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  1. The ES A-squad staged a mini strike against their federation so they fielded a B/C squad. Of course Floro goes ahead and sets up ultra defensively to secure the 0-0 draw. That was one in many spirit crushing CMNT moments.
  2. Lets not do some revisionist stuff, Suriname IS a decent CONCACAF team. They are unlucky to be in a group with Canada. Would have run any other group. To dominate in this way is something special. As predicted the older legs did seem to tire.
  3. OK time for subs. Wanted to post this at 2-0 but didnt want to jinx. Got to be time now!
  4. They did have a fondness for MAK for some reason. But ya they did seem to overlook most of the roster if they we're not from major Euro clubs. BTW I like that guy, he isn't a total homer. A reasonable fan that gave 60-40 advantage to Canada.
  5. No one seems on the same page with Laryea tonight. Bring in Delgado!
  6. Have been critical of OneSoccer in the past but got to hand it to them. Tonight the feed is impeccable. Keep this up and I will happily continue to subscribe.
  7. Besides the 4 mins period between 8-12 mins Suriname hasn't attacked at all. Set-pieces are the worry, wouldn't mind Cavallini and Vitoria on at some point to help deal with those threats.
  8. What's with the coach closeups during play? Jeepers.
  9. Suriname is a much greater threat as its only 1 game, they are a well balanced and professional squad. On paper they have more quality than Honduras and Panama with players featuring in squads from the Bundesliga, Turkey and Eredivisie. While the latter are mostly domestic and MLS these days. Over 2 games Canada is heavy favorites against any of these opponents but a one off at a neutral venue is nerve wracking. Can take some comfort in the fact that they haven't looked all that dominant, they beat Bermuda by a good margin but were gifted goals and converted on all their few chances. Aga
  10. Watched the full Suriname vs Bermuda game. Strange strategy but Bermuda pretty much pressed all game long while Suriname countered to the wings. Suriname pretty much scored on every chance they got. Its strange, wasn't a dominant 6-0 win. More like Bermuda gave up 4 goals by pressing up field at a terrible or with crazy backline errors.
  11. It’s similar to the eloy room scenario. He was a backup in the eridivisie making no appearances all of 18/19. Had a good gold cup showing to earn an offer from Columbus. So it really is hard to assess a gk based only on their season stats. Hahn’s resume would suggest he is at least the level of an mls starting gk.
  12. Nice to see Doneil back in camp, he was playing well in SK before succumbing to the latest injury last November.
  13. Was thinking he used to play at left back in the past. I clicked through some 2017 game sheets, found him at LB as suspected in one game, LW in another game. So ya would have expected to chip in a few goals.
  14. Looked up results for past few Suwon matches, Henry was not present in any lineups. Searched for some injury news and found that he suffered another knee injury in November and is estimated to be out until May. https://www.transfermarkt.us/doneil-henry/verletzungen/spieler/157907
  15. I was refreshing all day and staying off this forum to avoid spoilers. Tried popping in to read the senior team thread but the Sunday u24 match title caught my eye. Doesn’t seem I missed out on much by finishing the 2nd half. but ya 3pm next day and still no replay that’s crazy. Can find torrents of tv shows 1hour after airing.
  16. Yes I think at 73 million USD. But its not looking like a good deal at the moment. The Davies fee is looking like an absolute robbery,
  17. Aston Villa paid Genk a fee of 22 million Euro for Moraes a 22 year old Brazilian forward that had 17 Goals in 48 Matches and 13 in 44 the year before. This winter window they also paid 8.5 million Euro to Genk again for a 27 year old attacker that has 10 goals in 28 matches, 32 in 51 year before. David is at 22 goals in 37 matches, already surpassing Moraes production. Granted there are of course some non goal scoring aspects to consider but the sort of baseline from Belgium would have David given his age and production at minimum 35 million Euro. Another consideration is he has onl
  18. A side effect of this new ridiculous way to qualify for the Hex will likely be no team close to the cutoff line (3-10) will want to schedule away friendlies that put them at any disadvantage, especially against other Hex-potential rivals. Thats why I dont think nations like Panama or Trinidad would accept accept a friendly in Canada. Nor would they accept a low drawing US based match like the January camp. I feel the most likely out of the list above is 2 matches vs Antigua and Barbuda in Florida.
  19. Jamaica is a very good team when they can pull in their full England contingent. But they only show traditionally only show up on big occasions. For a March friendly they will get at best a B team, even more likely a C team with NA based players. So if they agreed to a friendly would be a good bet.
  20. How can you choose to reclassify a friendly as a training match days before though? That doesn't seem fair. Should be whatever was scheduled as, training match or friendly stays. Way too easy to game point this way. Oh we have injuries and cant field our best A team Training Match! Oh Concacaf is stupid and is now gifting us the Hex Training Matc If the request was actually denied. its more likely Iceland wanted to keep it as an offial Friendly and not that FIFA denied the request.
  21. James made the first huge mistake, then Crepeau should have smothered that ball. Godinho mistimed a crazy front of goal challenge, it was the least of the 3 mistakes. Goal is on James first of all then Crepeau 2nd.
  22. Next official window need to schedule 4 friendlies, make ES come out of hiding.
  23. All the best to Doneil I have been a big supporter since he signed and made his way with TFC. But man he needs to eliminate the lapses in concentration for gals against and stupid red cards.
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