you go through. CRC did not look like the WC version of CRC, tehy are beatable especially if the home field advantage can be what it should be, an advantage.
  7. So a win on Tuesday and mostly through (gets complicated if El Salvador wins)
  8. WOW!!! SLV equalizes. Some small hope remains for Canada
  9. You do realize El Salvador banned half their squad last year and are at best an NASL team? What a joke of a performance.
  10. What about Aleman? The young guy with the option to play for Costa Rica. Miller is just a moron.
  11. Surely there can be exceptions made? What if a young player from Manitoba has a strong support network established in Toronto (for example; grandparents live walking distance from the academy facilities). He would have no choice but to move out to Vancouver's academy at the other end of the country? That's dumb. The players would naturally flow to the nearest, most convenient academy on their own. If the impact can pry away a prospect from Brampton then the kid probably has a really good reason for wanting to go there. No need for these rules.
  12. Vukovic seems to be the only one playing with a purpose.
  13. Better be 7 mins extra time for all the time wasting
  14. Send the losers home. Cuba slapping them arounf whats the point. Want to go up against Spain in the WC? Or imagine what even Nicaragua will do ??
  15. Cuba is gaining confidence, need a change in shape/players NOW
  16. I don't know but this US team hasn't looked like a group of players fighting for place on a WC squad.
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